Explore Natural Beauty with These Drone Tours ๐Ÿš – Blind River & SummerSmash2023

Experience the best of both worlds with drone shots of Blind River's natural beauty and Kid Cudi & Lil Uzi Vert's electrifying concerts in Chicago.

A striking contrast of peaceful scenes and high-energy concerts. Drone shots of Blind River, Ontario reveal the natural beauty of the town, its mining industry, and outdoor activities. Meanwhile, Kid Cudi and Lil Uzi Vert were performing exciting concerts in Chicago. Below are the key takeaways of the best drone videos over the past 24 hours:

โ€ข A peaceful drone tour of Blind River, Ontario, including its mining sites, forests, and outdoor recreational activities
โ€ข Kid Cudi and Lil Uzi Vert performing an exciting concert in Chicago

It has been an interesting 24 hours with a peaceful drone tour of Blind River and a lively concert in Chicago. Scroll down to view the highlights of both and get the full experience.


Drone Footage from the last 24 hours

Drone Tour: Blind River, Ontario

Tue Jun 27 2023 4:00:11 UTC

Blind River is a town located in the Algoma District of Ontario, Canada. It is situated on the north shore of the Georgian Bay, at the mouth of the Mississagi River. The town has a population of around 3,500 people, and it is known for its beautiful natural surroundings, including forests, lakes, and rivers. Blind River was founded in the early 1900s as a mining town, and it still has a strong mining industry today. In addition to mining, the town’s economy is also driven by forestry, tourism, and small businesses. There are many outdoor recreational activities available in Blind River, including hiking, fishing, boating, and camping. The town is home to several parks and conservation areas, including the Mississagi Provincial Park and the Huron Shores Millennium Park. Blind River also has a strong cultural scene, with several art galleries and museums, including the Timber Village Museum, which showcases the town’s history and heritage.

The video is shot using the DJI Mini 2 drone. It is filmed and edited in 4K Ultra HD for the best viewing experience. Visit our blog for an interactive map of all the drone footage we have taken: https://yula.ca/drone-tours-interactive-map/

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Kid Cudi SummerSmash 2023 FPV Drone #shorts

Mon Jun 26 2023 18:40:39 UTC

Kid Cudi performing at SummerSmash2023 via @indoordronetours
Lil Uzi Vert SummerSmash 2023 FPV Drone Shot #shorts

Mon Jun 26 2023 18:37:52 UTC

Lil Uzi Vert performing at SummerSmash 2023 in Chicago. Shot by @indoordronetours for Lyrical Lemonade.
Johnson Lake, Burnett County: A Captivating Drone Tour by Ben Wheeler Realtor in NW Wisconsin

Mon Jun 26 2023 14:00:06 UTC

Welcome to our captivating drone tour of Johnson Lake in Burnett County, Wisconsin! Join Ben Wheeler, a seasoned realtor in the picturesque Northwest region, as he takes you on an unforgettable aerial journey through this stunning 399-acre lake.

In this mesmerizing video, you’ll get an exclusive bird’s-eye view of Johnson Lake’s shimmering waters, encompassing its entire expanse from a breathtaking perspective. Prepare to be amazed as the drone gracefully glides over the lake, capturing its natural beauty and tranquil surroundings.

Discover the allure of Johnson Lake, as Ben provides valuable insights about this remarkable destination. With a maximum depth of 23 feet, Johnson Lake offers a variety of recreational opportunities for nature enthusiasts and avid anglers alike. Whether you’re seeking a serene fishing experience or a peaceful boat ride, this captivating lake has something to offer everyone.

As you explore Johnson Lake through the lens of the drone, you’ll witness the enchanting shoreline dotted with lush vegetation and scenic landscapes. Immerse yourself in the calm ambiance as the camera captures the essence of this hidden gem nestled within Burnett County.

Anglers will be delighted to know that Johnson Lake boasts a diverse range of fish species, including Panfish, Largemouth Bass, and Northern Pike. The lake’s thriving ecosystem provides ample opportunities for fishing enthusiasts to cast their lines and reel in some impressive catches.

Whether you’re a potential homebuyer looking for a serene lakeside retreat or simply a nature enthusiast seeking visual tranquility, this drone tour of Johnson Lake is a feast for the senses. Let Ben Wheeler be your guide as he showcases the breathtaking beauty and recreational wonders of this remarkable lake in Northwest Wisconsin.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to experience Johnson Lake from a unique perspective. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the captivating aerial journey as Ben Wheeler Realtor presents the unparalleled charm of Johnson Lake, Burnett County’s hidden treasure. Subscribe to our channel to stay updated on more captivating drone tours and real estate adventures in the Northwest Wisconsin region.
Drone Tour: West Lake, Prince Edward, Ontario

Sun Jun 25 2023 4:00:12 UTC

A drone video of West Lake in Prince Edward County, Ontario. We stopped here on our road trip from Toronto to Brockville in September 2022. A summary of our trip is here on our blog: https://yula.ca/southeastern-ontario-road-trip-toronto-to-brockville/

West Lake is a small community in Prince Edward County, Ontario. It’s located on the south shore of a bay of Lake Ontario which is known as West Lake.

The video is shot using the DJI Mini 2 drone. It is filmed and edited in 4K Ultra HD for the best viewing experience. Our videos provide you with an easy way to explore and discover Ontario, and help decide if it’s worth the trip to see it in person. Visit our blog for an interactive map of all the drone footage we have taken: https://yula.ca/drone-tours-interactive-map/

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Sun Jun 25 2023 2:32:00 UTC

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