Grenade Dropped Onto Tank by Drone

Ukraine War ☠ Footage and Updates ⚠ Day 175
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Russians try to shoot at Ukrainian drone, when they realize that the drone dropped a mortar shell, they desperately try to escape, but without time…
Aerial drone view of Lviv cityscape in winter, Western Ukraine. Lviv old town covered with snow. Central market square with a City Hall, old churches and historic buildings in winter at sunset
“No one is left behind” #UkraineRussiaWar
Apparent drone footage of Ukraine army destroying Russian tanks. #fyp #warinukraine #warinukraine2022 #warinukraine🇺🇦 #russianwarinukraine #stopukrainewar #latestnews #worldwidenews #ukraine #stopwars #ukraine🇺🇦 #news #russia🇷🇺 #ukrainerussiaconflict #stopwarinukraine #ukrainewar #ukrainerussian #ukrainerussianwar #nowar #nowarinukraine
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Ukraine’s Azov special forces blow up Russian ammo depot
269,526 views Aug 16, 2022
MOMENT Ukraine’s Azov special forces blow up Russian ammo depot in HUGE explosion. The footage was reportedly shot in the eastern part of the village of Ternova, in the Kharkiv Raion, five kilometres from the Russian border. It was obtained from SSO Azov-Kharkiv on Monday, 15th August, along with a statement saying: “The video shows footage of a special operation in the eastern part of Ternova village, Kharkiv region. During the operation, the soldiers of the SSO Azov-Kharkiv destroyed two cars, two BMPs, a control and observation point, a warehouse with ammunition and seven enemy soldiers.”
Big blast(Aug 17)Horrible footage as Ukraine modified drone drop bombs and blast dozens Russia Tanks
1,480 views Aug 16, 2022
Big blast : Horrible footage as Ukraine modified drone drop bombs and blast dozens Russia Tanks. VLADIMIR PUTIN’S military resources have suffered another devastating strike after video captured a startling Ukrainian drone attack. President Putin’s military forces have been rapidly depleted by Ukrainian troops operating remote drone attack systems. Video footage from Ukraine captured a startling explosion as a Russian tank erupting into a catastrophic storm of flames. Prior to the strike, the Russian ‘Z’ symbol of support for the invasion of Ukraine can be seen painted brazenly across the front of the military vehicle.
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