See the latest uncensored footage of the Ukraine War, with videos showing the intensity of the Ukrainian offensive and the helplessness of the Russian troops. Get a unique insight into the conflict as Ukraine advances with waves of drones and artillery strikes, resulting in fires in St. Petersburg and explosions in Moscow. 🔥 💣 🛡 🔎

Uncensored Ukraine War Footage: Elite Russian Unit Wiped Out & Ukraines Make Russia Helpless 🔥

The Ukraine War is a conflict that continues to heat up, and as such, the latest uncensored footage of the war is essential for the world to see. The videos highlighted here today show the intensity of the Ukrainian offensive and the helplessness of the Russian troops in the face of attacks from waves of drones and artillery strikes. From Explosions in Moscow and Fires in St. Petersburg to the destruction of an elite Russian unit, these videos provide a unique insight into the conflict. Scroll down to view the daily uncensored Ukraine War Footage, and read on for a summary of the key takeaways.

Daily Uncensored Ukraine War Footage Summary:
• Ukraine has made significant advances, with waves of drones and artillery strikes pounding Russian positions within Russia.
• Large fires have been spotted at oil depots and explosions have occurred in Moscow and St. Petersburg.
• Russian forces have not yet made any ground, and these videos demonstrate the devastation of their troops in the face of intense Ukrainian attacks.
• Ukrainian snipers have also engaged targets with Mosin rifles, showing the versatility of their forces.
Invite readers to scroll down and view the highlighted videos to get a unique insight into the ongoing Ukraine War.

Drone Footage from the last 24 hours

UKRAINE MAKES RUSSIA HELPLESS! Current Ukraine War Footage And News With The Enforcer (Day 435)

Fri May 5 2023 5:45:05 UTC

Ukraine makes russia helpless against their attacks as waves of drones and artillery strikes pound Russian positions deep inside Russia, with large fires being spotted at oil depots and Explosions in Moscow and Fires in St. Petersburg. Russian forces have made no ground today, Prighozin went mental at the high losses of Russian forces. Ukraine is still preparing for the offensive to begin.

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Day 435 Map:
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21 Mar: FOOTAGE: Ukrainians DESTROY Russians HIDING IN THE TREES | War in Ukraine Explained

Wed Mar 22 2023 1:40:42 UTC

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I am a Ukrainian. My country has been invaded by Russia. In this video I will tell you what happened on the three hundred and ninety first day of the war.

Day 391: March 21

Today there are a lot of updates from the east. Here, Russian forces are continuously assaulting all Ukrainian defenses that stand in their way of taking the Bakhmut group into a pocket. But such a high number of assaults also allowed Ukrainian defenders to evolve extremely rapidly, and now Ukrainian reconnaissance and HIMARS crews are destroying up to 3 Russian assault units per day before they even launch their assaults.

Last time I told you that Ukrainians have the most active stance in the southern part of the region around Ivanivske. I also told you that Ukrainians are reportedly conducting localized counterattacks in three separate directions in order to push Russians as far from the Ivanivske highway as possible.

The freshest reports suggest that Ukrainians have achieved notable results. Previously, Ukrainians maintained positions on the highlands around Ivanivske and counterattacked Russians that entered the approaches to the hills. Today Russian sources reported that Ukrainians conducted a bigger attack. Freshly released footage confirms that there were fierce fights in the forest near Bakhmut. Some sources claimed Ukrainians not only pushed Russians out of the trees in front of the hill but also established their positions there and significantly diminished the ability of Russians to cross the bridge over the canal to attack in the direction of Stupochky.

Such actions greatly improved the security over the Ivanivske highway, and Russian sources already reported that a column of Ukrainian T-64s is heading to Bakhmut from Chasiv Yar. Some Russian sources critiqued the lack of use of high-precision weapons as well as problems with intelligence and communications in Russian forces, which allow Ukrainians to move freely in large columns of armored vehicles in the front-line city.

In the southern part of Bakhmut, Russian forces are trying to create a small cauldron around a group of Ukrainian forces south of the city stadium. So far, their attempts to create a threat of encirclement have failed, and they increased the concentration of their forces on the local graveyard. Geolocated footage shows how Ukrainian air reconnaissance noticed that several small Wagner groups, one by one, entered the building in front of the graveyard and conducted an airstrike, destroying the assault group and a good place for hiding ammunition. Those units that had passed the graveyard engaged in tough fights with the Ukrainian 80th separate assault brigade. The brigade recently released a lot of videos featuring fights in the outskirts as well as closer to the city center.

Nonetheless, the toughest fights are taking place in the northern part of the city. Ukrainian forces reported that Russians are using barrage fire. As seen from the footage, Russian forces are shelling the area between the industrial zone and the central part of the city. The main idea of a barrage is to deny access across that line of the barrage in order to undermine the Ukrainian defense on the AZOM complex. So far, it looks like this tactic works because Russians managed to increase the area of their control. Today’s geolocated footage shows that Ukrainian soldiers are holding defense in front of the culture building. Judging by the positions of Ukrainian troops, they are engaging with attackers north of Peremoga street, which means that Wagners have established control over the warehouses and crossed the railways.

However, the main focus of Ukrainian artillery became Russian assault units to the north of Bakhmut. As you remember, Russians recently switched back to attempts at carrying out the plan of encirclement and increased the number of assaults between Khromove and Bohdanivka significantly. Yesterday, Ukrainian forces prevented an assault on Bohdanivka by conducting a precision strike on the area where they concentrated. Ukrainian special reconnaissance group spotted how Russian soldiers in small groups gradually gathered in a tree line, waited until the assault group had been fully formed, and then coordinated with a HIMARS crew that hit right in the middle of this group. One of the spokesmen for Ukrainian forces in Bakhmut noted that Ukrainian reconnaissance and artillery units in coordination also destroyed 3 such groups today, so many Russian assault units never actually get to conduct their assaults.
ELITE RUSSIAN UNIT WIPED OUT! Current Ukraine War Footage And News With The Enforcer (Day 355)

Mon Feb 13 2023 6:03:49 UTC

An elite Russian unit was wiped out today in heavy fighting as Ukrainian forces ensure that the Russians will not be prepared to continue a long war. the battle of bakhmut has become more intense as civilians are being evacuated and no press are now allowed in the city.

Tonight’s Fundraiser is Save The Children. Save the children is an organization that does just that, saves the children. over the course of this war several hundred children have been killed from Russian attacks, and Save The Children has been trying their best to take as many kids to safety as they can, and ensure that they are not preyed on by the lowest of society. Your support could save Ukrainian children’s lives!

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Day 355 Map:
This’s what drones and artillery DID to Russians in trenches who were preparing for war

Fri Dec 16 2022 16:00:11 UTC

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LPR Sniper Engages Targets with a Mosin | Ukraine War | Combat Footage | Sniper Reviews

Wed Jun 22 2022 16:01:42 UTC

LPR Sniper Engages Targets with a Mosin | Ukraine War | Combat Footage | Sniper Reviews

Various footage from Telegram on both sides. All footage unconfirmed, POV denoted by the flag in top left of screen.


I’m a veteran of the British Army. Served 10 years, most of which as a Sniper in an Infantry Battalion. I’ve travelled all over the world, including a combat tour to Afghanistan in 2010/11 as a 19 year old Sniper.

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real Ukraine war footage uncut Ukrainian soldiers in the battlefield getting their job done

Sun Apr 3 2022 18:06:52 UTC

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