Discover the devastating reality of warfare with our latest combat footage from Ukraine's drone strikes targeting Russian troops and Vietnam War raw footage. Get an inside look at the reality of war with graphic combat footage and accurate Ukrainian drone strikes as seen through the eyes of a veteran British Army Sniper. 💣 💥 💣 💥

Witness Extremely Graphic Combat Footage: Ukrainian Army Strikes Russian Troops 💥

Are you eager to watch the latest and most graphic combat footage? If so, we have your back! From Ukraine’s drone strikes targeting Russian troops to the Vietnam War raw footage, this page is sure to give you an insight into the devastating reality of warfare. Here is a summary of the key takeaways from the highlighted videos:

• Ukrainian Army Featuring Extremely Graphic Drone Footage of Dropping Bomb on Russian Soldiers: Watch as the Ukrainian Army uses a drone to drop a bomb on two unsuspecting Russian soldiers, resulting in a devastating explosion.
Ukraine Combat Footage | Ukraine War Graphic | Dead Russian Soldiers: Get an inside look at the devastating reality of Ukraine’s war with Russia, with footage of dead Russian soldiers and graphic combat footage.
• EXTREMELY Accurate Ukrainian Drone Strike | Ukraine War | Combat Footage | Sniper Reviews: See first-hand the accurate Ukrainian Drone strikes as seen through the eyes of a veteran British Army Sniper.
• Vietnam: Front Line VHS Raw Vietnam War Footage: Get an intimate look at the battles of Vietnam from the streets of Saigon to the Kent State campus.

Daily extremely graphic combat footage summary: Every day, we bring you the latest and most graphic combat footage from around the world. From Ukraine’s drone strikes to Vietnam’s raw footage, get an inside look into the devastating reality of warfare. Scroll down to view the highlighted videos!


Extremely Graphic Footage from the last 24 hours and beyond

Ukrainian Army Featuring Extremely [Graphic] Drone Footage of Dropping Bomb on Russian Soldiers

Wed Mar 8 2023 12:46:53 UTC

This video features extremely graphic drone footage of the Ukrainian Army targeting two Russian soldiers who were gossiping in the open. Watch as the Ukrainian Army uses a drone to drop a bomb on the unsuspecting soldiers, resulting in a devastating explosion.

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Mon Nov 28 2022 12:24:15 UTC

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EXTREMELY Accurate Ukrainian Drone Strike | Ukraine War | Combat Footage | Sniper Reviews

Mon Jul 4 2022 17:00:14 UTC

EXTREMELY Accurate Ukrainian Drone Strike | Ukraine War | Combat Footage | Sniper Reviews

All footage unconfirmed. POV indicated by flag in top left hand corner of picture.

All footage from Russian and Ukrainian Telegrams.


I’m a veteran of the British Army. Served 10 years, most of which as a Sniper in an Infantry Battalion. I’ve travelled all over the world, including a combat tour to Afghanistan in 2010/11 as a 19 year old Sniper.

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Vietnam : Front Line VHS Raw Vietnam War Footage

Thu May 26 2022 22:58:56 UTC

Vietnam : Frontline A Video Chronicle Of One Of The Most Important And Painful Chapters Of American History

This incredible video takes you to the front line with actual footage of the battles of Vietnam. From the streets of Saigon to the Kent State campus, you will see , first hand, the terror and the faith that formed one of the most significant chapters of American history and burned it in our hearts and memories forever.
This Extremely Graphic Video of Russian Soldiers That Didn’t Make It Out Ukraine

Mon Apr 4 2022 16:23:57 UTC

This video is graphic I didn’t expect this when I saw it at first so take it for what it’s worth try and see for yourselves. This is all Russian Soldiers in Ukraine. No audio. More new content coming soon so don’t forget to Subscribe to the channel and turn on the bell, so you don’t miss when we post. Go checkout my boys channel called BG Raw Clips show him some love Subscribe to his channel. #UkraineWarRussia #RussiawarUkraine #ukraine
Nazi German Death Camps! *WARNING EXTREMELY GRAPHIC COLORIZED Footage Of Concentration Camps! WW2

Thu Jan 13 2022 0:08:48 UTC Graphic World War 2 footage of Concentration Camps. World War 2 Film showing atrocities at several different Concentration Camps! The film opens with a note that the following is “a reminder that behind the curtain of Nazi pageants and parades was millions of men, women and children who were tortured to death – the greatest mass murder in human history,” then fades into German civilians at Gardelegen carrying crosses to the local concentration camp. Video Link:

Most of the film includes footage of the newly liberated camps over a score of stark classical music. The narrator notes that people of all nationalities were found in the camps, including people of all religious or political creeds. There is no mention of the particular fate of Jewish people. The film states that 20 million people were killed and describes many of the now familiar aspects of the Holocaust, including the medical experiments and the gas chambers.

