⚠ Ukraine ☠ War Drone Footage: Russian Tanks Destroyed, Soldier Catches Bombs, Thermobaric War, and Overnight Attacks

Ukrainian drone strikes Russian tank in latest footage from Ukraine war

Introducing the latest videos related to the Ukraine War. This page provides a comprehensive look at the latest news from the conflict. Watch the videos to get a better insight into the ongoing battle between Russia and Ukraine, and find out more about the progress made by both sides. Read the summary below to get the key takeaways from these videos, then scroll down to check out the videos themselves.

Key Takeaways

Russian tanks attempting to enter Bakhmut were destroyed by the Ukrainian Army, according to drone images from the war.
• US is providing Ukraine with 30mm gun trucks to defend against Iranian-made exploding drones used by Russian forces.
Russian drone dropped thermobaric ordinance on Ukraine positions.
Ukraine reported overnight Russian drone attacks after 12 days.

Daily Ukraine War Drone Summary

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine continues to rage on, with both sides making advances and suffering losses. Recent drone footage has revealed that the Ukrainian Army was able to successfully protect Bakhmut from a Russian push, while the US is aiding Ukraine with 30mm up-armored gun trucks to defend against Iranian-made drones used by Russia. The drone footage also showed Russian drones dropping thermobaric ordinance on Ukraine positions. Furthermore, Ukraine reported overnight Russian drone attacks after a 12-day pause.


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Drone Footage from the last 24 hours

Russian Tanks Attempting to Enter Bakhmut Destroyed by Ukrainian Army! Drone Images from the War

Mon Jul 3 2023 1:52:05 UTC

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Ukraine forever. Glory to Ukraine Victory. Please press subscribe Thanks for your
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Moment Russian soldier catches and throws away Ukrainian ‘drone bombs’ #shorts #military

Mon Jul 3 2023 0:00:20 UTC

Russia angry: US helps Ukraine with 30mm gun trucks to annihilate Iranian drones

link video full : https://youtu.be/6TUlzAW2deY

Ukraine is getting new truck-mounted weapons and precision rocket systems to help the country defend against Iranian-made exploding drones used by Russian forces.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has shown that anti-aircraft guns are still relevant to air defense in an age when relatively inexpensive drones can pose a growing threat to troops and civilians.

As part of its latest military assistance package to Ukraine, a senior defense official said that the United States is providing the Ukrainians with nine 30mm “gun trucks” to destroy Iranian-made drones, such as the Shahed-131 and Shahed-136 kamikaze drones.
WAR IN UKRAINE- Russian drone drops thermobaric ordinance on ukraine positions.

Sun Jul 2 2023 22:54:50 UTC

#drone #ukraine #war #fpv #kamikaze #дрон #камікадзе

Sun Jul 2 2023 21:34:40 UTC

Russia Ukraine War – Ukraine reports over night Russian drone attacks after 12 days

Sun Jul 2 2023 20:47:23 UTC

Again!!! Ukrainian forces use 40 Kamikaze Drone blows up 760 Russian troops in trench Bakhmut

Sun Jul 2 2023 20:11:26 UTC

Troops elit are attacking at three points Bakhmut,Ukrainian drone dropping grenades on Russian soldiers in trenches bakhmut.
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