Ukraine War ☠ Footage and Updates ⚠ Day 161

The opponent suffered the biggest losses in the Bakhmutsk and Donetsk directions. Russian enemy suffered the greatest losses (of the past day) at the Bakhmut and Donetsk directions.
🇦🇿🇦🇲Today’s strike by the Azerbaijani Bayraktar on the positions of the Armenian Armed Forces #UkraineRussiaWar
Ukrainian drone guided artillery hit Russian targets succesfully 💥 #shorts 🔥🔥🔥💪💪💙💛#war #ukrainewar
41 views Aug 2, 2022
Ukrainian drone guided artillery hit Russian targets succesfully 💥 #shorts 🔥🔥🔥💪💪💙💛

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Thank you all supporters, we have the money to buy two bigger drones for Ukrainian soldiers. This is new video from the same unit we are delivering these drones. Soon they can throw even bigger bombs! Video made couple of days ago.
This is how plastic for 3D printers is produced, the funds for which Mykhailo Tkach helped us raise! Soon there will be even more parts for drones that we will give to the military.

We thank all who contributed to the fundraising. Together we will win!

#aerorozvidka #Drones
Russians destroying a Ukrainian towed howitzer (low quality drone footage). Location/time unknown.
Azov sso dropping grenades from a drone on a Russian BMP
11 views Aug 2, 2022
Azov sso dropping grenades from a drone on a Russian BMP
A few weeks ago video of Ukrainian attacks on Russian engineering unit vehicles and positions (command vehicle, 2 KamAZ engineering trucks, an armored BTR troop transport vehicle and soldiers) in southern Ukraine. #UkraineRussianWar #UkraineWar #Ukraine
Ukrainian paratroopers drop two bombs on Russian armored personnel carrier❗RUSSIA UKRAINE WAR NEWS
23 views Aug 2, 2022
Ukrainian forces dropping two bombs in quick succession on a Russian armoured personnel carrier.

The enemy vehicle can be seen hiding in what appears to be an urban environment, but this did not stop it being spotted by a Ukrainian armed drone.

The footage, filmed from the Ukrainian drone, shows a first bomb being dropped right on top of the vehicle, causing a large explosion.

The drone immediately drops a second bomb on the armoured personnel carrier for good measure. This causes a second explosion as the footage ends.

It is currently unclear where exactly in Ukraine the images were filmed, but they were obtained from the Command of the Ukrainian Air Assault Forces on Wednesday, 27th July, along with a statement saying: “Scouts of the DShV [Ukrainian Air Assault Forces] leave no chance for the enemy.

“Soldiers of a separate reconnaissance unit of the Air Assault Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine continue to successfully destroy the Russian invaders and their equipment, where the enemy does not expect them.

“In particular, a BTR-82 with a crew and a car with a mortar that ‘followed’ the Russian warship were destroyed. “Death to the Russian invaders! Glory to the DShV! Glory to Ukraine!”
Amid the brutal war launched by #RussiaIsATerroristState, #Ukrainian farmers continue to harvest the crops. #StandWithUkraine #UkraineWillWin
40th separate artillery brigade together with the separate intelligence battalion “Skala” is confidently doing its job🔥 #Ukraine #UkraineWarNews
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