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FPV Death From Above: πŸ’₯ Inside Ukraine's Drone Warfare Dominance

FPV Death From Above: πŸ’₯ Inside Ukraine’s Drone Warfare Dominance

The skies over Ukraine are alive with the deadly dance of drones, a new age of warfare where the ghost in the machine can obliterate a tank with a single strike. We’ve all seen the videos – the terrifying shriek of the approaching First Person View (FPV) drone, the desperate scramble of Russian troops as the shadow falls upon them, then the explosion, followed by the eerie silence of a battlefield littered with the smoldering wreckage of men and machines. This is not science fiction, this is the new face of war, and the Ukrainians are writing the playbook, often in their own blood. These videos, uploaded daily by both sides of the conflict, offer a chilling glimpse into the future of combat, where wars may be won and lost not on some distant battlefield, but from cramped bunkers filled with young men and women staring into computer screens, their thumbs poised over joysticks, their faces illuminated by the glow of the drone’s-eye view of death from above.

The videos highlight the growing effectiveness of relatively cheap, off-the-shelf drones in the Ukrainian conflict. This β€œdemocratization of destruction” has leveled the playing field to a degree, allowing the Ukrainians to strike back against a larger, better-equipped enemy. But the Russians are adapting, and we’re seeing increasingly sophisticated counter-drone measures being deployed, including electronic warfare and purpose-built anti-drone systems. This trend will only continue, as both sides pour resources into gaining an advantage in this new drone-dominated battlespace. We can expect to see even more sophisticated drones, countermeasures, and tactics employed in the coming weeks and months.

The war in Ukraine is a grim preview of future conflicts, where the skies will be filled with swarms of autonomous weapons. The lessons learned on both sides of this conflict will shape military thinking for decades to come.


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Drone Footage from the last 24 hours

Horrible!! Ukrainian troops rain FPV drones blow up dozens Russian infantry tanks arrived in battle US Military Rifle
8,174 views | 226 | July 8 2024 23:15:01 (3 comments)[ Read more … ] Horrible!! Ukrainian troops rain FPV drones blow up dozens Russian infantry tanks arrived in battle

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A video released by Ukraine shows a dozen Russian armored vehicles destroyed by Kyiv’s forces on the battlefield. Ukraine’s Main Intelligence Directorate (HUR) shared the aerial drone footage on its social media channels, saying one of its units “burned” more than a dozen Russian vehicles in a single day. In addition, Russian also loses includes armored vehicles, armored personnel carriers, tanks and unarmored vehicles, it said Russia lost 17 armored personnel vehicles in the past day, bringing the total number to 15,583.

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Ukrainian FPV drones brutally bombard Russian soldiers moving towards Toretsk WARBRINGERS
5,156 views | 77 | July 8 2024 11:30:02 (3 comments)[ Read more … ] Ukrainian FPV drones brutally bombard Russian soldiers moving towards Toretsk. Russian troops are advancing on Toretsk in the Donetskregion. Still, the Ukrainian Defense Forces are repulsing them near the outskirts of the city, Nazar Voloshyn, spokesperson for the Khortytsia operational and strategic group of troops, told Kyiv Post in a phone interview.
Ukrainian Drones Devastate Russian Ammo Depot in Sergeyevka Crossroads of Military Discussions
10,208 views | 453 | July 8 2024 02:00:23 (5 comments)[ Read more … ] In a significant strike, Ukrainian drones hit a Russian ammunition depot in Serhiivka, causing massive explosions and fires. The attack, carried out by the Security Service of Ukraine, targeted a 9,000 mΒ² storage facility in the Voronezh Region, disrupting Russian resupply efforts. The strike has led to a state of emergency and evacuation in the area. Watch the full video to see the details and aftermath of this impactful attack. #shorts
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These combat robots tested in Ukraine shock the world! My Global issues
13,591 views | 489 | July 7 2024 13:15:06 (25 comments)[ Read more … ] The war in Ukraine is gradually turning into a war between drones. The most advanced drones, robots, and unmanned systems in the world are being tested here. Leading military companies globally have begun developing various types of military drones and methods to counter them.

The most challenging task is figuring out how to counter small FPV drones armed with grenades capable of destroying tanks on the battlefield. Russia has yet to solve this problem, which is why they are losing hundreds and thousands of tanks and armored vehicles.

The Russians hoped that electronic warfare systems would be the best countermeasure, but Ukrainians always find a way to bypass them. However, Western military companies have already realized that running away and hiding from drones is not the answerβ€”drones need to be shot down.

The first prototypes of large-caliber guns capable of shooting down mini FPV drones have already been created. All this and much more in our episode.
Horrifying Moments! How Ukrainian Drones Destroy Russian Troops on Top of Tanks Near Avdiivka Infinity
60,173 views | 1,175 | July 7 2024 05:00:06 (107 comments)[ Read more … ] Today, I will present numerous video demonstrations and elaborate on the Ukrainian algorithm utilized for annihilating Russian tanks using FPV drones. Through these examples, you will grasp how Ukrainians have fundamentally altered the landscape of modern warfare. Let’s delve into it!

At one point, Ukrainians engineered something truly remarkableβ€”an algorithm capable of transforming Russian tanks into smoldering wreckage with just a single strike.

Imagine attaching a shaped-charge projectile sourced from an RPG-7 onto a drone. This projectile is an anti-tank rocket-propelled grenade meticulously crafted for piercing through tank armor.

Now, envision directing this projectile precisely into the base of the Russian tank’s turret, targeting the rear section of the tank. Precisely! The tank will be instantaneously obliterated!
Horrible! Ukrainian FPV Drones Blow up Russian infantry Trapped in Heavy fighting near Avdiivka GREEN BERETS
5,168 views | 133 | July 6 2024 11:56:05 (3 comments)[ Read more … ] Horrible! Ukrainian FPV Drones Blow up Russian infantry Trapped in Heavy fighting near Avdiivka

Green Berets Today shared an interesting video of how a Ukrainian fpv drone blew up Russian infantry trapped near avdiivka. There are still lots of interesting videos in it, so make sure you watch it until the end!

This is an example of how technology such as drones can be used in modern combat to document and analyze situations on the battlefield, as well as disseminate information to the international community regarding the latest developments in the conflict.

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