FPV Drone Gazan Skies: Aerial Insights Amidst Conflict

Dive into the captivating world of FPV drone footage from Gaza, where the skies above tell a story of resilience and transformation amidst conflict. This page is dedicated to showcasing the latest and most impactful drone videos from the region, offering a unique aerial perspective on the ongoing events. From the haunting images of war-torn landscapes to the vibrant scenes of daily life, these videos provide a glimpse into the complexities of living in one of the world’s most dynamic regions.

Key Takeaways from the Highlighted Videos:

Analyzing these videos reveals a trend towards using drone footage as a powerful tool for storytelling, whether it’s capturing the raw emotions of war or the serene beauty of nature. As we move forward, we can expect to see an even greater integration of drone technology into our media consumption, offering unprecedented perspectives on the world around us.

In conclusion, this page serves as a gateway to exploring the latest in FPV drone footage from Gaza and beyond. It’s a testament to the power of technology to connect us to the stories unfolding across the globe, providing a fresh and dynamic way to understand and engage with the world around us. So, keep scrolling to immerse yourself in the stunning visuals and compelling narratives that these drone videos have to offer.


Drone Footage from the last 24 hours

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Tue May 7 2024 14:36:50 UTC

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Tue Apr 9 2024 9:05:13 UTC

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Israel-Hamas war: Haunting drone footage shows before and after of Gaza following 6 months of war

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Mon Apr 8 2024 19:30:00 UTC

Drone footage filmed over the past year shows parts of Gaza City and southern Gaza before and after Israel launched its war on …
Show more Drone footage filmed over the past year shows parts of Gaza City and southern Gaza before and after Israel launched its war on Hamas.

The conflict which began in the wake of an Oct. 7 attack by Hamas, has now hit the six-month mark.

Hamas killed 1,200 people during its rampage in southern Israel, according to Israeli tallies. More than 33,000 Palestinians have been killed in the ensuing conflict, Gaza authorities say.

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Sat Mar 23 2024 15:28:28 UTC

drone #shorts #shortsfeed This video is all about a drone video of Florida Blanca, San Jose City. Hi Welcome to my Channel …
Show more #drone #shorts #shortsfeed

This video is all about a drone video of Florida Blanca, San Jose City.

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๐Ÿ”ด (LIVE) Abrams, HIMARS, Aid to Gaza | Combat Footage Review

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Wed Mar 6 2024 0:29:07 UTC

At 6pm EST Funker Host @ronnieadkins discusses: – #israel – #gaza – #ukraine – #iran Our Intro Music is provided by …
Show more At 6pm EST Funker Host @ronnieadkins discusses: – #israel – #gaza – #ukraine – #iran

Our Intro Music is provided by @KILLSTREAKUS ——- Ways to Support Us: Download the Mobile App: https://funker530.app.link/3M7FXz8jGhb Funker530 Pro: https://funker530.com/pro Join the Discussion: https://discord.gg/X9xhGsySZq ———- Israel / Gaza https://funker530.com/category/israel/

International Response: Aid: US Aid dropping into Gaza, two locations: https://funker530.com/video/air-force-drops-66-bundles-of-food-and-water-into-gaza/ 31.537564, 34.488217 31.370677, 34.275431 https://x.com/MarketRebels/status/1764036496858788144?s=20 – 38,000 meals in 66 pallets https://x.com/manniefabian/status/1764213749248893063?s=20

Egyptian aid trucks overrun: https://funker530.com/video/egyptian-aid-truck-driver-killed-in-palestinian-swarm/

Rocks thrown at aid trucks: 31.253573, 34.263828 https://x.com/HamasAtrocities/status/1763956788196421725?s=20

Northern Israel / Lebanon: Rockets fired towards Kiryat Shmona from Lebanon intercepted: https://x.com/manniefabian/status/1765078200789746056?s=20

More: https://x.com/manniefabian/status/1765079416005415286?s=20

F-15 shoots down a drone that flew from Syria: https://x.com/manniefabian/status/1765042585972973644?s=20

West Bank / Jordanian Border:

Gaza / Southern Israel: Massive airstrike wave northeast of Khan Yunis: 31.368537, 34.314359 https://twitter.com/idfonline/status/1764188165642805459

Incl: https://x.com/idfonline/status/1764188218566557714?s=20

98th Division in a large operation in Hamad Town in south Khan Yunis: https://x.com/manniefabian/status/1764606988451795106?s=20 – Givati, 7th Armored

“Commando Brigade” (Egoz) in southern Khan Unis: https://x.com/manniefabian/status/1763897051731853361?s=20

General: I bet they were fking with it: https://x.com/QudsNen/status/1765065502928621659?s=20


Ukraine https://funker530.com/category/ukraine/

Kherson/Crimea: Kerch Strait: Another patrol ship from Russia was destroyed in the black sea, the Sergey Kotov, Project 22160: https://funker530.com/video/ukraine-sinks-another-russian-war-ship-with-usv-swarm/ https://funker530.com/video/witness-video-shows-usv-strike-on-russian-patrol-ship/ – New ship, entered service in 2022 for $65 million – Marks the 13th Russian Black Sea Fleet vessel to be severely damaged/destroyed (I think)


Donetsk: Berdychi: Another M1A1 SA Abrams lost: https://funker530.com/video/russians-hammer-abandoned-ukrainian-abrams

And another, this time with a geo and hit by an ATGM (3/31): 48.195869, 37.662013 https://x.com/giK1893/status/1764984791248540148?s=20

(NSFW): Russian assault gets absolutely hammered by a Bradley (again) https://funker530.com/video/nsfw-ua-bradley-shreds-russian-squad-and-btr

Lastochkyne: A russian tank withdrawing runs over a Russian scooby doo van: 48.156353, 37.686742 https://x.com/Osinttechnical/status/1764458991877337210?s=20

Sjeverne: UA FPV hits a Russian tank pileup, which destroys a T-90M and T-80BVM: 48.1347205, 37.6605699 https://x.com/Osinttechnical/status/1764314274178937228?s=20 https://funker530.com/video/m67-hand-grenade-knocks-out-russian-t-80-tank/

General: First video evidence of a HIMARS being destroyed: https://x.com/FunkerActual/status/1765062402062598542?s=20 – UNK location/DTG

Russian troops nearly hit by an FPV drone: https://funker530.com/video/russian-troops-have-a-close-encounter-with-an-fpv-drone

FPV vs T-90M: https://x.com/Osinttechnical/status/1765038521566585143?s=20

Bait drone used to hit Russian on a tower: https://funker530.com/video/nsfw-bait-bomb-drone-kills-curious-russian-soldier/

Last Video:

Al Jazeera obtained Israeli drone footage

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Sun Feb 25 2024 13:13:08 UTC

Video footage taken by Israeli drones and acquired by Al Jazeera shows civilians being targeted in Gaza in December 2023.
Show more Video footage taken by Israeli drones and acquired by Al Jazeera shows civilians being targeted in Gaza in December 2023.

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