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FPV: The View From Both Sides of the Drone War in Ukraine

FPV: The View From Both Sides of the Drone War in Ukraine

The skies over the Ukrainian battlefields are alive with the deadly dance of drones. First-person view (FPV) drones, once the domain of hobbyists, have become a chillingly effective tool of war. The videos we’ll examine today, with titles like Horrible!! Ukrainian troops FPV drones blow up Russian soldiers and artillery systems in frontline and Footage! Brutal Ukrainian FPV Drone Attack Destroy 19 Russian Combat Vehicles Near Kharkiv, offer a glimpse into this new kind of warfare. As a veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, I’ve witnessed firsthand the evolution of drone technology, but the footage coming out of Ukraine is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. These videos are not just about explosions and destruction; they offer a raw, unfiltered perspective on the reality of modern combat, where the line between virtual and real is terrifyingly blurred.

The footage from these videos paints a clear picture: the future of war will be fought, at least in part, by swarms of inexpensive, remotely operated weapons. The accessibility of this technology is both promising and concerning. On one hand, it allows smaller, less well-equipped forces to level the playing field against larger, more powerful adversaries. On the other, the potential for collateral damage and the psychological impact on both operators and victims is a serious concern. As the war in Ukraine continues, we can expect to see even more innovative and deadly uses of FPV drones. This technology is not going away, and its impact on the battlefield is only just beginning to be felt.

What will be the long-term consequences of this drone revolution? How will it change the face of warfare? These are questions we must grapple with now, before the line between virtual and real disappears completely.


Scroll down to view the highlighted videos and see for yourself the changing face of war.

Drone Footage From YouTube

Footage! Brutal Ukrainian FPV Drone Attack Destroy 19 Russian Combat Vehicles Near Kharkiv US GEGE
30,171 views | 466 | July 5 2024 22:43:44 (9 comments)[ Read more … ] Recently, A brutal drone attack by Ukrainian forces utilizing First-Person View (FPV) technology has resulted in the destruction of multiple Russian combat vehicles. The footage, believed to be captured by the drone itself, shows a relentless assault, highlighting the growing importance of unmanned aerial vehicles in the ongoing conflict. Ukrainian forces have neutralized 1,140 Russian soldiers, seven tanks, 19 armored combat vehicles, 53 artillery systems, one multiple launch rocket system, two air defense systems, 75 vehicles, and 12 units of special equipment over the last day
Horrible!! Ukrainian troops FPV drones blow up Russian soldiers and artillery systems in frontline US Military Rifle
15,064 views | 311 | July 6 2024 03:06:26 (16 comments)[ Read more … ] Horrible!! Ukrainian troops FPV drones blow up Russian soldiers and artillery systems near Vovchansk

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Ukrainian aerial reconnaissance officers from the 10th Separate Mountain Assault Brigade used a drone to blow up a Russian 152mm Msta-S self-propelled artillery mount, leading to a detonation of its ammunition. The video, released via the Telegram channel of Eskadron, a manufacturer and supplier of FPV kamikaze drones, shows the strike. The Telegram channel claims that the videos published, showing the destruction of Russian equipment, were conducted using drones related to Eskadron.

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Russian Tank destroyed by FPV drone #Tank #fpvdrone #drones Armourdesia Military Hardware
13,174 views | 400 | July 6 2024 05:02:40 (9 comments)[ Read more … ] In this video, a Russian tank engages in combat at the front lines, firing at targets and constantly changing its position. The tank discharges smoke while moving from one point to another, a tactic typically used to conceal infantry and armor columns. However, this smoke only reveals the tank’s location when operating alone. In this intense encounter, a Ukrainian FPV drone approaches the tank. As the drone closes in, the tank fires reversely, indicating a retreat. The drone strikes the tank from the right side with a significant explosion, resulting in the tank’s destruction. . . .. … Disclaimer This video is for information purposes only. Neither this channel supports war nor is biased toward any political agenda … …………….I hope you enjoyed the video……………… ————–Please Like, Share and Subscribe!—————— Note: Full Credit to Owner (All images, Music, and pictures shown in the video belong to their respective owners ) Disclaimer: This Channel does not endorse or facilitate any illegal activities, and all channeled material is intended for educational purposes only.
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Brutally!! Ukrainian 72nd FPV drones destroy 19 Russian motorcycles troops to pieces near Avdiivka The Military TV
11,750 views | 370 | July 5 2024 19:45:01 (6 comments)[ Read more … ] Ukrainian 72nd FPV drones destroy 19 Russian motorcycles troops to pieces near Avdiivka.

Footage and images posted online appear to depict a squad of Russian troops on motorbikes coming under attack from Ukrainian forces.Russian losses courtesy of Ukrainian Warriors from the 72nd Separate Mechanized Brigade targets destroyed which includes 16 tanks and 19 motorcycles.
Horrible Attack! Ukrainian FPV drone knocked out Russian infantry fleeing in fear on Kharkiv front US Daily Post
8,749 views | 205 | July 6 2024 11:00:26 (6 comments)[ Read more … ] Ukrainian border guards struck at Russian positions in the Siversk sector with FPV drones. The results of their successful work were shared online by the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine.

According to the video, the Russian soldier were hiding on the battlefield in the so-called holes, where they were tracked down by Ukrainian defenders, who subsequently launched a series of devastating attacks on their positions.
Horrible! Ukrainian FPV drones ferociously bombard Russian soldiers in deadly frontline Chasiv Yar US Daily Post
23,004 views | 339 | July 7 2024 11:00:12 (8 comments)[ Read more … ] The most interesting updates come from the northern flank of Chasiv Yar. Here, the Russians intensified their assaults towards Kalynivka to directly attack the center of Chasiv Yar from the north.

However, the Ukrainians were readily awaiting these assaults, and so the Russians failed to advance and incurred losses so serious that they had to halt their attacks altogether and make an operational pause.
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