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πŸ’£πŸ’₯ From Pleas to Precision Strikes: Drone Grenade Drops in the Ukraine War

πŸ’£πŸ’₯ From Pleas to Precision Strikes: Drone Grenade Drops in the Ukraine War

The proliferation of commercially available drones in the Ukraine war has been well documented, but a chilling new trend is emerging: drone grenade drops. What began as rudimentary efforts involving hobbyist drones and readily available munitions has evolved into a terrifyingly effective tactic. Videos circulating online, like the one depicting a Russian soldier pleading with a Ukrainian drone operator moments before a grenade falls, illustrate the brutal new face of warfare. These videos, often uploaded by channels like UNITED24 and Ukraine Defense, offer a glimpse into the increasingly common use of FPV (First Person View) drones for precision strikes against enemy personnel and armored vehicles. The accessibility of this technology is changing the dynamics of the battlefield, making even the most advanced military equipment vulnerable to low-cost, easily deployed attacks.

The videos analyzed paint a stark picture of the evolving nature of war. The accessibility and affordability of drone technology, coupled with readily available munitions, have democratized destruction in a way never seen before. As this conflict continues, we can expect to see:

The videos highlighted below offer a chilling glimpse into the future of warfare – a future where the whirr of a drone overhead could signal imminent destruction. Scroll down to see for yourself.


Highlighted Drone Footage

Russian solder began begging the πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦ drone not to drop the ammunition #warinukraine #shorts UNITED24
5,991,225 views | 163,318 | January 2 2024 18:17:26 (9,486 comments)[ Read more … ] πŸ‘‹ If you want to help us create outstanding content, come join us on βœ‰οΈ For collaborations, ideas, and questions:
Π±ΠΎΠΌΠ±Π΅Ρ€ Ρ„ΠΏΠ² Π½Π° 2 припаси #drone #fpv #fpvdrone #drop #dropfpv #grenade #Ρ„ΠΏΠ² #Π±ΠΎΠΌΠ±Π΅Ρ€ Lazeruk
5,172 views | 384 | February 5 2024 19:12:29 (17 comments)[ Read more … ]
Drone Drops Thermobaric Grenade Low At BMP-2 EngineerReact
18,745 views | 1,703 | January 12 2024 19:08:20 (26 comments)[ Read more … ] Ukraines drone army work hard to take out Russias equipment. making sure each vehicle damaged or immobilized will never see the frontline again. Using a cheap grenade to destroy a much more expensive vehicle.

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Ukrainian drone drops a grenade and destroys a Russian T-80 tank worth an estimated $2.5 million UNITED24
45,580 views | 2,197 | February 3 2024 22:00:23 (34 comments)[ Read more … ] πŸ‘‹ If you want to help us create outstanding content, come join us on βœ‰οΈ For collaborations, ideas, and questions:
πŸ”΄ Ukrainian FPV Drone Dropped a GRENADE Into a Russian Tank! Ukraine Defense
126 views | 12 | May 8 2024 13:22:29 (3 comments)[ Read more … ] βœ… The flames continue to rise on the Ukrainian front. Ukrainian FPV Drone Dropped a GRENADE Into a Russian Tank! Ukrainian intelligence units detected a Russian tank near the Chasiv Yar area, moving to bomb Ukrainian positions. The fighters of the Brave Shadow unit immediately went to the area and revealed the exact location of the Russian tank. The professional drone operator positioned the drone over the upper entrance hatch of the tank. The Ukrainian drone pilot successfully dropped the grenade into the tank and the first explosion occurred, but the real disaster was just beginning. The Russian tank was engulfed in flames for some time and the Russian soldiers inside the tank did not dare to come out. Ukrainian drone troops successfully destroyed the million-dollar tank with a grenade. Once again, the shadow troops carried out a brilliant operation. Moreover, although the tank was equipped with signal jamming equipment, the Ukrainian pilot successfully brought the FPV drone to the tank. The fire inside the tank continued to grow and the big explosion occurred when the flames spread to the tank’s fuel tank. This huge explosion reverberated throughout the region and there were no survivors among the tank’s crew. The Russian tank continued to experience one explosion after another. This not only neutralized the tank but also greatly frightened the Russian troops in the area. Kamikaze drones and fpv drones have become indispensable for Russia and Ukraine in this war. Drones are frequently used for intelligence gathering as well as attack and defense. Ukrainian forces continue to use fpv drones in their ground and air units to stop the enemy Russian advance in the region. Chasiv yar, Avdiivka, Kherson, Donetsk are some of these regions.

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Russian soldier makes unsuccessful attempt to throw out grenade dropped from Ukrainian drone Kanal13
82,801 views | 1,259 | December 15 2023 23:02:45 (44 comments)[ Read more … ] #Kanal13​ #likekanal13​ #subscribekanal13 #warinukraine – SUBSCRIBE TO US! Russian soldier tried in vain to throw out a grenade from the dugout, which was dropped by a Ukrainian drone operator. A recording posted on social media shows that the grenade hit the edge of the enemy’s entrance and fell back into the dugout. The unmanned devices have become a crucial piece of military tech for both Kyiv and Moscow in the war, used extensively to scope out enemy positions, drop explosives and crash into targets. Drones are also used extensively for reconnaissance, to spot enemy movements or positions. Another drone can then be sent to attack the target, or the intelligence can by used for artillery and tank fire or advances by infantry units. Troops on the frontlines have become increasing dependent on — and fearful of — their potential. “Drones are the eyes of our troops,” Mykhailo Fedorov, Ukraine’s minister of digital transformation, told. The prevalence of drone warfare has triggered an arms race between Moscow and Kyiv. Ukrainian officials say they need between 100,000 and 120,000 drones a month. – click here and support Kanal13 monthly for distributing more videos and independent journalism & #lastminutenewsfromukraine #kanal13ukraine

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