Discover the latest developments in the Ukrainian War Drones 🤖💣 with videos highlighting the successes of the 45th Brigade and 93rd Brigade. Learn how Ukrainian forces are using drones to drop deadly bombs on Russian troops and intercepting and shooting down Russian drones. 📹 🚀 💥

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The use of drones in war is changing the way modern militaries fight, and Ukraine is leading the way. By leveraging their high-tech tactics, Ukrainian forces are utilizing drones as a key component of their warfare. In this page, we will explore the latest developments in the Ukrainian War Drones through videos, highlighting the successes of the 45th Brigade, the 93rd Brigade, and their use of drones to drop deadly bombs on Russian troops. Below, you will find a summary of the latest videos and key takeaways from these videos.

Summary of Ukrainian War Drones Videos

• The 45th Brigade in eastern Ukraine relies on Ukrainian-made reconnaissance drones for accurate information to guide their artillery.
• The 93rd Brigade achieved a major victory by successfully intercepting and shooting down five Russian drones with their Strela-10 system.
• Ukrainian drones have also ferociously dropped deadly bombs on Russian troops running in trenches in Bakhmut.

Daily Ukrainian War Drones Summary

The Ukrainian forces have been leveraging their technological capabilities to great effect in their ongoing war against Russia. With the help of reconnaissance drones, they have been able to accurately identify and target Russian troops and, with the help of the 93rd Brigade’s Strela-10 system, have been able to successfully shoot down five hostile drones. Furthermore, Ukrainian drones have been used to devastating effect, dropping deadly bombs on Russian troops in Bakhmut. Scroll down to view the highlighted videos and learn more about the latest developments in the Ukrainian War Drones.


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Drone Footage from the last 24 hours

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Thu Jun 29 2023 19:50:15 UTC

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Game of drones: Ukraine developing high-tech ‘tactics on battlefield’, drones play key warfare role

Thu Jun 29 2023 19:40:28 UTC

Soldiers in eastern Ukraine swiftly unpacked a large grey drone and launched it to check the cloud level and survey the area, just kilometres from Russian positions. The operators in the 45th brigade rely on Ukrainian-made reconnaissance drones to relay accurate information to their artillery, helping them to hit targets and conserve shells. The Ukrainian drone sends data that can guide artillery. The operators watch on laptops in a van hidden under trees. The team includes soldiers with fluent English and backgrounds in IT and marketing. They boasted of artillery successes thanks to drones — such as destroying four Russian artillery units in a single day. Yet the cost of a drone, or an “unmanned aerial vehicle” (UAV) is high. For more analysis on Ukraine’s heavy use of drones in their warfare strategy, FRANCE 24’s François Picard is joined by Yuriy Sak, Advisor to the Minister of Defence of Ukraine.

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Ukrainian Strela-10 of the 93rd Brigade Shoots Down 5 Russian Drones

Thu Jun 29 2023 19:29:48 UTC

In a stunning display of military prowess, the Ukrainian armed forces have achieved a major victory in their ongoing conflict with Russia. The Ukrainian Strela-10 system, operated by the esteemed 93rd Brigade, successfully intercepted and shot down five Russian drones, significantly neutralizing potential threats.

Earlier today, tensions escalated as a swarm of hostile drones approached Ukrainian territory. Displaying swift responsiveness and exceptional combat skills, the 93rd Brigade’s Strela-10 system swiftly locked onto the approaching drones, effectively tracking their movements and calculating precise firing solutions.

With remarkable precision, the Ukrainian operators unleashed a series of missiles, each finding its intended target with deadly accuracy. One by one, the drones were obliterated, sending plumes of smoke and debris into the sky. The resounding success of the Ukrainian Strela-10 system highlights the exceptional training and expertise of the 93rd Brigade.russia ukraine war news,ukraine russia war,war in ukraine,russia ukraine war,ukraine war,ukraine war news,russia ukraine war russian,russia ukraine,russia ukraine news,russia ukraine war live,russia vs ukraine war update,ukraine russia news,ukraine russia,ukraine russian,russia war ukraine,russian ukraine war,ukraine,russia ukraine war update,russia war,russia vs ukraine war,russia vs ukraine,ukraine news,russia ukraine conflict,russia
Today! Ukrainian drones ferocious drop deadly bombs russian army who were running in trench bakhmut

Thu Jun 29 2023 19:00:31 UTC

#ukraine #ukrainenews #ukrainewar

Today! Ukrainian drones ferocious drop deadly bombs russian army who were running in trench bakhmut.
Precise Blow: Ukrainian Aerial Reconnaissance Unit “Vovky” Utilizes Drone against Russian Mine Camp

Thu Jun 29 2023 17:25:32 UTC

The aerial reconnaissance unit “Vovky” of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, stationed in the Ivano-Frankivsk region, recently conducted a remarkable operation that led to a significant achievement in the conflict zone. During their mission, the highly specialized “Vovky” team discovered a Russian camp equipped with anti-tank mines. To effectively neutralize the threat, they employed innovative methods by utilizing a drone equipped with a hand grenade.

This approach allowed the unit to attack the camp from a safe distance, resulting in targeted and precise destruction. The strategic use of drone technology in conjunction with a hand grenade led to an impressive explosion, severely damaging the Russian camp and rendering the anti-tank mines inert.

The bold action taken by the “Vovky” unit demonstrates their technical expertise, tactical prowess, and ability to find innovative solutions to combat hostile threats. Through the successful implementation of drones and explosives, they not only neutralized the Russian camp but also ensured the safety and well-being of the people in the Ivano-Frankivsk region.

This outstanding achievement highlights the dedication and courage of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in defending their territory. The “Vovky” aerial reconnaissance unit has once again demonstrated their capability to detect the enemy and confront them with effective measures. Their professionalism and determination serve as an inspiration to the entire Ukrainian military and instill confidence in the country’s defense capabilities.


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All Out Attack!!! Ukrainian use FPV Kamikaze Drones with RPG Bomb hit Russian Soldiers in Trenches

Thu Jun 29 2023 11:45:03 UTC

All Out Attack!!! Ukrainian use FPV Kamikaze Drones with RPG Bomb hit Russian Soldiers in Trenches.

Ukrainian FPV drone operators liquidated Russian invaders in Donetsk region. the video of the liquidation of the invaders was published on social networks. “A kamikaze drone from GOIDA series quietly crept into the enemy trench. Several more terrorists were eliminated,” the fighters wrote. Drones have become a ubiquitous part of the war in Ukraine. Both sides use consumer quadcopters to track the enemy and drop grenades.
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