Ukraine Drone Drops Grenade on Hidden Russian Tank

Ukraine War ☠ Drone Footage and Updates ⚠ Day 206

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Drone Footage from the last 24 hours

Ukrainian drone drops bombs on Russian troops and vehicles

369,904 views Sep 16, 2022

This footage shows a Ukrainian drone taking fire as it drops bombs on Russian forces and vehicles.

A Ukrainian soldier can be seen manning the controls at the beginning of the footage with what appears to be a videogame controller hooked up to a tablet.

The images also show Russian troops seen on the ground somewhere on the frontlines in an urban area, with the soldiers apparently hastily exiting a building before one can be seen firing up at the drone.

It then drops a first bomb near him. The video then shows at least one drone dropping bombs on Russian military vehicles.

The images were obtained from the State Border Service of Ukraine on Thursday, 15th September. They said in a statement: “The border guards, together with their counterparts from the Defence Forces, are destroying Russian equipment and positions. “Border guards, together with fellow units of the Armed Forces, are actively monitoring the enemy’s positions.

In addition, drones adjust artillery fire and destroy enemy targets. As a result of the successful execution of the tasks, armoured vehicles and locations of the enemy personnel were damaged. Together to victory!”

The images and statement were also relayed by the Office of Strategic Communications (StratCom) of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
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Ukraine war footage 374, 82 mm mortar work runaway, 82 мм миномет работа беглым

94 views Sep 16, 2022

Ukraine war footage-374, 82 mm mortar work runaway, 82 мм миномет работа беглым, 82 мм миномет работа беглым, ukraine russian,
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Drone Footage!! Ukraine’s 406th Brigade Destroys Russian Tanks With terrible Artillery fire

8,597 views Sep 16, 2022

Video footage shared by Ukraine’s 406th Artillery Brigade this week offered a glimpse into the counter-offensive taking place in Kherson Oblast, showing the immense destruction caused by drone-corrected artillery fire directed at Russian military bases. Drone-corrected 155mm artillery fire from an M777 Howitzer was used by the Ukrainian 406th Artillery brigade to destroy a Russian BMP-2 IFV, at least one transport truck, and ammunition, Ukraine Weapons Tracker writes in a post.
Ukraine drone footage! Ukrainian drones destroy Russian armored vehicles and position | Ukraine war

176 views Sep 16, 2022
Ukrainian drones destroy Russian armored vehicles and position #ukraine #russia
R18 вражає

417 views Premiered 6 hours ago

Over $130,000,000!

That is the amount of enemy equipment that was hit and destroyed with the help of the Ukrainian drone R18, developed by Aerorozvidka. And these are data from only part of the crews working with R18.

10 facts you should know about this drone:

R18 has a high return, Air Intelligence specialists calculated: every dollar invested in the creation of a copter is $670 in enemy losses due to destroyed and damaged military equipment. For example, the cost of BMP-2 is about $1 million, about 30 of them were destroyed, damaged and disabled.

R18 was developed by the Ukrainian military from the very beginning. The project started in 2017, and in 2019 the drone already began performing tasks in the OOS zone.

It has high resistance to enemy means of radio-electronic warfare. That is, the drone can perform the mission even if radio interference is placed against it.

The first use of the R18 during a large-scale invasion was to inflict damage on the airfield at Gostomel.
As of September 2022, 20 crews of R18 drones are working on the front lines of the Russian-Ukrainian war, which have neutralized and damaged more than 100 units of enemy equipment.

A drone can conduct reconnaissance, but its main use is night-time dropping of ammunition on enemy equipment, small fortifications and ammunition depots.

For operation at night, the R18 is equipped with a thermal imaging camera.

The drone has 8 engines. This number of motors is used for greater reliability.

R18 uses RKG-3 cumulative anti-tank grenades or RKG-1600 bombs created on their basis.

The training of one R18 drone pilot lasts from two weeks to a month.

🇺🇦 Air Intelligence is a non-profit organization that promotes the creation and implementation of network-centric and robotic military capabilities for the Security and Defense Forces of Ukraine. Aerial reconnaissance is an example of direct participation of civil society in repelling aggression against Ukraine.
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Armenian Military Base in “drone view” after being attacked by Azerbaijan in the village of Sotk
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