Skyward Struggles: Drone Warfare Insights from Iraq, Ukraine, and Beyond


As we delve into the complex landscape of modern warfare, particularly through the lens of drone combat footage, it becomes evident that technology plays a pivotal role in shaping the dynamics of conflict. This article, “Skyward Struggles: Drone Warfare Insights from Iraq, Ukraine, and Beyond,” aims to explore the intricacies of drone warfare by analyzing recent video content from various conflict zones. From the tense standoffs in the Gaza Strip to the relentless battles in Ukraine and Yemen, these videos offer a glimpse into the evolving nature of warfare in the 21st century. By examining the strategies employed, technological advancements, and human elements involved, we hope to shed light on the critical aspects of drone warfare and its implications for future conflicts.

Key Takeaways from Highlighted Videos

Analysis and Trends

Based on the analysis of these videos and further research, it’s clear that drone warfare is becoming increasingly prevalent and sophisticated. The trend towards autonomous drones capable of operating independently or in swarms suggests a shift towards more decentralized and potentially unpredictable forms of conflict. This could lead to a greater emphasis on defensive measures and counter-drone technologies. Additionally, the humanitarian consequences of drone strikes, especially in densely populated areas, are likely to become a focal point for international discussions and regulations.


The exploration of drone warfare through the lens of recent video content reveals a multifaceted picture of contemporary conflict. As technology continues to evolve, so too do the challenges and opportunities presented by drone warfare. It is crucial for policymakers, military strategists, and the public to remain informed about these developments to navigate the complexities of future conflicts. We invite readers to continue scrolling to view the highlighted videos, offering a deeper dive into the realities of drone warfare today.

Editor’s Note:

Please note: The introduction, key takeaways, analysis, and conclusion are crafted based on the provided summaries and general knowledge about drone warfare.Β 

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Northern Border/Lebanon: Hezbollah scores a hit on an Iron Dome launcher: 33.095502, 35.550552


More of Hezbollahs launches:

Gaza / Southern Israel: IDF in Jabalia:

West Bank: A senior leader of the Al Aqsa Brigade was killed by the IDF. Both Palestinian and IDF reported his death:

General: Hamas booby trapping a house:

Using drones to clear booby trapped house:

IDF drone bombing: 31.260183, 34.25743


Polish/Belarus Border: A soldier was killed by Belarusian ‘migrants’. A knife affixed to a stick punctured his torso:

Kharvkiv: Russians engaged approaching house: 50.288364, 36.934811

Ukrainian soldiers making their way over a destroyed bridge: 50.286515, 36.939343

Russian and Belarusian ‘volunteers’ fighting in Vovchansk:

Kharkiv Epicenter shopping mall was targeted by Russia: 50.028203, 36.334443

Luhansk: Archive: Ukrainian SOF team ambushed by a small infantry hold-out force (Lukas Squad Company):

Ukraine struck into Luhansk with ATACMS: 48.537778, 39.351115

More Photos:

What also likely happened is either (unlikely) an errant rocket or air defense took one down: 48.568357, 39.386272

Donetsk: 47th Brigade Bradleys vs Two Russian BTR’s/personnel:

But wait… there’s more:

Volodymyrivka – Russian tank was given all necessary information for this to not happen

Ukrainian tank dodges a rocket but hits a mine:

Chasiv Yar: Bradley go bye bye from grenade:

Russian teams moving in the rubble:

Kherson: Russians taking out a Sea Baby with machinegun fire:

Robot Wars – FPV drone chases down an ORLAN-10 recon drone; 46.799657, 33.172121

The “Epicenter” shopping mall was hit by Russian strikes: 46.658891, 32.569119

HIMARS strikes on Russian infantry in Oleshky Sands (general):

General: Russian MTLB drives over people: – Cam Story: 2003 push into Baghdad, a BN XO was crushed by Reg. Combat Team 5’s AAV.

