Echoes of Valor: Vovchansk Under Siege – Combat Footage from the Front Lines of the Ukraine-Russian War


Welcome to our dedicated page showcasing the latest and most impactful combat footage from Vovchansk, a critical front in the ongoing Ukraine-Russian War. This page is designed to keep you informed and engaged with the real-time developments on the ground, providing insights into the strategies, tactics, and outcomes of recent engagements. Whether you’re seeking firsthand accounts of the conflict or looking for strategic analyses, we’ve got you covered. Dive in to explore the latest videos, curated specifically to offer a comprehensive view of the situation in Vovchansk.

Key Takeaways from Highlighted Videos

Trends and Expectations

Based on the analysis of the latest combat footage from Vovchansk, several trends emerge:

Looking ahead, these trends suggest a dynamic and rapidly evolving battlefield. As the conflict progresses, we can expect to see continued innovation in tactics, increased focus on morale-building among Ukrainian forces, and possibly new technologies entering the fray. Stay tuned for more updates as they become available.



The battle for Vovchansk continues to unfold with significant implications for the broader Ukraine-Russian War. By staying informed through the latest combat footage and analyses, we can better understand the complexities of modern warfare and the resilience of those on the front lines. Remember, every piece of footage shared here is a testament to the courage and determination of those fighting for freedom and security in Ukraine.


We encourage you to scroll down and watch the highlighted videos below to gain deeper insights into the current state of affairs in Vovchansk. Your support helps us continue to bring you the most accurate and timely information from the heart of the conflict.

Drone Footage from the last 24 hours

Ukrainian police fighters “cleanse” Vovchansk city from Russians – Combat footage Kanal13
12,470 views | 334 | June 26 2024 10:31:38 (5 comments)[ Read more … ] #Kanal13​ #likekanal13​ #subscribekanal13 #warinukraine – SUBSCRIBE TO US! Fighters of the “Lyut” brigade under the National Police of Ukraine have carried out an operation in northern Kharkiv region’s Vovchansk town where Russian invaders had occupied houses. Approaching the semi-destroyed houses, the fighters killed the invaders in the area with a series of shots and managed to cleanse the area. – click here and support Kanal13 monthly for distributing more videos and independent journalism & #lastminutenewsfromukraine #kanal13ukraine

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Crazy action! Ukrainian forces surround Russian soldier at an aggregate plant in Vovchansk US GEGE
5,585 views | 248 | June 22 2024 21:00:28 (8 comments)[ Read more … ] Ukrainian military claimed that Ukrainian soldiers were working to surround and cut off Russian troops in an aggregate plant in northern Vovchansk. Ukraine War Maps Reveal Kyiv’s Recaptured Frontline Positions Near Kharkiv
19 Jun: NICE. Russian Rescue Forces GET TRAPPED TOO! | War in Ukraine Explained Reporting from Ukraine
370,841 views | 32,148 | June 20 2024 03:15:00 (594 comments)[ Read more … ] 🔴 Support via Online Store: 🔵 EXCLUSIVE Strategic Updates on Patreon: 🔵 EXCLUSIVE Strategic Updates on YouTube Membership: 🔞UNCENSORED COMBAT FOOTAGE on Telegram: or @RFUEnglish 🟠 Support via Thanks button donation under the video (next to “like” and “share”) 🟠 Support via 1-time donation: ⚫ Follow us on Twitter/X: or @RFUEnglish

I am Ukrainian. My country has been invaded by Russia. In this video, I will tell you what happened on the 847 day of the war.

Day 847: Jun 19

Today, there are a lot of developments in the Kharkiv direction.

The situation in Vovchansk remains highly contested, with heavy fighting continuing as both Ukrainian and Russian forces fight for control of the northern part of the settlement.

The clashes in Vovchansk have intensified, particularly around the Aggregate Plant, where a group of several hundred Russian soldiers has been isolated. Ukrainian machine gun posts have effectively controlled the vicinity, preventing any successful Russian attempts to break the isolation. Russian forces have reportedly deployed new units, including Chechen “Aidar” forces, to advance from different vectors, particularly from “School number 2” and “Kindergarten number 6”. Despite their efforts, these advances have been unsuccessful due to Ukrainian artillery and FPV drone fire. Russian attempts to supply the isolated group via drones have had limited success, while attempts to connect with infantry and armored vehicles have failed.

According to a Russian fighter in the area, the fighting is so intense that fighters from both sides are sometimes positioned not even tens of meters but a few meters of each other or even on different floors of the same building. In these conditions, friendly fire episodes, including aerial bombardment, are frequent.