Concentration camps

American war crimes investigators question Irmgard Huber at the Hadamar Euthanasia Centre, May 1945 The images from the camps include shots of piles of skeletal corpses, naked skeletal survivors (often supported by fellow prisoners) together with footage of prosperous-looking German citizens being forced to observe their suffering. Some are also forced to carry the corpses to be buried, although most of this work was usually carried out by ex-camp guards (as at Belsen concentration camp).

There are shots of mass graves, as well as of individual burials, as at Hadamar, now known to be a euthanasia or action T4 centre. Some of the footage appears to be of Soviet origin, and includes shots taken at Majdanek death camp which was one of the first camps to be liberated in 1944 by the Red Army. There are shots of the crematoria at several camps, as well as the infamous slogans erected at the entrances of most camps, such as Arbeit macht frei.

War Department Information Film showing German concentration camps and victims of Auschwitz, Majdanek, Treblinka, Belsen, Buchenwald, and other camps. This film was the first documentary to show what the Allies found when they liberated the Nazi camps: the survivors, the conditions, and the evidence of mass murder. Townspeople of Gardelegen, Germany, carrying crosses and shovels to a local barn containing 1100 victims of the Holocaust. Various CUs barbed wire of Dachau, tower, pan of barracks, up hill, cheering survivors. “Arbeit macht frei” gate opened. Waving happy survivors in striped uniforms behind barbed wire, crowd cheering (from above). Survivors rush to potato cart and eat with spoons. Crying, sick survivor with hands together in prayer carried on litter to ambulance by Red Cross. More victims, women. Allied physicians examine sick and injured victims at Auschwitz: wounded men, women, child, infant in fetal position in bed. Allied leaders tour camps. Gen. Eisenhower and other officers visit Ohrdruf, torture demonstration. Archbishop of Canterbury and other church dignitaries visit camps. Soviet leaders. Allied Investigative Committee. Stack of corpses in dark room. Crematoria, pan of ash outside in courtyard. Majdanek, torture chamber, medical room, various equipment, drains, tables, gas chamber ceiling, vent, pipes, Zyklon B cans, ovens. Auschwitz, bones in a box, soldiers walk past high piles of victims’ belongings, including clothes, shoes, dolls, bales of hair cut open. Soldiers going through storage room in Buchenwald. MS, pan, boxes of watches, glasses, jewelry, teeth. US soldier pours gold teeth out of box. Death train at Dachau with many bodies. Corpse pulled out of moat. Pan down to ground covered with corpses. CUs mutilated faces. Corpses of Soviet POWs burned in the Gardelegen atrocity. German POW at Mauthausen. Belsen commandant Josef Kramer and female guards accompanied by a British soldier. A witness talking to US investigation at Hadamar. The chief physician is Dr. Adolf Wahlmann, and the man identified as the “camp commander” is actually Karl Willig, a nurse. Both men were tried at the Hadamar euthanasia trial in October 1945. EXT mass graves at Hadamar and exhumations. Corpses at different concentration camps (Mauthausen, Ohrdruf, Landsberg, Ebensee, Belsen, Leipzig) as the narrator describes methods used to kill them. Emaciated and wounded survivors from various camps – in very bad shape: women at Nordhausen; women being treated at Ruhmsdorf; children showing tattoos in Auschwitz; men holding each other at Holzen; emaciated men at Ebensee; naked survivor walking to ambulance at Belsen; cooking in yards. Forced confrontation in Weimar. Townspeople and Nazi officials forced to view corpses. Column of German civilians walking along road, smiling into camera, walking through front gates of Buchenwald. Viewing coffins, bodies, sober faces, crying. Flashback to Nuremberg rally; superimposed over German civilians after forced confrontation.
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