Russian being raked by IFV fire of some kind, then gets booped and exploded on:

Shotguns vs Drones, a short story:

Russians on bikes again:

A nope-rocket:

UKR attempting to disarm a mine that is boobytrapped:
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2,391 views | 11 | February 3 2024 08:44:29 (1 comments)[ Read more … ] US Navy Destroyers pound coastline in retaliatory response to Syria and Iraq drone strike
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International Response:

At Tower 22, along the Jordanian/Syrian/Iraqi border, a drone attacked wounded more than 40 and killed 3 US Troops This footage was released by Iraqi PMU (Popular Mobilization Units) fighters as supposedly related: 33.314167, 38.703333 Sgt. William Jerome Rivers of Carrollton, Georgia. Spc. Kennedy Ladon Sanders of Waycross, Georgia. Spc. Breonna Alexsondria Moffett of Savannah, Georgia. 718th Engineers (Reserve) Statement from IRI:

The houthi’s released this 8-minute long video and it’s an absolute sh show

Northern Israel / Lebanon: IDF released footage of exercises on the northern border:

Hezbollah has released a video warning Israel, highlighting their Radwan forces (SOF):

Almas ATGM being fired at and hitting an Israeli position: 33.091766, 35.140635

Spike-MR, captured in 2006 Lebanon war by Hezbollah, was reverse engineered by the Iranians and turned into the Almas

Some Israeli strikes on Hezbollah positions: 33.1281, 35.211 33.1058, 35.4473 More

West Bank / Jordanian Border: Israeli SOF assassination of three Hamas operatives in Ibn Sina Hospital, Jenin:

This is good discourse:

Gaza / Southern Israel:

Khan Yunis: Hamas rocket tape is kind of funny

(NSFW) Close quarters with Hamas:

Might have been a dude in there or something… dunno… but some machine gunner is letting her rip: 31.347107, 34.291398 – Al-Nasser Hospital

IDF Helmet Camera:

Hamas rocket team hit by boom:

(NSFW) Khan Yunis compilation:


Donetsk: Avdiivka: Interesting overview of Avdiivka:

(NSFW) Bradleys and drones demonstrate the new combined arms doctrine: 48.196607, 37.682075

Ukrainian assault on Russian positions in the Southeast of Avdiivka: 48.112636, 37.772673 Bradleys dismount here: 48.113507, 37.771092

Same area (reportedly) as this: Russians used an underground tunnel to end up behind Ukrainian positions:

Ukrainian tank on the northern edge of Stepove/Avdiivka: 48.22482, 37.665479 Gun Camera: Russian Tank: 48.224185, 37.670386

The road to Stepove is full of Russian vehicles: 48.2040868, 37.7069063

Reported to be avdiivka, Russian tank hit with FPV but not destroyed:

Reported to be Stepove (don’t have geo), the little mine that could:

Kharkiv/North: Synkivka – Ukrainian T-72 holding the line north of the town: 49.768821, 37.689359

General: Russians shooting down a drone with an over/under:

Last Video: I don’t know what the f is going on here but I’m kind of into it
πŸ”΄ (NSFW) Pakistan Strikes Back | Combat Footage Show FUNKER530 – Veteran Community & Combat Footage
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International Response: Pakistan Strikes Back! Saravan, Iran

Iraq – An MQ-9 was shot down over Baghdad by ‘Iraqi Resistance’



Northern Israel / Lebanon: Strikes against an ATGM launch site and a ‘threat identified’: 33.27241, 35.553414 33.097261, 35.350103

More, reportedly “infrastructure”

Rosh HaNikra, along the coast/border with Lebanon IDF reports identifying Hezbollah being rocket barrage, but ‘within minutes’ found the Hezbollah fighters:

West Bank / Jordanian Border: Nablus: O/A 17 JAN Abdullah Abu Shalal (al-Aqsa martyrs) killed in a joint operation from Shin Bet and the Israeli Air Force 32.211211, 35.281249 Aftermath: Here’s a previous interview he gave:

Gaza / Southern Israel:

General: Hamas mix-tape of extremely close RPG shots on armor:





Responses / International:


Maxxpro with a MICLIC on the back of it hit by a Russian drone:

Ukrainian boat team hit by FPV drone near Krynky:

Also in Krynky, Ukrainian drone operators cleaim (with Russian Telegram confirming) the death of a prominent RU drone operator, Moses: 46.72326, 33.048533 – Russia claims he was responsible for nearly 500 Ukrainian casualties and 30 boats destroyed – More information:


Donetsk: Avdiivka / Stepove – Update on the T-90 footage:

More bradley footage, this time a bit more clear:

Ukrainian FPV drone slaps an already-disabled T-72B3: 48.19821, 37.69085

Luhansk: Dibrova – FPV vs Russian tank: 48.995284, 38.099375

Russian BMP-3 assaulting Ukrainian positions hit by an FPV drone 49.079897585, 38.025444223 Drone View:



General: Quick update on the Strykers:

Last Video:
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