Unveiling the Raw Reality: An In-depth Look at UNCENSORED Ukraine War Videos

Witness the destruction of Russian tanks by Ukrainian drones in this recent footage from the war. Shocking and powerful. #Ukraine #Drones

Welcome to our special section dedicated to the raw and unfiltered reality of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. Here, we bring you the latest uncensored videos from the heart of the war zone, offering a glimpse into the harrowing experiences of those caught in the crossfire. Our selection of videos, meticulously curated for your viewing, delves deep into the complexities of this modern-day struggle, showcasing the bravery and resilience of individuals on both sides of the conflict.

  • Key Takeaways from the Highlighted Videos:
    • The tragic incident involving a disoriented Russian driver leading to the demise of his unit within just seven minutes underscores the unpredictable nature of warfare.
    • Exclusive strategic updates and combat footage, accessible through our online store and Patreon, provide deeper insights into the tactical maneuvers and decisions shaping the conflict.
    • The compilation of uncensored combat footage from various sources paints a grim picture of the ongoing complications in the Ukraine War, highlighting the human cost behind the headlines.
    • A particularly chilling segment features Ukrainian soldiers trapped in a deadly minefield, capturing the essence of the dangers faced by those on the ground during the counteroffensive efforts.

Analyzing these videos reveals a stark portrayal of the conflict’s intensity and complexity. The trend of uncensored footage suggests a growing demand for transparency and accountability in how the war is reported. As we move forward, we can expect to see more detailed accounts of the battlefield dynamics, potentially shifting public opinion and influencing future military strategies.

In conclusion, this collection of videos serves as a sobering reminder of the real-time impact of the Ukraine War on those involved. It’s a testament to the courage and determination of the people affected by the conflict, offering a window into the challenges and sacrifices made in the pursuit of peace.


We invite you to continue scrolling down to witness these powerful moments firsthand, bearing witness to the stories that shape our understanding of the current global crisis.

Drone Footage from the last 24 hours

14 Jun: DEAD IN 7 MINUTES: Disoriented Russian Driver GOT HIS UNIT KILLED! | War in Ukraine

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Sat Jun 15 2024 3:30:04 UTC

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I am Ukrainian. My country has been invaded by Russia. In this video, I will tell you what happened on the 842 day of the war.

Day 842: Jun 14

Today, there are a lot of updates from the Bakhmut direction.

The most interesting news comes from the northern flank of Chasiv Yar. Here, the Russians attempted to establish a foothold on the western side of the canal to attack Chasiv Yar from the north. However, Ukrainians thwarted this operation on time, forcing Russians to yet again focus on casualty-heavy assaults in the Kanal district for marginal gains.

To achieve the goal of expanding assaults on Chasiv Yar from the north, the main goal of Russian forces became the village of Kalinivika. This village, located north of the town, is significant for the Russians because an overground passage over the canal would enable Russians to cross it. Russians want to exploit this crossing to establish a bridgehead and use it to launch further attacks on Chasiv Yar. Such an approach could enable Russians to attack Ukrainian rear positions and stretch their lines, which could cause Ukrainians to withdraw from the Kanal district.

In one such assault, Russians managed to cross the canal to establish positions on the other side. Combat footage shows an MT-LB armored transport carrying ten Russian soldiers across the canal. Subsequently, the squad dismounted from the vehicle to establish positions in the nearby trenches. However, unfortunately for the Russians, they were immediately targeted by a kamikaze drone, which wounded a third of the assault squad. This caused panic among the whole team, which dispersed while the MT-LB drove off to the northwest, leaving everyone behind. The uncensored full versions of Russian and Ukrainian operations can be found on our Telegram channel.

The prompt Ukrainian strike against the Russian infantry group suggests that Ukrainian forces have extensive visibility in the area. Institute For the Study of War assesses that the Russian infantry group likely did not survive the assault and that Russian troops could not establish enduring positions in the area due to this particular attack. While the fate of the Russian unit remains unknown, Ukrainian sources reported that the unit got so far because it got lost, and then it was reportedly eliminated.

After the failed operation, Ukrainians took advantage of the disorganized and dispersed state of Russians in the area to launch a counterattack to retake the lost parts of Kalinivka. BILD assesses that the Ukrainians were successful and retook Kalinivka from the Russians, effectively diminishing their gains by pushing them to the eastern outskirts of the village.

As a result of the failure to advance on the Kanal residential district from the flanks, Russian commanders decided to intensify heavy casualty-inducing frontal assaults on the Kanal district. Ukrainian Commander-in-Chief Oleksandr Syrsky stated that Russians are trying to take it at all costs. It was noted that Russians used an unusually high number of infantry fighting vehicles in combination with T-Ninety-M tanks; many of these were successfully destroyed by Ukrainian anti-tank guided missile and drone operators.

Russian Airforce bombardments with glide bombs collapsed large sections of high-rises at the eastern edges of the district, while rubble collapsed and blocked many hallways and parts of seemingly intact parts of buildings. This made the buildings untenable for any defensive positions, forcing the Ukrainians to withdraw from them and leaving weak points for Russian fighters to exploit.

Geolocated footage shows a squad of eight Russian airborne troops crossing a road from a seized building and taking up positions in the Chasiv Yar repair plant. Another combat video shows airborne troops clearing out the Ukrainian positions in a high-rise building. After that, the Russians raise their flag over the building. The full version of the Russian operations can be found on our Telegram channel as well.

Based on this footage, we can see that the Russian fighters advanced up to Obraztsova Street. To the right of the street are five-story high-rise buildings seen in the video. These buildings enable Russians to have strong firing positions. Then again, Ukrainians on the other side of the street are also in high-rises, so both Russians and Ukrainians diminish any chances of either having fire control here…

Ukraine War Footage 🇺🇦 | (UNCENSORED) ⚠️ | #Ukraine #UkraineWar #Russia #War #NATO

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Tue Jun 11 2024 6:12:31 UTC

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Ukraine War Complication 🇺🇦 | (Uncensored Footage) #War #Ukraine #Russia

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Tue Jun 11 2024 5:49:00 UTC

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Ukraine War 🇺🇦 | (Uncensored Footage) #Ukraine #Russia #War

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Tue Jun 11 2024 5:47:14 UTC

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(18+ WARNING, Uncensored) Ukrainian Soldiers Trapped in Deadly Minefield: A Harrowing Encounter

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Thu Jun 29 2023 16:13:04 UTC

MinefieldHorror #WarZoneFootage #ukraine #War #dronefootage #counteroffensive #NATO #Russia #ColdWarV2 The Ugly side …
Show more #MinefieldHorror #WarZoneFootage #ukraine #War #dronefootage #counteroffensive #NATO #Russia #ColdWarV2

The Ugly side of the conflict. The video contains images not recommended for children under the age of 18. Mature viewers only. Posted for historical documentary and educational purposes.

China’s DISASTROUS Plan for Russia Ukraine War

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Fri Mar 3 2023 15:00:04 UTC

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The FBI says Covid probably came from a lab in Wuhan, China. The bipartisan Select Committee on Strategic Competition between the United States and the Chinese Communist Party is standing up to the CCP’s aggression. China wants peace in Ukraine, but not because it doesn’t like war—it wants to make sure it’s economy is stable. Watch this episode of China Uncensored for that and more of this week’s top China news headlines.

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