Russian army recruits turn guns on fellow soldiers, killing 11 and wounding 15

Ukraine War ☠ Drone Footage and Updates ⚠ Day 235

Drone Footage from the last 24 hours

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Entrenched Russian Armoured fighting vehicle eventually destroyed/neutralized after multiple Ukrainian drone-dropped munition strikes.

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MANPADS fails versus Zala Lancet UAV: this kamikaze drone is powered by an electric engine, reducing its heat signature! #ukraine
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Iranian attack drones in Ukraine |
Top story: @Blue_Sauron: ‘Drone footage of a camouflaged Russian main battle tank getting obliterated as a result of Ukrainian artillery fire, in Luhansk Oblast #Russia #Ukraine ‘ , see more
Russia: Ukraine, Pskov landing in the battles in Kherson.Footage from fighters from the front. Winged infantry of 76th division Airborne Forces from Pskov hit Ukrainian troops with artillery, destroying their positions & equipment,the fire is corrected by Mavic drones..15-10-2022
Russia: Ukraine, Destruction of equipment of nationalists of the AFU. The source reports that the Russian kamikaze drone “Geran-2” is working on the video. As a result, one vehicle and one BMP of the enemy in the Krivoy Rog direction were destroyed…15-10-2022
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