Russian Coup Led by Putin's Chef and Wagner Group

⚠ Escalating Standoff: Wagner Group vs. Russian Military ☠ Unprecedented Situation!

Ukraine War ☠ Drone Footage and Updates ⚠ Day 487

Inside the Coup: Wagner Group vs. Russian Military | Prigozhin Takes on Putin?

Sat Jun 24 2023 12:43:52 UTC

Inside the escalating standoff between the Wagner Group, led by Yevgeny Prigozhin, and Russia’s military, headed by President Putin.

Tensions continue to rise as the private mercenary group crosses into Russia, challenging the authority of the Kremlin.

Stay updated on this unprecedented situation!

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Wagner boss courting Russian army soldiers for coup

Sat Jun 24 2023 12:41:25 UTC

The Wagner chief will “make a play for the loyalty” of Russian army soldiers, according to a defence analyst.

Professor Michael Clarke said he is courting them by voicing talking points heard on the front line – that troops feel they are being senselessly thrown into useless attacks.

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LIVE: View of Moscow as Putin vows to crush Prigozhin and Wagner ‘armed mutiny’

Sat Jun 24 2023 12:35:37 UTC

LIVE: View of Moscow city centre as Putin vows to crush ‘armed mutiny’. Vladimir Putin has called Wagner chief Yevgney Prigozhin’s military coup ‘treason’ as he addressed the Russian people on Saturday, warning that the military leader had ‘stabbed him in the back’ as Moscow is on lockdown amid a red alert.

Prigozhin and his feared 25,000-strong Wagner militia have control of the southern Russian city of Rostov-on-Don, saying they are ‘ready to die’ as they vow revenge for a military strike from Putin’s forces that the mercenary leader says killed some of his men.

The unit has now reached the halfway city of Voronezh as they advance on Moscow.

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Sat Jun 24 2023 12:26:51 UTC

Wagner Troops Are Getting Closer To Moscow – Coup In Russia New Update №2

Sat Jun 24 2023 12:10:29 UTC

In this video you’ll see how Prigozhin’s Wagner Army is moving to Moscow. Also you’ll hear one of the Wanger soldiers describing the current situation. The coup is real and it’s happening so fast that I don’t have time to say how happy I’m right now 😅

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Wagner PMC ‘Armed Coup’ Attempt In Russia #russia #wagner #ukraine #usa

Sat Jun 24 2023 12:10:06 UTC

The businessman behind the private military company has been accused of “rebellion” against Moscow

Evgeny Prigozhin, the head of the Wagner Group private military company, has been accused by the government of staging an armed insurrection.

The charges were brought late Friday night after Prigozhin accused Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu and General Valery Gerasimov, the chair of the Russian general staff, of serious crimes.

Prigozhin claimed to have ordered troops loyal to him to move towards Rostov-on-Don, a major city in southern Russia. Security measures were also reportedly beefed up in Moscow.

24 June 2023

11:11 GMT Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said, “the most important thing for defeating the external and internal enemy who is hungry to tear our Motherland into shreds… is to unite around the president and supreme commander of the armed forces.” “Split and betrayal lead to the greatest tragedy, to a universal disaster,” he warned in a post on Telegram, vowing that the Russian authorities will not let this happen.

10:40 GMT The head of Russia’s Chechen Republic, Ramzan Kadyrov, called the insurrection by Wagner’s chief a “hideous betrayal” adding that it should be quelled in order to protect the nation’s unity amid the conflict in Ukraine.

Chechen members of the Defense Ministry and the National Guard have already headed out to the regions where tensions are high. “The insurrection must be quelled, and if harsh measures are required, we are ready for them!” he stated in a post on Telegram.

08:56 GMT Voronezh Governor Alexander Gusev said the Russian military is “carrying out the necessary operational and combat measures” in the region as part of the ongoing counter-terrorism operation, without providing further details.

08:15 GMT St. Petersburg Governor Alexander Beglov said that the situation in the city, which is a home to the Wagner Center HQ, remains stable, with increased security measures put in place. He also noted that “lawful actions of law enforcement agents, including those in the Wagner Center building, have no impact on the ongoing activities in the city,” apparently referring to earlier reports that operatives were conducting searches there.

07:54 GMT The situation in Rostov-on-Don is tense but with no disorder, a Ria Novosti correspondent reports from the scene. Earlier in the day, several media outlets shared clips of tanks moving around the city, with unidentified soldiers patrolling the streets.

07:11 GMT All who consciously stick to the way of treason will receive imminent punishment, Russian President Vladimir Putin said in his address to the nation. He added that the country’s armed forces have been given all necessary orders.

06:35 GMT Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin has canceled all mass public events, while adding that there are no restrictions on movement around the capital.

06:26 GMT The Russian Ministry of Defense has urged Wagner Group private military company soldiers to cease their armed insurrection, urging them to return to their bases. In a statement on Saturday, the ministry claimed that members of the PMC “have been tricked into taking part in [Wagner group chief Evgeny] Prigozhin’s criminal gamble,” adding that some Wagner fighters “have already understood their mistake” and have asked the authorities for help in safely returning to their permanent deployment areas.

06:03 GMT Russia’s National Antiterrorism Committee (NAK) has announced a “counter-terrorist operation regime” in Moscow and Moscow Region to prevent potential terrorist attacks.

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