Ukraine Drone Targets Russian Equipment in this graphic videio

Ukraine War ☠ Drone Footage and Updates ⚠ Day 238

Drone Footage from the last 24 hours

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#shorts The first Ukrainian drone Multirotors equipped with a machine gun 🔥

6,220 views Oct 18, 2022

#shorts #ukrainewar #ukrainesoldiers In this short video, we’ll show you the first Ukrainian drone Multirotors that are equipped with a machine gun. This is a revolutionary advancement in drone technology, and will change the way we warfare! Although this video is short, I think you’ll find it interesting enough to share with your friends. If you’re looking for something to watch while you wait for the next episode of your favorite show, this is the video for you! ukraine,ukraine war,ukraine russia news,ukraine
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Ukrainian HIMARS Destroy Russian convoy in Khersona

110 views Oct 17, 2022

ukraine drone footage! Ukrainian military destroy Russians with artillery russia vs ukraine war update russia ukraine war russian
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287 views Oct 18, 2022

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Drone Ukrainian special forces dropping grenades to Russia’s battle troops tanks in Luhansk Oblas

15,091 views Oct 18, 2022

Drone Ukrainian special forces dropping grenades to Russia’s battle troops tanks in Luhansk Oblas Ukraine’s army obliterated a camouflaged Russian tank in Luhansk Oblast. The destruction of the Russian tank took place in the Eastern regions. Drone footage released by Ukraine’s army showed the camouflage tank was surrounded by tire tracks, making it easy to locate by opposition forces from the sky or on the ground.
🇺🇦 UKRAINE – Before the War | 4K Drone footage | World 4K Videos UltraHD (60 FPS)

10 views Oct 18, 2022

Welcome to this aerial drone footage of Beautiful Ukrainian Cities before the Russian aggression. Cities in Ukraine are bearing the brunt of the Russia-Ukraine war. Cities that were once tourist attractions have turned into war zones and rubble. Cities including the capital Kyiv, have been damaged. Will these cities come back to life?
Ukraine War Combat Footage: Russian Artillery Strikes UAF Armor Attack, Kherson Front – 2022 Drone

403 views Oct 9, 2022

October 8, 2022 Report Caption: ‘Between Sukhoi Stavok and Kostromka, Kherson direction, our tanks are crushing the Ukrainian Army. #SpecialMilitaryOperation #RussianArmy #UkraineRussianWar #Ukrainewar
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