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Future of Drone Operators: U.S. Military Influence & Swarm Tech Evolution

Future of Drone Operators: U.S. Military Influence & Swarm Tech Evolution

U.S. Military Drone Pilots: The FUTURE of Modern Warfare General Discharge
22,322 views | 1,030 | June 10 2022 21:00:15 (87 comments)[ Read more … ] U.S. Military Drone Pilots are one of the most important jobs out there, and you guessed it, they fly drones, also referred to as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). You might be familiar with one of the drones they fly – the MQ-9 Reaper. While they might not be the ones boots on ground, the impact they make cannot be ignored. Military Drone Pilots are in every branch of the military (besides the Space Force). But what makes military drone pilots different from military pilots? What exactly does a military drone pilot do? If you want to learn more about U.S. military drone pilots, watch this video!

Pilots video:

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Attack of the Drones: Is war becoming a video game? Journeyman Pictures
1,737,741 views | 5,569 | April 23 2012 12:05:39 (3,836 comments)[ Read more … ] Attack of the Drones – USA: With the ability to move together in swarms, dance, throw and catch, and soon even make their own decisions, this report looks at improving drone capabilities.

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They can move together in swarms, build towers, dance, throw and catch, assess targets and soon will even make their own decisions. Both in war and at home, drones are developing fast and gaining control.

The screens at a US air force base lock onto a civilian car driving along a road in New Mexico. “We don’t simulate or actually engage them, it is just training to follow a moving target.” The question, “with their permission?” is met with an embarrassed pause and the faltering reply, “we’re just following them with a camera”. Rapidly becoming acceptable practice, increasingly police are also using drones to survey civilian areas for criminals. The US air force are now training more ‘desk pilots’ than traditional pilots, raising concerns that war is becoming “just a big computer game”, allowing pilots to kill a few Taliban fighters and then go home for dinner. Nathan Wessler, a civil rights lawyer, strongly argues that the US using drones to kill targets in countries like Yemen despite not being in a state of war with them could lead to serious repercussions. “It is really a dangerous precedent. The technology of drones is not that complicated and there are dozens of nations developing it.” And these robots are advancing. Future drones will be able to independently find targets and decide to attack. As Iran lays its hands on a US spy drone, which experts in this report argue they are “perfectly capable of copying”, has an uncontrolled new arms race already begun?

April 2012 – Ref: 5494

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