Ukrainian Drone Drop

💀 Ukraine Drone Drops ☣: Russian Troops Destroyed by Bombs 💣 Near Bakhmut

The latest videos from the Ukrainian war show a devastating account of the conflict between Ukraine and Russia. From Ukrainian defense forces pushing the enemy on the southern and northern flanks, to Ukrainian Border Guards using drones in ambushes, and Russian troops using thermobaric grenades near Liman, these videos provide vivid insight into the conflict. Below is a summary of the key takeaways and the latest highlighted videos.

Key Takeaways

Daily Ukraine Drone Drop Summary

Over the past few days, the conflict between Ukraine and Russia has intensified. Ukrainian defense forces have been pushing the enemy on the southern and northern flanks, while Ukrainian Border Guard drone units are ambushing Russian troops on forest paths. Ukrainian drones have also been dropping bombs on trenches near Bakhmut and Russian troops have been using thermobaric grenades near Liman. Scroll down to view the latest highlighted videos from the Ukraine conflict.

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Drone Footage from the last 24 hours

Horrible drone! Ukraine drones bombs destroy Russian troops armored vehicles near Bakhmut

Tue Jul 18 2023 1:23:25 UTC

Horrible drone! Ukraine drones bombs destroy Russian troops armored vehicles near Bakhmut. “Ukrainian defense forces are pushing the enemy on the southern and northern flanks, storming their positions. Reports suggest that heavy fighting has also continued along the southern front. Other footage shows, troops of the Special Operations Center “A” of the Security Service of Ukraine with the help of a Ukrainian FPV drone destroying a Russian armored vehicle while it was driving along a road of an occupied village.


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Ambush attack! Ukrainian Border Guards drone hit a forest path in trenches near Bakhmut

Tue Jul 18 2023 0:00:30 UTC

Ambush attack! Ukrainian Border Guards drone hit a forest path in trenches near Bakhmut

Fighting has intensified at multiple points front line. A Ukrainian Border Guards unit drone hit a down Russian soldier on forest paths, In this footage, a Ukrainian drone unit can be seen pursuing troops while dropping roughly 20 bomb grenades on the positions of the occupiers.

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Ukraine drone drops grenade and Russian tanks explodes

Mon Jul 17 2023 23:20:13 UTC

Horrible!! Ukrainian drones drop bombs blow up trenches Russian soldiers in intense battle Bakhmut

Mon Jul 17 2023 19:15:00 UTC

Horrible!! Ukrainian drones drop bombs blow up trenches Russian soldiers in intense battle Bakhmut

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Fighters from the 59th Separate Motorized Infantry Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine successfully pushed back Russian troops from their forward positions, liberating several hundred meters of Ukrainian land. with the relevant video from drone footage Initially, footage shows drone operators dropping grenades into russian soldiers trenches. As they exploded, two Ukrainian army armored fighting vehicles quickly entered the russian soldiers stronghold and deployed troops. Footage shows Russian intervention troops running away from their positions. Brutal fighting,Horrible footage,ukraine war video footage,ukraine war,ukraine drone footage,ukraine drone,ukraine drone attack,ukraine,ukraine war video footage latest,ukraine drone footage,ukraine news,war in ukraine,ukrainian drones drop grenades,ukrainian drone,drone drops bomb on russian,breaking news,Bakhmut,trench, ucrania,ukraine front lines,trenches news,us army,rifle,

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Russian drone drops thermobaric grenade on AFU ‘command post’ near Liman

Mon Jul 17 2023 6:16:34 UTC

Special forces of “Otvazhnyh” smashed to pieces the command post of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Krasno-Limansky direction

Special Forces soldiers, in cooperation with the intelligence of the “Black Hussars”, discovered the house, which the militants of the 63rd Ombre converted into a command post. Using a drone with a suspended thermobaric projectile, our soldiers eliminated the control of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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It’s terrifying: Ukrainian drone quietly flying into the dugout of Russian troops, new war tactics

Mon Jul 17 2023 2:02:18 UTC

These videos depict Ukrainian drones effectively attacking Russian trenches with precision bombings. The footage begins with a Ukrainian drone quietly flying into the dugout of the Russian airborne troops. Another footage shows the drones dropping bombs into the Russian trenches and onto the groups of Russian soldiers. It then shows two seemingly abandoned Russian tanks near a road on the Ukrainian battlefield. The Ukrainian drone approaches one of the tanks and drops a bomb into it, causing a large explosion. Subsequently, the drone targets the second tank, resulting in it catching fire after a bomb explodes on top of it.

The videos were obtained from the 72nd Separate Mechanized Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, known as the Black Zaporizhizhians. Accompanying the footage is a statement emphasizing perseverance, patience, and inspiration, claiming that these qualities are enough to reduce two Russian tanks to mere wreckage.

Russian forces have lost two-thirds of their tanks in Ukraine and are struggling with obsolete Soviet-era vehicles, according to an intelligence report by the Dutch open-source website Oryx.

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