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TB2 Bayraktar: 🍎πŸ’₯πŸ‡·πŸ‡Ί Through the Lens of Combat Footage – Examining the Impact of Turkish Drones on the War in Ukraine

TB2 Bayraktar: 🍎πŸ’₯πŸ‡·πŸ‡Ί Through the Lens of Combat Footage – Examining the Impact of Turkish Drones on the War in Ukraine

The grainy, sometimes shaky footage emerging from the battlefields of Ukraine offers a chillingly intimate view of modern warfare. We see, through the TB2 Bayraktar drone’s electro-optical lens, the brutal effectiveness of these Turkish-made weapons against Russian forces. The videos analyzed for this article, ranging from compilations of drone strikes to glimpses of Ukrainian soldiers celebrating with the “Bayraktar Song,” highlight the drone’s impact on the battlefield and beyond. These aren’t just weapons; they’ve become symbols of Ukrainian resistance and innovation in the face of overwhelming odds. One video even shows a Bayraktar drone unfazed as a Russian Su-27 fighter jet attempts to disrupt its flight path with jet wash, highlighting a constant game of cat and mouse high above the battlefield. The footage often raises more questions than answers. What are the strategic implications of this technology? How has the relatively low cost and ease of deployment of the Bayraktar, compared to traditional fighter jets, changed the face of modern warfare?

The videos highlight several key trends. First, the TB2 Bayraktar and similar drone technology will continue to play a crucial role in the War in Ukraine. Both sides are likely to further invest in drone technology and electronic warfare capabilities to counter them. Second, the line between conventional and asymmetric warfare continues to blur, with relatively cheap and accessible technologies like drones having a significant impact on the battlefield. We can expect to see an increase in drone-on-drone engagements and the development of more sophisticated countermeasures.

The footage emerging from Ukraine serves as a stark reminder of the changing nature of war. The TB2 Bayraktar, once an underdog, has become a symbol of Ukrainian resilience and a harbinger of future conflicts. As technology rapidly evolves, understanding the capabilities and limitations of these systems is crucial for analysts, policymakers, and citizens alike. The videos analyzed here offer a glimpse into this evolving landscape, raising important questions about the future of warfare in the 21st century. Scroll down to view the videos highlighted in this analysis.


Drone Footage from the last 24 hours

πŸ”΄ (NSFW) Combat Footage Show: Bayraktar Returns, Verbove, Kontakt Legos FUNKER530 – Veteran Community & Combat Footage
69,119 views | 3,522 | September 4 2023 23:40:52 (244 comments)[ Read more … ] At 6pm EST Funker Host @ronnieadkins discusses: – #russia – #ukraine ——- Ways to Support Us: Download the Mobile App: Funker530 Pro: Join the Discussion: ———- UA: Map Sources – DeepState Map:

Kherson: Russian airstrike targeting Ukrainians in Dachi (left bank): 46.659897, 32.725381

Somewhere thataway, the Bayraktar has returned:

and again, vs a Ural-4320:

Robotyne: Ukrainian artillery targeting Russian positions immediately east of the city 47.444750, 35.850457

South, near Novopropokivka, the Ukrainian 8th Regiment under thermal ambushed a Russian buddy team:

Near Verbove, as UA gets closer Russia continues defending approaches with Artillery: 47.444642, 35.944852

Southeast of the city south of Verbove, RU infantry and vehicles hit with Cluster 47.396957, 35.988131

(somewhere) near Verbove, UA BM-21 Grad:

(somewhere) near Verbove, helmet camera footage of a UA team in a trench The rifle:

(somewhere) near Verbove, UA artillery and FPV drones target Russian forces:

Pavlivka: Russian 155th Naval Infantry suicide drone strikes on UA positions 47.7626807, 37.2209556

Mykilske: Ukrainian drone strike on an SUV 47.743155, 37.302627

Marinka: A Russian tank 47.944334, 37.495631

Klischiivka; Russian TOS-1A fire on UA positions in Klischiivka: (multiple locations)

