Unveiling the Yahalom Drone: Epic Battle Against Hamas Tunnels in Gaza”


Dive into the heart of conflict and discovery with our latest collection of videos featuring the Israeli Defense Forces’ (IDF) ‘Yahalom’ unit in action. These gripping visuals offer an unprecedented glimpse into the strategic operations conducted against Hamas tunnels in the volatile region of Gaza. From the demolition of an 800-meter long tunnel near the Netzarim Corridor to the destruction of a massive 4-kilometer long tunnel just 400 meters from the Erez border crossing, these videos showcase the technological prowess and tactical acumen of the IDF.

  • Key Takeaways:
    • The ‘Yahalom’ unit’s successful operation against an 800-meter long tunnel, demonstrating advanced tunneling technology and precision engineering.
    • A detailed account of the largest Hamas tunnel destroyed by the IDF, measuring 4 kilometers in length and 50 meters deep, highlighting the scale of underground infrastructure targeted.
    • Insights into the strategic importance of these operations, particularly near critical areas like the Netzarim Corridor and the Erez border crossing, showcasing the IDF’s commitment to securing its borders.

Analyzing these videos reveals a trend towards more sophisticated and extensive tunneling operations by Hamas, necessitating equally advanced countermeasures from the IDF. The focus on tunnels near strategic locations indicates an understanding of their potential use in future conflicts, prompting the IDF to enhance its capabilities in this domain. Expect to see further developments in tunnel detection and neutralization technologies, as well as possibly more public disclosures of such operations to underscore the effectiveness of the IDF’s strategies.

In conclusion, these videos serve as a stark reminder of the complexities and challenges faced in the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas, with a particular emphasis on the role of underground warfare. They provide a unique perspective into the efforts of military forces to adapt and respond to evolving threats, offering valuable insights for analysts and enthusiasts alike.


Don’t miss out on witnessing these groundbreaking operations firsthand. Scroll down to explore the highlighted videos and gain a deeper understanding of the tactics, technologies, and strategies employed by the IDF in its fight against underground infrastructure.

Drone Footage from the last 24 hours

IDF's 'Yahalom' In Action | Watch Special Commandos Raze 800-Mt Long Hamas Tunnel In Gaza's Sabra

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Tue May 28 2024 13:57:56 UTC

The 800-meter-long, 18-meter-deep tunnel was located close to the Netzarim Corridor, where troops are stationed in Gaza.
Show more The 800-meter-long, 18-meter-deep tunnel was located close to the Netzarim Corridor, where troops are stationed in Gaza. The operation was carried out by the 679th Brigade Combat Team. Watch for details

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IDF Rilis Video Penghancuran Terowongan Terbesar Hamas Dekat Perbatasan Gaza Israel

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Wed Mar 6 2024 2:12:20 UTC

Download aplikasi berita TribunX di Play Store atau App Store untuk dapatkan pengalaman baru TRIBUNNEWS.COM – IDF …
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TRIBUNNEWS.COM – IDF merilis video penghancuran terowongan terbesar Hamas sepanjang 4 km dan kedalaman 50 meter berjarak 400 meter dari penyeberangan Erez, perbatasan Gaza-Israel, Selasa (5/3/2024).

Terowongan tersebut cukup besar sehingga kendaraan roda empat bisa lalu lalang.

Bahkan sebuah video yang ditemukan IDF menunjukkan Yahya Sinwar dan Muhammad Sinwar, adiknya, mengendarai mobil melintasi terowongan tersebut.

Selama beberapa minggu terakhir, IDF telah menyelidiki terowongan yang belakangan diketahui digunakan Hamas bukan untuk bertahan, melainkan melancarkan serangan melintasi perbatasan Israel pada 7 Oktober 2023.

Penghancuran terowongan melibatkan devisi konstruksi, unit teknik Divisi Gaza IDF, unit Yahalom, Komando Selatan IDF, dan para insinyur dari Kementerian Pertahanan.

Untuk menghancurkan terowongan, tim IDF menggunakan bahan peledak dan memasukkan cairan beton ke rongga tanah yang masih tersisa.

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