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Unseen Valor: Ukraine's Drone Tactics Against Russian Troops

Unseen Valor: Ukraine’s Drone Tactics Against Russian Troops


As the conflict in Ukraine intensifies, the use of advanced technology, particularly drones, has become a focal point of the warfare. This page brings together the latest uncensored drone footage from the Ukraine-Russia War, showcasing the innovative tactics employed by both sides. These videos offer a glimpse into the high-stakes battles unfolding across the country, highlighting the strategic importance of drone technology in modern warfare.

Key Takeaways from Highlighted Videos

Trends and Future Expectations

Based on the analysis of these videos, it’s clear that drones are becoming increasingly central to the Ukraine-Russia War. The trend of employing drones for direct attacks on enemy positions, including naval vessels and armored units, suggests a future where drone technology could significantly influence the outcome of conflicts. As both sides continue to innovate and adapt their drone strategies, we can expect to see further advancements in drone technology and tactics. The coming weeks likely will bring more revelations about the capabilities of drones in urban warfare, long-range engagements, and possibly even the integration of AI for autonomous operations.


The latest uncensored drone footage from the Ukraine-Russia War provides a stark reminder of the evolving nature of warfare. Drones are not just tools of surveillance but also weapons of destruction, capable of delivering precise strikes against heavily fortified targets. As technology advances, so too does the potential for innovation and adaptation on the battlefield. Stay tuned as we continue to highlight the latest developments in drone warfare, offering insights into the changing face of modern conflict.

Editor’s Note:

To explore these videos further, please scroll down to view the highlighted drone footage from the Ukraine-Russia War.

Drone Footage from the last 24 hours

Never-Before-Seen Ukrainian Sea Drones Devastate Russian Navy Fleet Dark Footage
128,694 views | 4,108 | June 8 2024 16:45:01 (200 comments)[ Read more … ] The pursuit is ongoing, and neither the attackers nor the defenders give up in their effort to retain dominance of the Black Sea. The footage shown, taken directly from one of the cameras of Ukraineโ€™s state-of-the-art Migura V5 naval drones, shows a pack of them hunting down a Russian warship in the Black Sea as part of the ongoing Russo-Ukrainian War.

Developed as part of Ukraineโ€™s bet to come up with the worldโ€™s first fleet of naval drones, the Migura V5 and Sea Baby drones have wreaked havoc in the region, resulting in the loss of almost a third of Russiaโ€™s Black Sea fleet.

From Russian speedboats to warships, none has escaped the wrath of these slim and stealthy boats equipped with advanced cameras, sensors, and devastating explosive payloads.

As the pack of Migura V5 drones approach the Russian warship, the crew opens fire with its machine guns, but it is futile. Under the pitch-black darkness, it is hard to target the swift and highly maneuverable naval drones.

Suddenly, multiple explosions occur, bearing testament to Ukraineโ€™s latest tactics to wreak havoc in the Black Sea and the threat they pose with their lethal drones.

Dark Footage showcases the most unbelievable photos and videos from history while telling the stories behind the camera. Featuring military, space, aircraft and real-life historic events caught on tape.
04 Jun: MINUTES BEFORE ATTACK: Ukrainians BURN Russian Equipment & Artillery Reporting from Ukraine
366,302 views | 31,795 | June 5 2024 02:15:00 (436 comments)[ Read more … ] ๐Ÿ”ด Support via Online Store: ๐Ÿ”ต EXCLUSIVE Strategic Updates on Patreon: ๐Ÿ”ต EXCLUSIVE Strategic Updates on YouTube Membership: ๐Ÿ”žUNCENSORED COMBAT FOOTAGE on Telegram: or @RFUEnglish ๐ŸŸ  Support via Thanks button donation under the video (next to “like” and “share”) ๐ŸŸ  Support via 1-time donation: โšซ Follow us on Twitter/X: or @RFUEnglish

I am Ukrainian. My country has been invaded by Russia. In this video, I will tell you what happened on the 832 day of the war.

Day 832: Jun 04

Today, there is a lot of news from the Kurakhove direction.

Here, the Ukrainians successfully stopped the second wave of Russian attacks against the next village after Novomykhailivka, after not giving the enemy enough time to rest and regroup. The Russians quickly got stuck in front of the tiniest village of the long settlement chain along the river โ€“ Paraskoviivka. It presented a formidable obstacle for them, not because of the strength and size of fortifications in it but due to all the new tactics the Ukrainians deployed. This settlement is crucial for the Russians if they want to reach their operational goal of taking Kostiantynivka and open access to Vuhledar from the north. Knowing how significant this was for the Russians, the Ukrainians decided once again to strike first and not to let them gather large forces for the next wave of attacks. For this, the Ukrainian commanders developed a battle plan with several key steps.