Ukrainian helmet camera assault 48.53187, 37.96119

More helmet/drone camera of assaults in Klischiivka:

Russian shelling of UA positions Northwest of Klischiivka: 48.5498, 37.9485

Ukrainian artillery shelling of Russian positions/equipment Northeast: 48.5500, 37.9805

General Ukraine: Ukrainian tanker gives feedback on the Challenger 2:

Ukrainians shared this imagery of leopards with ERA (Kontakt) installed from the 33rd Mech:

The internet lit up with this video after:

Probably in the east (trees), a Ukrainian attempts to shoot down a drone:

Mi-28 shoots down a Ukrainian propeller drone:

Interesting one from Inside of Russia: Russian police shoot illegal jade miners:
Bayraktar #KIZILELMA 6. ve 7. Uçuş Testi || Seri İniş-Kalkış ve Yüksek Hızlı Uçuş Baykar Technologies
110,292 views | 6,344 | April 19 2023 23:02:46 (796 comments)[ Read more … ] BugΓΌn #KIZILELMA’nΔ±n 6. ve 7. uΓ§uş testlerinde seri iniş-kalkış ve yΓΌksek hΔ±zlΔ± uΓ§uş denemelerini gerΓ§ekleştirdik.

GΓΆk vatanda ve uzayda tam bağımsΔ±z oluncaya kadar…

Ukrainian Army Sings Bayraktar Song FUNKER530 – Veteran Community & Combat Footage
52,930 views | 4,450 | May 25 2022 20:23:28 (798 comments)[ Read more … ] The official Funker530 iOS/Android app ( is where you can watch the latest videos from Ukraine, analyzed by our team of combat veterans. Grab it today and enable notifications to get a ping when breaking videos and news start trending. —– Footage from the Ukrainian military shows them singing the popular song “Bayraktar”. ———
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Bayraktar Drone Flies Through Russian Su-27 Jet Wash FUNKER530 – Veteran Community & Combat Footage
318,092 views | 2,336 | March 19 2023 17:46:43 (818 comments)[ Read more … ] Footage recorded by a Ukrainian TB2 Bayraktar drone over the Black Sea shows an incident in which a Russian Su-27 combat jet intentionally disrupts the flight path of the drone with its wake turbulence, commonly referred to as jetwash.

It’s not immediately clear why the drone was shot down. It’s possible the Russian pilot wasn’t able to distinguish its nation of origin as Turkey flies their own Bayraktar drones over the Black Sea. It’s also possible the aircraft were in international airspace and not worth the geopolitical fallout of engaging it. —— Ways to Support Us: πŸ“± Download Our App: βœ… Funker530 Ad-Free πŸ‘• Buy a Tee: πŸ“£ Join the Discussion:
Ukraine’s lethal Bayraktar TB2 drones sink two Russian Raptor boats; Kyiv releases dramatic video Hindustan Times
64,254 views | 570 | May 2 2022 12:40:17 (302 comments)[ Read more … ] Ukraine released a video of its lethal Bayraktar TB2 drones sinking two two Russian patrol boats near the Black Sea’s Snake Island. In the footage, alleged Russian raptor boats can be seen exploding after an attack from Ukrainian drone. So far, Russia has reacted to Ukraine’s claim of sinking two of its assault boats. Watch this video for more. #Russia #Ukraine #BayraktarTB2 #Raptorboat #Putin #Zelensky #BlackSea #War #Conflict #Donbas #Moskva #
Ukrainian Bayraktar TB2 destroys Russia’s Serna-class ship near Snake Island editorji
28,259 views | 12 | May 8 2022 09:57:21 (0 comments)[ Read more … ] #ukraine #russia #SnakeIsland

Ukraine’s armed forces have released footage that shows a Russian landing ship being destroyed near Snake Island.

The army said a Ukrainian Bayraktar TB2 destroyed the Russian ship.

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