Russia has learned from the humiliation by drones in the first months of the invasion. The wonder weapons are becoming increasingly ineffective because Russia has improved its defense systems and is downing and jamming many of Ukraine’s drones

Ukraine War Drone Footage and Updates Day 140

Work of SSO AZOV in Kharkiv Region. #Ukraine #UkraineRussianWar
Drone footage of Russian army positions while being shelled by the Ukrainian 4th Tank Brigade. #Russia #Ukraine️
The United States says it has intelligence that Iran is preparing to deliver armed drones to the Russian military. The U-S says it’s unclear whether any drones have already been delivered, but that Iran’s set to train Russian forces on their use this month. The Kremlin’s announced that president Vladimir Putin will visit Iran next week.

With Ukrainian forces facing threats from many sides, Kyiv is also looking for help wherever it can get it – especially when it comes to intel. Now they are receiving assistance from an unlikely source in Latvia:

Ukrainian refugees in Riga who previously had no engineering experience are building drones to help the war effort.
✈️ Ukrainian Air Force at work. Credits: General Staff of Ukraine #ArmUkraineNow
#Ukraine: The 28th Mechanized Brigade of Ukraine destroyed a Russian BMP-1 IFV with artillery fire in #Kherson Oblast; apparently using 155mm M777 howitzers. #Ukraine️
A group of drone operators is leading the charge in Ukraine’s David-and-Goliath defence against Putin. VICE speaks to the unit that halted a Russian convoy headed for Kyiv.
UKRAINIAN paratroopers wipe out two Russian tanks with Swedish missile.

The images show two Russian tanks driving along a road in Ukraine when they are suddenly blown up. Ukrainian troops said that they used a Swedish AT-4, which is an unguided, single-shot, man-portable anti-tank rocket launcher, as well as a Ukrainian rocket launcher.

The images were obtained from the 80th Airborne Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Monday, 11th July, along with a statement saying: “Soldiers of 80th Airborne Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine keep on terminating the tanks of the Russian invaders.
Great video showing Ukraine R18 drone filmed by a second drone destroying Russian armor at night.
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