The first step was to effectively cut off Russian forces from their artillery support by taking counterbattery measures. For this purpose, Ukrainians monitored the Russian rear east of Novomykhailivka, looking for enemy artillery assets. Ukrainian drone operators from the Shadow detachment located several D-30 howitzers southeast of this village and targeted them with FPV drones. The artillery systems were successfully destroyed even though they were concealed in the three lines with the help of additional camouflage nets to mask their presence. Drone operators from the Adam detachment were responsible for the hunt northeast of the village. Over a short interval of time, they were able to destroy not only multiple D-30 howitzers but also several self-propelled artillery systems, a couple in their hide-outs, and several more on the move. If you want to get access to the original uncensored combat footage of these operations, you can find it on our Telegram channel by using the link in the description.

The skillful drone pilots put additional pressure on that area by also targeting munition hideouts and delivery vehicles to undermine Russian artillery missions. These attacks marked the beginning of the second step of the Ukrainian plan to undermine the Russian effort by not allowing them to deliver fresh forces or munitions to frontline positions. Ukrainians used the relatively flat and clear terrain around Novomykhailivka to their advantage by hunting enemy delivery vehicles with FPV drones. If we look at the geolocated footage, we can see more than 10 such vehicles destroyed over a short period of time, ranging from big Kamaz cargo trucks to smaller UAZ vans.

After these successful initial steps to limit Russian artillery and delivery operations in the region, the Ukrainians moved to the third phase in their deadly plan โ€“ to conduct a series of vicious raids on Russian forces accumulation points โ€“ both on the frontline and in the rear. Drone operators from the 79th Separate Airborne Assault Brigade published more than a dozen geolocated video clips showing how they engage Russian soldiers in trenches, hideouts, and safe houses. One of the videos highlights one Russian tactic that can be seen more and more often in the last weeks, namely the use of motorcycles to quickly deploy forces to the contact line and to conduct assaults. Previously, they used from 1 to 2 such vehicles, but in these most recent images, we can see an update of this dubious tactic with 5 or more working in a group, trying to use the speed of the motorbikes to their advantage. Due to the graphic nature of the results, we cannot show the original uncensored video of this operation here, but it can be found on our Telegram channel.

The devastating outcome of the Ukrainian actions forced the Russian commanders to make a desperate attempt to launch another wave of attacks against Ukrainian positions around Paraskoviivka with everything they still had available. The size of these Russian assault groups in these geolocated images from Paraskoviivkaโ€™s vicinity showcases exactly how effective the Ukrainian approach was. Previously, they usually consisted of several tanks, armored personnel carriers, and infantry groups of up to 20…
Unseen Footage: Ukrainian FPV Drone’s Tactical Strike on Russian Tank! Unique Team
14,886 views | 332 | April 5 2024 12:21:42 (8 comments)[ Read more … ] Unseen Footage: Ukrainian FPV Drone’s Tactical Strike on Russian Tank!

You can watch the full uncensored video on our Telegram channel:

In this video, you will see how unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) operators of the strike type from the 47th Mechanized Brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, belonging to the “Strike Drones Company,” successfully hit an enemy tank equipped with a “dome”-type electronic warfare system mounted on its top, resembling a “barbecue grill.” As a result of the attack, the crew was forced to immediately abandon the tank, which was subsequently completely destroyed. The action took place in the direction of Avdiivka.
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Just Now! A Ukrainian Drone Throws A Grenade Directly into The Hatch Of A Russian T-90M Tank! Unique Team
156,191 views | 1,904 | April 2 2024 17:04:29 (41 comments)[ Read more … ] Just Now! A Ukrainian Drone Throws A Grenade Directly into The Hatch Of A Russian T-90M Tank!

You can watch the full uncensored video on our Telegram channel:

Greetings to everyone on the Unique Team channel! Recently, inspiring news came from the front in Ukraine: the Shadow unit was able to brilliantly destroy an advanced Russian tank using a conventional commercial drone.
Crazy Drone Footage In Ukraine (23FEB2024) Preston Stewart
39,196 views | 2,244 | February 23 2024 13:00:19 (100 comments)[ Read more … ] For uncensored, ad-free videos and detailed analysis check out my Substack at:

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#war #drone #drones #military #ukrainewar #warinukraine
Leaked: Ukraine Out-Killing Russia 20:1 in Avdiivka! Combat Veteran Reacts
209,084 views | 11,509 | February 6 2024 15:00:19 (2,031 comments)[ Read more … ] The Ukrainian FPV Drone Footage Going Viral Available Uncensored at

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The Ukrainian FPV Drone Footage Going Viral Available Uncensored at

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