The primary Russian objective is establishing a logistic connection to the aggregates plant. They hope to undermine Ukrainian logistic supplies over the three bridges near the aggregate plant from this position. After their multiple failures, recent intelligence suggests that Russian forces are now attempting to displace Ukrainian troops controlling positions further south to establish this connection.

To the north, the latest reports indicate Ukrainian forces are conducting fresh infantry attacks northwest of the “Citadel” in the proximities of the park area. This maneuver suggests a potential attempt to cut off and encircle the Russian group trying to connect to the aggregate plant. Recent geolocated images show an attack with Russian grenade-launching drones carrying out several drops on Ukrainian troops along Korolenka Street. The first few seconds of the footage show how the drone advances down the street towards the area of the attack, and in the upper part, some buildings belonging to the citadel are visible. The Ukrainian advance is greatly hampered by the massive destruction of homes and buildings, which leaves very few suitable places to take shelter. The images indicate that the Ukrainian forces have already advanced about two hundred and fifty meters along Korolenka Street from the “Citadel” corner, leaving them less than two hundred meters to reach the intersection area with the roads from the north. The full uncensored footage of the attack can be found on our Telegram through the link in the description.

An analysis of the street configuration in this area of the city leads to the conclusion that if the Ukrainians can advance from the park along Korlolenka Street to Travnia Street junction and establish fire control over this zone, they would effectively cut off supplies to the Russian forces to the south, creating a much greater pocket than the one already developed at the “Aggregate plant.” In any case, these fresh advances clearly indicate that Ukrainian forces in the north of the Vovcha River are being adequately supplied.

Ukrainian forces continue to employ massive attacks with artillery shelling and GBU-39 guided bombs, while Russian forces have escalated their use of FPV drones in response. Both sides focus on compromising enemy logistics and mechanized vehicle access as critical factors in the battle for Vovchansk.

Recent geolocated images continue to show heavy shelling and bombardments. In the first video, Ukrainian Kraken forces successfully attack an ATGM post in the windows of one of the buildings within the “Aggregate plant” zone. A second video shows a devastating guided bomb attack on another of the aggregate plant’s main buildings. The footage shows the extreme accuracy of Western-guided bombs. The latest video recorded a few days ago, shows a shocking Ukrainian attack with GBU-39-guided bombs against Russian positions in a building in the vicinity of the Citadel. The building….
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12 Jun: RESISTANCE WAS FUTILE. Russians Surrender IN LARGE NUMBERS in Vovchansk | War in Ukraine Reporting from Ukraine
448,234 views | 35,156 | June 13 2024 03:45:03 (923 comments)[ Read more … ] 🔴 Support via Online Store: 🔵 EXCLUSIVE Strategic Updates on Patreon: 🔵 EXCLUSIVE Strategic Updates on YouTube Membership: 🔞UNCENSORED COMBAT FOOTAGE on Telegram: or @RFUEnglish 🟠 Support via Thanks button donation under the video (next to “like” and “share”) 🟠 Support via 1-time donation: ⚫ Follow us on Twitter/X: or @RFUEnglish

I am Ukrainian. My country has been invaded by Russia. In this video, I will tell you what happened on the 840 day of the war.

Day 840: Jun 12

Today, there are a lot of updates from the Kharkiv direction.

The situation in Vovchansk has seen significant developments as Ukrainian forces intensified their counterattacks and recaptured even more ground. Different analyst reports indicate substantial gains by Ukrainian forces, who have managed to recapture key positions to the west and northeast of the city.

In a significant development, Ukrainian forces recently conducted their first-ever strike with fighter jets on Russian territory, targeting a Russian command center and massive ammo depot near Belgorod. The strike resulted in a large-scale fire with secondary detonations, causing fear among the local population. This attack underscores the shift in the operational landscape following the authorization by all Western partners for Ukraine to attack targets on Russian soil with Western weapons, including aviation bombs. It shows the way for Ukrainian forces to significantly damage logistic efforts to supply material to Russian forces participating in the Kharkiv offensive. This event is undoubtedly part of the shaping operations in an attempt to undermine Russian supplies and facilitate Ukrainian counter-offensive efforts. The original uncensored videos of this strike can be found on our Telegram channel.

According to different Russian military analysts and also the Vovchansk City Military Administration, Ukrainian forces have recently retaken several positions within the settlement. Ukrainian officers have confirmed that most of Vovchansk remains under Ukrainian control, suggesting that recent tactical counterattacks have been successful in driving Russian forces out of central areas, with some Russian soldiers now surrounded and cut off.

