Ukraine’s National Guard drone-drops bombs on Russian targets with great precision Jul 11, 2022

Ukraine War Drone Footage and Updates Day 139

  • The EU and UNDP have helped to open a centre in the Ukrainian city of Dnipro, where internally displaced people from the most war-affected areas will receive support. Heavenly Fortress head Kyrylo Dolimbaev said the idea behind the centre was to take care of the needs of displaced people while introducing the public to the diverse culture of his native Mariupol
  • The Ukrainian Government Computer Emergency Response Team CERT-UA reported the distribution of dangerous emails with the subject “Joint Official report on the humanitarian situation. Ukraine“. “The letters come from compromised e-mail addresses of government agencies and contain attachments titled ‘Humanitarian catastrophe of Ukraine since February 24, 2022’ in the form of an XLS document,” the press service of the State Service for Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine reported on Monday. “The document contains a macro, the activation of which will trigger the file ‘baseupd.exe, its execution will lead to the defeat of the computer by the Cobalt Strike Beacon malware,” experts warned.
  • According to rights advocates and lawyers, many young Russian men are seeking to avoid mandatory military service in Russia since February’s conflict with Ukraine. This is a sign of the Russian society’s ambivalence towards the conflict
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  • Failures on the battlefields forced the Kremlin to seek more hideous means for mass atrocities, unsurprisingly their choice fell on the theft of grain and destruction of Ukrainian harvests
  • As a Russian offensive intensifies in eastern Ukraine and authorities there urge residents to evacuate for safer cities and towns in the west of the country, there are still people who refuse to leave
Ukraine’s National Guard drone-drops bombs on Russian targets with great precision Jul 11, 2022 Ukraine’s National Guard drone-drops bombs on Russian targets with great precision
  • While most of the world has shown firm support for Ukraine following Russia’s unprovoked invasion of the country, a few countries have voiced political support for the Kremlin, which was reported to have been seeking missiles from both China and North Korea. China was reported to have refused to provide aid, and it is unknown whether North Korea has given Russia any military support
  • With Ukrainian forces facing threats from many sides, Kyiv is looking for help wherever it can get it, especially when it comes to intelligence. Now help is coming from Ukrainian refugees in Latvia, who are building drones to help the troops at home
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  • Russians are facing non-stop military losses on Ukrainian soil. About 37,470 the aggressor’s troops were eliminated, 1,236 air targets of invaders were shot down, thousands of tanks, armored vehicles and tracks were destroyed by defenders of Ukraine
  • Russian forces have made an unsuccessful attempt to conduct an assault operation in order to improve their tactical positions in the areas around Mazanivka, Ivanivka and Dolyna on the Sloviansk front. The Ukrainian Armed Forces repelled the assault and drove the Russians back
  • Russian President Vladimir Putin will visit Tehran next week and meet with President Ebrahim Raisi, the Iranian news agency IRNA reported on Tuesday, one day after U.S. National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said that Iran was preparing to supply Russia with attack UAVs to use in their war against Ukraine.
A Russian armoured group in Kharkiv Oblast recently taken out by the Ukrainian 93rd Mechanized Brigade. #Russia #Ukraine
We invited journalists to the R18 test flight #аеророзвідка #aerorozvidka #airreconnaissance #drone #дрон #Ukraine #war #StandWithUkraine
Українська аеророзвідка: як фахівці тестують октокоптер R18 — особливості нового дрону Jul 10, 2022 А поки наші бійці знищують на фронті ворожі безпілотники, українські аеророзвідники випробовують національну розробку та показують її широкому загалу. Окрім усім відомих Байрактарів та Світчблейдів, є менш знані, втім не менш потужні дрони, які нищать ворогів на фронті. Ксенія Павлишин бачила, як тестують новенький український октокоптер R18.
A Russian vehicle being destroyed by a fire-and-forget submunition of a rare German SMArt 155 projectile was caught on video. These projectiles are used with another German system – PzH 2000 dispensed in air and then search for targets using sensors.
Indirect fire from several artillery brigades (including with MLRS BM-21 Grad) #Ukraine destroyed a tank, an MT-LB tracked armored vehicle and a Ural truck carrying ammunition during the fighting in the #Kharkiv Oblast.
#UkraineRussianWar #UkraineWar #Ukraine
80th seperate assault brigade demilitarized two Russian tanks in Donetsk region The war machines of the Russian occupants were destroyed by paratroopers from the American Javelin and Ukrainian “Stugna-P/Skif”. #UkraineRussianWar
Ukrainian soldiers writing messages on their bombs before sending them via drone to the Russian Jul 12, 2022 “From Ukraine with love”. Ukrainian soldiers writing messages on their bombs before sending them via drone to the Russian positions#russia, #russia vs ukraine war update, #ukraine russia news,

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