πŸ”₯πŸ’€ Drone Warfare EXPOSED: Shocking Footage Shows Russian Tanks Obliterated by Ukrainian FPVs πŸ’₯πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦

The war in Ukraine has become a chilling showcase of modern drone warfare, with everyday citizens turned drone pilots taking on lumbering armored beasts. FPV drones, small and nimble, have proven to be devastatingly effective in the hands of Ukrainian defenders. The videos we’re about to analyze offer a visceral glimpse into this new kind of battlefield, where the line between a video game and a theater of war blurs. We see firsthand the terrifying effectiveness of these DIY weapons, as Russian tanksβ€”symbols of military mightβ€”are reduced to smoldering wreckage in a matter of seconds.

The videos paint a clear picture: drone warfare is rapidly evolving. The accessibility and adaptability of FPV drones mean we’re likely to see even more innovative and daring tactics employed in the coming weeks. The lines between offense and defense are blurring, and the advantage seems to lie with those who can adapt most quickly. The conflict in Ukraine serves as a stark warning: the future of warfare is here, and it’s being defined by cheap, adaptable technology in the hands of those willing to use it.

Scroll down to see the shocking footage that is reshaping our understanding of modern combat.


Uncensored Drone Footage from the War in Ukriane

Horrible!! Ukrainian troops rain FPV drones blow up dozens Russian infantry tanks arrived in battle US Military Rifle
9,329 views | 249 | July 8 2024 23:15:01 (4 comments)[ Read more … ] Horrible!! Ukrainian troops rain FPV drones blow up dozens Russian infantry tanks arrived in battle

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A video released by Ukraine shows a dozen Russian armored vehicles destroyed by Kyiv’s forces on the battlefield. Ukraine’s Main Intelligence Directorate (HUR) shared the aerial drone footage on its social media channels, saying one of its units “burned” more than a dozen Russian vehicles in a single day. In addition, Russian also loses includes armored vehicles, armored personnel carriers, tanks and unarmored vehicles, it said Russia lost 17 armored personnel vehicles in the past day, bringing the total number to 15,583.

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Horrifying Moments! How Ukraine Bradley Easily Destroys Russian FPV Drones and Armored Vehicles U.S. Defense News
211,581 views | 2,285 | July 2 2024 18:40:33 (100 comments)[ Read more … ] A Ukrainian M2A2 Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) gunner successfully engaged and shot down a Russian First-Person View (FPV) drone using the vehicle’s 25mm Bushmaster chain gun.

An M2 Bradley ODS SA infantry fighting vehicle of the Ukrainian 47th Separate Mechanized Brigade has survived an enemy FPV drone strike, as reported by the Brigade’s press service.

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Russians are suffering in Kharkiv! Drone Footage from the War KHAN News
1,280,604 views | 15,240 | May 30 2024 08:00:07 (1,355 comments)[ Read more … ] The situation in Kharkiv has become increasingly dire as Russian forces face significant challenges and setbacks. Recent drone footage reveals the extent of the devastation and the harsh realities on the ground. Buildings have been reduced to rubble, and streets that were once bustling with life now lie in ruins. The footage captures the desperate efforts of Russian soldiers as they navigate through the war-torn city, struggling against both the Ukrainian resistance and the harsh conditions of urban warfare.

Civilians in Kharkiv are also deeply affected, with many seeking refuge in makeshift shelters to escape the relentless bombardments. The humanitarian crisis is growing, with shortages of food, water, and medical supplies becoming more severe by the day. The drone footage not only highlights the physical destruction but also the emotional and psychological toll on those caught in the conflict.

Despite the Russian military’s attempts to gain control, the resilience and determination of the Ukrainian forces continue to pose significant challenges. The footage serves as a stark reminder of the brutal realities of war and the heavy price paid by both military personnel and civilians. The international community watches closely, with increasing calls for a peaceful resolution to the conflict.

In summary, the drone footage from Kharkiv provides a sobering glimpse into the suffering of Russian forces and the broader impact on the city and its inhabitants. The images underscore the urgent need for humanitarian aid and diplomatic efforts to bring an end to the hostilities.
Horrifying Moments! How Ukrainian Drones Destroy Russian Troops on Top of Tanks Near Avdiivka KHAN News
969,234 views | 6,236 | June 13 2024 06:00:07 (943 comments)[ Read more … ] Today, I will present numerous video demonstrations and elaborate on the Ukrainian algorithm utilized for annihilating Russian tanks using FPV drones. Through these examples, you will grasp how Ukrainians have fundamentally altered the landscape of modern warfare. Let’s delve into it!

At one point, Ukrainians engineered something truly remarkableβ€”an algorithm capable of transforming Russian tanks into smoldering wreckage with just a single strike.

Imagine attaching a shaped-charge projectile sourced from an RPG-7 onto a drone. This projectile is an anti-tank rocket-propelled grenade meticulously crafted for piercing through tank armor.

Now, envision directing this projectile precisely into the base of the Russian tank’s turret, targeting the rear section of the tank. Precisely! The tank will be instantaneously obliterated!
454,887 views | 7,420 | June 28 2024 07:55:20 (315 comments)[ Read more … ] #ukrainewar #ukrainiandrone #russia


And here we see the newest Russian tank t 90 breakthrough, which the Ukrainian troops call t 90 subversion and now you will understand why so, after one drone flight the tank detonates with all the ammunition, an incredible and mesmerizing spectacle

And on this footage we can see how the Ukrainian tank t 62 is firing at the Russian infantry in the trenches, then turns around and leaves, followed by a Ukrainian bmp which forces the Russian infantry to flee using heavy machine gun, in parallel with this unloading the Ukrainian paratroopers who are firing at the Russian trenches with small arms and RPGs with fragmentation-fugitive ammunition. This footage is an example of an extremely well-planned assault that ended in success.


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