DJI Raveneye: πŸ¦… A Deep Dive into its Features and Compatibility with RS4 Pro and RS3 Pro Gimbals

As a drone and gimbal enthusiast, and someone who writes for a hobbyist drone magazine, I’m always on the lookout for tech that pushes the boundaries of filmmaking. The DJI Raveneye image transmitter system, designed to seamlessly integrate with the DJI RS4 Pro and RS3 Pro gimbals, has been a game-changer. I recently spent some time exploring the ins and outs of this powerful pairing, and let me tell you, the results are impressive. Imagine this: you’re on set, maneuvering your camera with the precision of the RS4 Pro, while simultaneously viewing a crystal-clear, 1080p live feed up to 200 meters away on your phone or tablet. That’s the magic of Raveneye. But it’s not just about the impressive range; it’s about the creative freedom this system unlocks.

The trend is clear: camera systems are moving toward streamlined, solo-operator setups. Tools like the DJI Raveneye and the RS4 Pro are leading the charge, empowering filmmakers with greater flexibility and control. As technology evolves, we can anticipate even more integrated solutions that simplify complex filmmaking processes.

The future of filmmaking is in our hands, and it’s looking bright. Now, take a look at these videos I’ve highlighted, showcasing the capabilities and real-world applications of the DJI Raveneye with the RS4 Pro and RS3 Pro gimbals. They’ll give you a firsthand glimpse into the exciting possibilities this technology offers.

Set up + balance DJI RS4 PRO Gimbal, Raven Eye + Focus Pro | Combo tutorial photoshopCAFE
19,974 views | 583 | May 30 2024 04:43:40 (98 comments)[ Read more … ] How to set up and balance the DJI Ronin RS4 PRO. Step by step instructions on setting up the raven eye / Ronin Image Transmitter, Ronin App, bluetooth, Wifi and the Focus pro. Colin Smith shows how to set up the DJI Ronin RS4 Pro Combo using a Sony a7sIII and Canon 5D mk4.

πŸ“˜ INDEX – Setup Ronin RS4 Pro 00:00 Intro 01:05 Unfold the gimbal and battery 03:32 Mount the camera on the RS4 06:06 Attach Lens Support 06:40 Balance the RS4 PRO Gimbal12:32 Auto Tune. Gimbal Calibration 13:37 Controlling the camera with Bluetooth 15:16 Setting up cable to control camera from RS4 19:25 Vertical shooting. Switching between vertical and horizontal shooting 20:46 Connecting to DJI Ronin App 23:17 Setting up RavenEye DJI Transmittor 29:58 Focus Pro and Zoom setup – Mechanical Focus 36:33 Settings Endpoints for Focus / Zoom 37:13 Briefcase Mode 38:18 Set up Phone holder in vertical and horizontal 39:11 Conclusion

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DJI RS4 PRO Ecosystem is Game Changing for SOLO Filmmakers! Connor McCaskill
13,289 views | 226 | April 9 2024 13:00:15 (36 comments)[ Read more … ] The new DJI RS4 Pro is finally here! Special thanks to DJI for allowing me to get this early! But honestly, I find the ecosystem around it to be the real show stealer! The way that the gimbal integrates with the LiDAR autofocus system and their wireless transmission monitor is amazing!

Snag the DJI RS4 Pro here:

Or the DJI RS4 here:

Thanks to @KofiYeboah and @cammackey for helping me snag that extra footage! Check out their videos as well!

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6,152 views | 143 | October 27 2023 14:30:14 (0 comments)[ Read more … ] I find the Raven Eye extremely useful for transmitting images to Ipad as it is small and lightweight, not adding much weight on the gimbal, definitely a handy tool in video production
How to Connect Your DJI Rs4 Pro to DJI Raveneye – Ultimate Guide Dane Visuals
37 views | 2 | July 7 2024 15:39:37 (4 comments)[ Read more … ] How to Connect Your DJI Rs4 Pro to DJI Raveneye – Ultimate Guide! In this detailed tutorial, we’ll walk you through the entire process of connecting your DJI Rs4 Pro to the DJI Raveneye. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced user, our step-by-step guide will make the connection process simple and straightforward. We cover all the essential steps to ensure a seamless experience. Stay tuned for pro tips and tricks to get the most out of your DJI equipment. Don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe for more tech tutorials and reviews. Watch now and master your DJI Rs4 Pro and DJI Raveneye connection today!

Shot on a Sony A7IV with a 28mm 2.0 and a 50mm 1.8, edited and color graded with Premiere Pro CC.


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How To Balance DJI Rs4 Pro Vertically –

DJI Rs4 Pro An Actually Honest Review –
1,366 views | 76 | August 23 2023 14:42:46 (4 comments)[ Read more … ] Lot of us DJI Ronin users had the same problem. I finally figured it out how to fix it and use your LUTs one filming with Raveneye. Hope it helps, share to your buddies.
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