Reports indicate that Ukrainian forces are increasing their efforts in the northern part of Vovchansk, attempting to eliminate the salient by recapturing territory block by block to the west. For their part, in what appears to be a desperate attempt, the Russians are still trying to attack the industrial zone around the aggregate plant located in the south, where Ukrainian forces have concentrated their primary area of force buildup. This movement puts Russian forces at an evident risk of being cut off if Ukrainian advances to the West continue at their current pace.

Recent geolocated footage shows the success of Ukrainian counterattacks. The first video shows a Russian soldier walking unarmed along a Vovchanks street to the Ukrainian side because he decided to surrender and remain alive. This soldier was most likely part of one of the groups that were cut off and surrounded. Those who did not surrender willingly were assaulted and still captured if they survived. A huge number of recently released videos show newly captured Russians along the whole contact line. Due to the sensitive nature of the footage, we can publish them only on our Telegram channel, which is accessible using the link in the description.

In general, apart from the high-rise buildings in the Citadel area in the center of the city and the industrial buildings in the southern part, both in the hands of Ukrainian forces, there are not many other areas in the city that could provide a sufficient level of fortification for Russian forces. Most of the buildings in the northern part of Russian control are residential houses on one or two floors at most. This means that Russian forces could be forced to withdraw to a position already outside the city on the northern outskirts of Vovchansk.

On the eastern side of the city, Ukrainian forces have recaptured a significant area of the settlement and continued their advance to the north. However, they have thus far advanced through urban areas. If we look at the topographic map, we can see that just next to these recaptured areas lies a high-altitude area, which may present more significant challenges for the continuation of Ukrainian advances.

German media military expert Julian Röpcke stated that Ukrainian troops recaptured new positions in the northeast of Vovchansk, while Russian troops continued to withdraw and counterattack lost areas with aircraft, missiles, and artillery. According to the German expert, to transfer reinforcements from the southern to the northern bank…
🔴 (LIVE) TMFINR, ATACMS, Boobie Traps | Combat Footage Review FUNKER530 – Veteran Community & Combat Footage
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Northern Border/Lebanon: Hezbollah scores a hit on an Iron Dome launcher: 33.095502, 35.550552


More of Hezbollahs launches:

Gaza / Southern Israel: IDF in Jabalia:

West Bank: A senior leader of the Al Aqsa Brigade was killed by the IDF. Both Palestinian and IDF reported his death:

General: Hamas booby trapping a house:

Using drones to clear booby trapped house:

IDF drone bombing: 31.260183, 34.25743


Polish/Belarus Border: A soldier was killed by Belarusian ‘migrants’. A knife affixed to a stick punctured his torso:

Kharvkiv: Russians engaged approaching house: 50.288364, 36.934811

Ukrainian soldiers making their way over a destroyed bridge: 50.286515, 36.939343

Russian and Belarusian ‘volunteers’ fighting in Vovchansk:

Kharkiv Epicenter shopping mall was targeted by Russia: 50.028203, 36.334443

Luhansk: Archive: Ukrainian SOF team ambushed by a small infantry hold-out force (Lukas Squad Company):

Ukraine struck into Luhansk with ATACMS: 48.537778, 39.351115

More Photos:

What also likely happened is either (unlikely) an errant rocket or air defense took one down: 48.568357, 39.386272

Donetsk: 47th Brigade Bradleys vs Two Russian BTR’s/personnel:

But wait… there’s more:

Volodymyrivka – Russian tank was given all necessary information for this to not happen

Ukrainian tank dodges a rocket but hits a mine:

Chasiv Yar: Bradley go bye bye from grenade:

Russian teams moving in the rubble:

Kherson: Russians taking out a Sea Baby with machinegun fire:

Robot Wars – FPV drone chases down an ORLAN-10 recon drone; 46.799657, 33.172121

The “Epicenter” shopping mall was hit by Russian strikes: 46.658891, 32.569119

HIMARS strikes on Russian infantry in Oleshky Sands (general):

General: Russian MTLB drives over people: – Cam Story: 2003 push into Baghdad, a BN XO was crushed by Reg. Combat Team 5’s AAV.

Russian being raked by IFV fire of some kind, then gets booped and exploded on:

Shotguns vs Drones, a short story:

Russians on bikes again:

A nope-rocket:

UKR attempting to disarm a mine that is boobytrapped:
Russia-Ukraine War: Drone shows scale of destruction in Ukraine’s Vovchansk | WION Fineprint WION
53,924 views | 388 | June 3 2024 16:31:15 (120 comments)[ Read more … ] Rare drone footage shows, smoking piles of rubble and the bombed-out shells of residential buildings are all that remains in the town of Vovchansk in Ukraine’s northeast. Watch in for more details!

#russia #ukraine #russiaukrainewar

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