Revolver 860 Drone

The Revolver 860 is ideal for special operation due to its heavy payload ability. it is fully customizable to fulfill different kinds of combat requirements.


the DronesVision Revolver 860 are very interesting UAVs, and we would love to see the results of their work on the front. In some ways, these drones are similar to the homemade Ukrainian conversion of civilian drones that drop grenades and light mines on the heads of the russian troops, for example, R18 octocopter from Aerorozvidka. But the Revolver 860, as the name suggests, has a drum mechanism for dropping 8 60 mm mortar mines at once, which greatly improves its effectiveness and allows the UAV to be used as a kind of ultra-light bomber.

Ukraine War Footage for July 7

Russian T-62M tank taken out by grenade dropped from drone

Medvedev: The idea of punishing a country that has one of the largest nuclear arsenals is absurd, poses a threat to the existence of humanity

Ukraine War Drone Footage for June 21

Drone caught the moment a Russian MBT was struck by an ATGM delivered by Ukraine’s 10th Mountain Assault Brigade.
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