Putin Flees to Vacation Dacha amid Draft Protests

Ukraine War Drone Footage and Updates Day 214

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Drone Footage from the last 24 hours

Ukraine war, Drone footage of a KA-52 from the Russian airforce being shot down

144 views Sep 25, 2022
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Drone footage! Ukrainian drones bombs on Russian military forces trenches | war footage

371 views Sep 24, 2022

Ukrainian drones bombs on Russian military forces trenches #ukrainewar #ukrainerussiawar #ukraine #russia
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Ukraine drone footage ukrainian drone strike Russian troops abandon their military truck war

41 views Sep 25, 2022

ukraine drone footage! Ukrainian military destroy Russians with artillery russia vs ukraine war update russia ukraine war russian ukraine war news war in ukraine war in ukraine 2022 latest news ukraine vs russia live war russia ukraine war russia vs ukraine war update live russian putin ukraine war russian ukraine war ukraine russia war ukraine war footage 2022
All-out Attack!! Drone Modified Ukraine strike target and explode Russian troops vehicles

12,815 views Sep 24, 2022

Drone Modified Ukraine strike target and explode Russian troops vehicles Not the least of these is that the conflict is shaping up as the first true drone war, giving new insights into the battlefield of the future. Though they may seem like something quintessentially 21st century, UAVs or drones have been around for well over a hundred years Thanks For Watching The Thumbnail/Videos are for illustrasion purpose only
Ukraine War Footage: Ukraine drone drops grenade next to Russian soldiers in trenches

225 views Sep 24, 2022

Ukraine drone drops two grenades, next to an unlucky Russian soldier. Subscribe for more https://cutt.ly/ICMTWd9
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Raw Footage: Drones Used By The Ukrainian 63rd Territorial Defence Battalion – Ukraine War

57 views Sep 24, 2022

Like, Share & Subscribe!! Please Like and Share our videos! Do not forget to Subscribe our Channel!! Warning: This video contains vivid descriptions of violence and torture. War News: According to the clip, a drone can be seen attacking Russian forces in Ukraine with explosives. Attacking Russian army with explosives dropped by weaponized drones were soldiers from the 63rd Territorial Defence Battalion, a unit of the 103rd Separate Brigade of the Territorial Defence Forces. There hasn’t been a third party verification of the video.
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