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Youtube content has been essential to coverage of the war in Ukraine to get your news Today, ever since the Russian Invasion began in February. Soldiers, civilians, aid workers and other witnesses have posted Ukraine War footage of fighting and destruction to Youtube in real time, making this war one of history’s most visually documented.

“With such prevalent access to the internet, it means that soldiers can upload things to show people the experiences they’re having right now,” said Matthew Moss, a weapons historian who uses open-source material — data posted publicly on social media and other digital platforms — to track modern warfare.

Widespread access to cellphones and the internet means virtually anyone can find an unvarnished look at the war from the point of view of residents and fighters. “This isn’t the news videotaping this; a lot of what you guys are using for your footage is from people like me, from a cellphone,” said Paul Smith, an American-born soldier in the Ukrainian army. Online, he goes by Yuri.

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