Go Live From the Sky: Drone Video Streaming for YouTube πŸš€

Sharing real-time aerial footage with a global audience is no longer a fantasy reserved for big-budget productions. As drone technology advances, live streaming capabilities are becoming increasingly accessible to hobbyists and professionals alike. Just last week, I was flying my drone over a local park, and it hit me – the power of this technology extends far beyond capturing stunning landscapes. What if we could share events, breaking news, or even scientific expeditions as they unfold, all from a bird’s-eye view? The possibilities are truly limitless. Several recent YouTube tutorials highlight just how easy it’s becoming to share your unique perspective with the world using platforms like YouTube Live.

The trend is clear: simplicity and accessibility are driving innovation in the drone live streaming space. As manufacturers continue to refine their apps and software like vMix becomes more user-friendly, we can expect to see an explosion of live drone content on platforms like YouTube. Imagine tuning in to watch live drone footage of a concert, a sporting event, or even a natural phenomenon as it happens. The future of live broadcasting is taking flight, and the view from above is breathtaking.

In conclusion, the tools and techniques for drone video streaming are rapidly evolving, empowering anyone with a drone to become a live broadcaster. The videos highlighted below offer a glimpse into the exciting possibilities of this technology. So, are you ready to share your aerial adventures with the world? Scroll down to explore the tutorials and take your first step towards becoming a drone live streaming pro!

How to use live drone footage in your live stream with vMix. vMix
52,498 views | 733 | August 15 2022 23:17:24 (62 comments)[ Read more … ] In this video we’re going to take a look at 2 methods of using live video from your drone.

-HDMI output from your controller -RTMP stream output using an RTMP server

0:00 Intro 0:20 2 ways of getting live video 1:01 HDMI Output from controller 2:26 RTMP Stream with example 5:05 HDMI Output example 6:40 Some final thoughts

— vMix is live video production software that allows you to produce, record and stream from 1 PC! You can create amazing live and recorded content in SD, HD and even 4K! vMix is the most professional way to live stream your content, whether it’s to YouTube Live, Twitch, Facebook Live or any other CDN. You can produce everything with vMix! Live talk shows, sports, esports, vlogs, training sessions, live events, houses of worship services, social media streams and much more. For more information check out- http://www.vmix.com Free, unwatermarked 60 day trial available- http://www.vmix.com/software/download.aspx If you’d like to subscribe to our YouTube Channel click here- http://www.youtube.com/user/vmixcomau?sub_confirmation=1 To learn more about vMix live video production software, see our YouTube Tutorial series- https://youtu.be/ESWTcbtWq7U?list=PLrm0RX9U0Mzxg-uJeE5Em3DAsgBHHaY8P #vMix #liveproduction #livestreamingsoftware Keep up with us on all the social medias- vMix Twitter β–Ί https://twitter.com/vMixHD vMix Facebook β–Ί https://facebook.com/vMixHD vMix Instagram β–Ίhttps://instagram.com/vMixHD
Tutorial Cara Live Streaming Pakai Drone SJRC F22 4k Pro di Youtube Jatimtoys
9,609 views | 125 | March 4 2023 12:00:11 (81 comments)[ Read more … ] Tutorial cara Live Streaming dengan Drone SJRC F22 4k Pro di Youtube.

Hasil Full video livenya bisa ditonton disini : https://youtube.com/live/fGDQc07rZRA

BIAR NGGA PENASARAN‼️ Test Hasil Kamera Semua Drone SJRC yang Bergimbal : https://youtu.be/ysAwpUq9JYE

Petualangan Malam Hari dengan 5 Drone SJRC : Pantas atau Tidak untuk Shooting Malam? : https://youtu.be/t2QrfJ985lI

Tutorial-tuorial video pendek tentang SJRC F22 bisa ditonton di video ini https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLNzpSGug0S4CFBq496R8DEi2JKpJ6EFd6

Harga per Maret 2023 SJRC F22 : Rp. 2.999.000 SJRC F22S : Rp. 3.499.000 (lebih malah 500ribu)

Link pembelian SJRC F22 4K Pro : Shopee : https://goeco.mobi/hqAeo9XF Lazada : https://goeco.mobi/qcaENJkB

Battery Cadangan SJRC F22/F22S : Shopee : https://goeco.mobi/vdozXBxX Lazada : https://goeco.mobi/wlVbPFlE

Memory Class10 untuk Drone, Action Camera dan Kamera lainnya, belinya disini : Shoopee : https://goeco.mobi/isO3GqZm Lazada : https://goeco.mobi/elLUToSN

Video SJRC F22 4K PRO Lainnya : 1. Unboxing & Review SJRC F22 : https://youtu.be/ToHpvGI-dSc 2. Test Jarak Terbang dan Kekuatan Melawan Angin SJRC F22 4K PRO di Jembatan Suramadu : https://youtu.be/7NfSwUX9ho0 3. Test Durasi Terbang SJRC F11S 4K Pro VS SJRC F22 4K PRO : https://youtu.be/XXWkDwnXwmc 4. Cara Live Tiktok dengan Drone SJRC F22 4K Pro : https://youtu.be/ewQbyI22J3Q 5. CARA COLOR GRADING HASIL VIDEO SJRC F22 4K PRO DI ADOBE PREMIERE PRO : https://youtu.be/BAcOyD2Cbuo 6. Cara Mengatasi SJRC F22/F22S Tidak Bisa Connect ke HP : https://youtu.be/yEaOe9eesn8 7. SALAH PENCET TOMBOL DRONE SJRC F22/F22S BISA HILANG! : https://youtu.be/DFidsHfRaeo 8. BIAR NGGA PENASARAN! Bongkar Remote Control SJRC F22S, F22 dan F5S Pro+ : https://youtu.be/wgPc5BUsvg0

SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2yd9HMejsg7p2cGS2t2x8A?sub_confirmation=1 __________________________________________________ Perlengkapan yang digunakan : Camera & Microphone : https://youtu.be/Dh98LrUFs70 __________________________________________________

Follow juga Social Media Jatimtoys: Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/jatimtoys Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/jatimtoys/ Tiktok 1 : https://www.tiktok.com/@jatimtoys Tiktok 2 : https://www.tiktok.com/@jatim.toys

Kunjungi juga Toko Online Jatimtoys : Website : https://www.jatimtoys.com Tokopedia : https://www.tokopedia.com/Jatimtoys Bukalapak : https://www.bukalapak.com/u/mang_adhi Shopee : https://shp.ee/zjs8qmx Lazada : https://s.lazada.co.id/s.QVn3i
How to Stream to Facebook Live and YouTube From Your DJI Drone Streaming Media
21,726 views | 85 | March 12 2020 19:08:42 (9 comments)[ Read more … ]
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DRONE HACK β€“ livestream to any device using the RAVENEYE! UAVISUALS
10,418 views | 178 | May 16 2023 13:30:04 (33 comments)[ Read more … ] Don’t you hate all the stuffing around using a cable to connect your controller to a monitor? HDMI cords getting tangled, connections not working. Well not anymore!

We’ve got a hack to make your life easy – a wireless connection using the DJI Raveneye. No cords, no hassle, no worries.

Your device needs to be within Wi-Fi throw of your drone controller, but this is a perfect way to cast the live feed for a directors monitor, or a nosey client wanting to see what you are seeing πŸ˜‰

Link to Raveneye – https://www.d1store.com.au/products/DJI%20Ronin-RavenEye-Image-Transmission-System

Use code UAVISUALS5 for 5% off any D1 purchase

Link to ROnin App – https://www.dji.com/au/downloads/djiapp/dji-ronin

Skip to chapters below: 0:00 Intro 00:15 What you need 00:46 Set up the connection 2:00 Connect controller to the Raveneye

Happy flying legends! #dronehack #DJIraveneye #drones

Check out our online Drone Masterclass courses here: https://dronemasterclassacademy.com/ ——————————————————- β–Ί FREE drone safety sign template: https://dronemasterclassacademy.com/p/a-frame-design-template β–Ί Starter Drone Business documents: https://dronemasterclassacademy.com/p/business-starter-documents-sales β–Ί Drone Inspections Masterclass: https://dronemasterclassacademy.com/p/drone-inspections-sales ——————————————————- UAVISUALSβ„’ (Unmanned Aerial Visual Solutions) is fast becoming Australia’s preferred drone & technology solutions company. Enquiries: info@uavisuals.com ——————————————————- ********* β–Ί TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@uavisuals β–Ί Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/uavisuals β–Ί Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UAVisuals β–Ί Drone Masterclass Academy: https://dronemasterclassacademy.com
Live View Drone Untuk Broadcast ??? Bisa Dong | Using Drone SJRC F11 Pro 4K For Live Broadcast El.J Project
14,880 views | 160 | February 18 2022 14:50:37 (68 comments)[ Read more … ] Salam Satu Langit. Halo Sobat Pilot Drone dimanapun berada.. Kali ini kami akan memberikan Tutorial cara menggunakan Drone untuk keperluan Live Broadcast. Bisa juga untuk Live Streaming. Penasaran? Yuk Tonton Videonya sampai habis ya..

Greetings One Sky. Hello Friends, Drone Pilots wherever you are.. This time we will provide a tutorial on how to use drones for Live Broadcast purposes. It can also be for Live Streaming. Curious? Let’s watch the video until it’s finished.. —————————————————- Alat yang digunakan : – Video Capture HDMI = https://shope.ee/2AabsRlWmf https://shope.ee/79zHpUEbAm https://shope.ee/4fHwqyZV9k – Kabel HDMI ke Type C USB/Micro/Lightning Converter 3in1 2M PX MHA-130 https://shope.ee/6zfrctDqHB

—————————————————- Tags: #DroneSJRCF11Pro4K #SJRC #Drone2JutaanGimbal #DroneMurahberkualitas #FootageVideoDrone #UpgradeSJRCF11Pro4K #Dronegimbal2axis #VideoDroneColorGrading #VideoColorGrading #DroneMurahhasilbagus #ColorGrading #Salamsatulangit #DroneMurahberkualitas #DroneView #DroneForBroadcast #DroneLiveBroadcast #LiveBroadcastwithDrone #SiaranlangsungDrone #DroneStreaming #DroneMirroring #AplikasiDroneFullscreen #SJFProFullscreen #FullscreenDrone #pxindonesia #liveviewdrone #dronecolorgrading
Litchi Vue – Stream your drone’s video feed to a nearby device VC Tech
32,384 views | 97 | May 26 2022 04:11:05 (14 comments)[ Read more … ] Stream the video from a DJI drone to a second mobile device with Litchi Vue

Litchi Vue allows you to stream the video from a nearby device running the “Litchi for DJI Drones” app. Both devices must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network (personal hotspot or external Wi-Fi router)

Supports full screen video view with telemetry as well as VR mode

Download Litchi Vue on Android at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.flylitchi.litchi.vue Download Litchi Vue on iOS at https://apps.apple.com/us/app/litchi-vue-for-dji/id1160758897

Download Litchi for DJI Drones on Android at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.aryuthere.visionplus Download Litchi for DJI Drones on iOS at https://apps.apple.com/us/app/litchi-for-dji-drones/id1059218666

Learn more at https://flylitchi.com/help#fpv-p3
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