Yevgeny Prighozin and Wagner Group: The Russian Coup Plotters?

⚠ Russian Citizens Confront Wagner PMC Personnel in Occupied Rostov-on-Don: Putin Calls it ‘Armed Mutiny’

Footage from the last 24 hours

Russian Citizens in the Occupied-City of Rostov-on-Don have begun to Confront the Wagner PMC#russia

Sat Jun 24 2023 11:51:38 UTC

Russian Citizens in the Occupied-City of Rostov-on-Don have begun to Confront the Wagner PMC Personnel in the City, with Arguments beginning to Break-Out over their Action. #breakingnews #tamilpokkisham #rostov #russia #wion #firstpost
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Putin Calls Wagner Occupation of Rostov-on-Don ‘Armed Mutiny’

Sat Jun 24 2023 11:32:27 UTC

Russian President Vladimir Putin has called for national unity and vowed to do “everything to protect the country” after Russian mercenary forces headed by Yevgeny Prigozhin took control of a southwestern Russian city as part of a possible attempt to march on Moscow. Originally published at –
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Wagner occupied Metah Plaza gas stations in Roston-on-Don, Russia

Sat Jun 24 2023 5:12:04 UTC

The situation in Russia is escalating as the owner of the Wagner private military contractor, Yevgeny Prigozhin, has declared an armed rebellion against the defense minister, Sergei Shoigu. Prigozhin claims that his forces have crossed into Russia from Ukraine and have reached Rostov-on-Don, the home of the Russian military headquarters for the southern region. He says they faced no resistance from young conscripts at checkpoints and that his forces “aren’t fighting against children.”

But he also warns that they will destroy anyone who stands in their way. “We are moving forward and will go until the end,” he said in a video posted on social media.

Prigozhin accuses Shoigu and the chief of the General Staff, Gen. Valery Gerasimov, of ordering airstrikes and artillery fire on Wagner’s field camps in Ukraine, where they have played a crucial role in Russia’s war effort. He says they have decided to destroy Wagner because of its criticism of the military brass’s incompetence and lack of support.

“This is not a military coup, but a march of justice,” Prigozhin declared.

The security services have reacted by charging Prigozhin with calling for an armed rebellion and urging his contract soldiers to arrest him and refuse to follow his “criminal and treacherous orders.”

Videos on social media show heavy trucks blocking highways leading to Rostov-on-Don, long convoys of National Guard trucks on a road outside the city and armored vehicles roaming the streets. The outcome of the confrontation is still unclear, but it could further hinder Moscow’s war effort as Kyiv’s forces are probing Russian defenses in a counteroffensive.

This is a developing story. Stay tuned for more updates.
Russia’s Putin, driving himself, tours occupied Mariupol in Ukraine late on March 19

Mon Mar 20 2023 1:46:21 UTC

Russian President Vladimir Putin visited Mariupol on Sunday before heading to the command post of the special military operation in Rostov on Don in Russia.

It followed his visit to Crimea on Saturday to mark the ninth anniversary of the Black Sea peninsula’s annexation from Ukraine.

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Ukraine Russia War | Putin visits command post in Rostov-on-Don.

Sun Mar 19 2023 19:30:09 UTC

Ukraine Russia War | Putin visits command post in Rostov-on-Don. #ukraine #russia #war #news #srmvnews #breakingnews
The Holocaust in Rostov on Don, Russia

Wed Feb 15 2023 16:12:39 UTC

From @YadVashem:

In 1939 Rostov’s 27,039 Jews comprised 5.4 percent of the total population.

After the beginning of the German invasion of the Soviet Union tens of thousands of refugees, including many Jews, came to Rostov on Don. In September-November 1941 the Soviet authorities organized a large-scale evacuation from Rostov on Don. About 10,000 Jews succeeded in leaving the city during this period. The Germans occupied Rostov on Don for the first time on November 21, 1941. This occupation lasted only about a week. On November 29 the Red Army counterattacked and liberated the city. In the short period of their rule in Rostov on Don Germans ordered the establishment of a Jewish council, the registration of all the Jews, and the forcing of Jews to wear yellow Stars of David. About 1,000 Jews were murdered in Rostov on Don and the area in this short period of time.

After the liberation of Rostov on Don many of the Jews who left the city in the autumn of 1941 returned to it.

In the summer of 1942, when the Germans approached Rostov on Don for the second time another evacuation began. This evacuation was poorly organized and not many Jews succeeded in escaping before the city was reoccupied by the Germans on July 24, 1942.

Soon after the second German occupation, many victims who were defined as Jewish “partisans and Communist Party members,” as well as Jewish prisoners from the local prisoners-of-war camp were shot outside the city. On August 4, 1942, Sonderkommando 10a of Einsatzgruppe D, which closely followed the German troops into Rostov on Don ordered registration of the entire Jewish population of the city, including baptized children over 14 years old and those Jews who had some other nationality indicated in their identity papers. The carrying out of the registration was assigned to the Jewish council. Five days later the resettlement of the Jews in a separate quarter was ordered. On August 11, 1942, all the Jews of Rostov on Don who appeared, supposedly for resettlement in the ghetto, were taken by truck northwest of Rostov on Don and either shot or murdered in gas vans in a several-day massacre that claimed the lives of about 2,000 people (more than 10,000 according to Soviet sources).

The murders of Jews in Rostov on Don, both of prisoners-of-war and of those who had hidden but were ultimately caught, continued after the large-scale massacre of August 11-14, 1942. It is difficult to establish the number of Jews murdered in Rostov on Don during the German occupation. The Soviet reports speak of 15,000 and about 30,000 Jews murdered in Rostov during this period.

Rostov on Don was liberated by the Red Army on February 14, 1943.

#Holocaust #HolocaustEducation #JewishHistory #RostovOnDon #NeverForget #NeverAgain
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