First-Person View of War: Drones Obliterate Russian Troops and Vehicles in Ukraine

The battlefield has always been a brutal and unforgiving arena, but the war in Ukraine has given the world a chilling glimpse into a new era of warfare: drone vs. tank. These aren’t your grandfather’s drones. We’re talking small, commercially available, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) outfitted with high explosives and controlled by soldiers with joysticks, fighting from afar. These videos, uploaded from the Ukrainian front lines, offer a visceral understanding of how First Person View (FPV) drones are rapidly changing the face of modern combat. The raw footage, often captured by the drones themselves, showcases the devastating effectiveness of these relatively inexpensive weapons against even the most formidable armored vehicles. As a veteran of both the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, I can attest to the transformative potential of this technology. We used drones extensively for surveillance and reconnaissance, but the idea of weaponized, commercial, off-the-shelf drones being this effective, this quickly, is a game changer.

The trend is clear: FPV drones are changing warfare, and this is just the beginning. The accessibility and affordability of this technology mean that we’re likely to see even more widespread use of FPV drones in future conflicts. The Ukrainians have demonstrated the tactical advantage of using small, agile drones against a larger, less mobile enemy. As both sides innovate and adapt, we can expect to see even more sophisticated drones and countermeasures emerge in the coming weeks and months. The cat and mouse game between drone and counter-drone technology is just heating up.

The use of FPV drones in Ukraine is a stark reminder of the changing nature of warfare. Scroll down to view the videos that highlight this new and terrifying reality on the modern battlefield.


Uncensored Drone Footage from Ukraine

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And here two Russian ICV 3s with paratroopers moved out to storm Ukrainian positions, but as always one of them explodes on a mine, after which the infantry in horror jump out of the armor and scatter in different directions, waiting for Ukrainian fpv drones to finish them off


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FPV Drone Watch Another FPV Drone Destroy T-80BVM EngineerReact
14,422 views | 1,339 | July 5 2024 11:50:25 (28 comments)[ Read more … ] This channel examines the Ukraine-Russia conflict. Looking mostly from Ukraines perspective, we follow up on Russian losses, progress and tactics on the battlefield. A military forces size does not always matter nearly as much as tactics employed, training or thinking outside the box. Ukraine successfully managed to do the impossible multiple times during the conflict, it seems more impossible action will occur in the future! Leaving less for tomorrow!

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Footage! Brutal Ukrainian FPV Drone Attack Destroy 19 Russian Combat Vehicles Near Kharkiv US GEGE
27,773 views | 444 | July 5 2024 22:43:44 (12 comments)[ Read more … ] Recently, A brutal drone attack by Ukrainian forces utilizing First-Person View (FPV) technology has resulted in the destruction of multiple Russian combat vehicles. The footage, believed to be captured by the drone itself, shows a relentless assault, highlighting the growing importance of unmanned aerial vehicles in the ongoing conflict. Ukrainian forces have neutralized 1,140 Russian soldiers, seven tanks, 19 armored combat vehicles, 53 artillery systems, one multiple launch rocket system, two air defense systems, 75 vehicles, and 12 units of special equipment over the last day
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How Ukraine FPV drone Drop Thermobaric Bombs blow up Russia tanks crew soldiers in battle of Kharkiv MILITARY AREA
36,875 views | 340 | July 6 2024 08:15:27 (7 comments)[ Read more … ] How Ukraine FPV drone Drop Thermobaric Bombs blow up Russia tanks crew soldiers in battle of Kharkiv

Ukraine is fast developing its vast arsenal of military drones that can outmaneuver Russia’s military and is destroying tanks along the front line. The Ukrainian Defense Ministry shared footage of a first-person view FPV drone destroying a Russian tank earlier this month.
How Crazy action Ukrainian Drones FPV destroy Russian tanks and Entire Soldiers US Update News
17,180 views | 376 | July 6 2024 23:15:03 (9 comments)[ Read more … ] Hello everyone, welcome to the breaking news today. How Crazy action Ukrainian Drones FPV destroy Russian tanks and Entire Soldiers, Russia’s wider war in Ukraine is a drone war. The side that can deploy more and better unmanned aerial vehicles for surveillance, strike, minelaying and even resupply has a clear advantage, even if it’s outnumbered or outgunned in other ways. Which is why both Russia and Ukraine are ramping up production of drones and anti-drone radio jammers.

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Horrible! Ukrainian FPV drone tragically blow up dozens Russians attacking Vuhledar on dirt bikes US Daily Post
12,259 views | 278 | July 5 2024 11:00:06 (9 comments)[ Read more … ] On June 28, a large group of assault bikers—dozens, it seems—attacked the Ukrainian army’s 72nd Mechanized Brigade in Vuhledar, in southern Ukraine.

The Vuhledar bike assault wasn’t the only failed bike assault in late June or early July. On Monday, analyst Andrew Perpetua tallied 25 destroyed Russian motorcycles from recent battles.
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