Military analysts from @UAWeapons obtained exclusive footage of Bayraktar Mini drones in the hands of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. According to analysts, Ukrainian defenders use the Bayraktar Mini to aim artillery at the enemy's manpower and equipment. 24 such UAVs were given to Ukraine for free by Turkey at the beginning of the full-scale war.

Ukraine War ☠ Footage and Updates ⚠ Day 176

Bayraktar Mini UAV C – 2017
34,331 views Apr 17, 2017 The V3 series of Bayraktar Mini UAVs, which have been operational since 2007, are now in the TAF inventory. Among the enhanced features of the V3 series are:
Smart stabilized camera with gyroscope – Inertial fixed gaze, geolocation tracking, body fixed and cage modes
New generation autopilot system, integrated inertial sensors, baro altimeter, speedometer, radio modem, configurable video transmitter system,
New Type Ground Control Station System (3D Map Support, Camera ground tracking mode, geographical coordinate tracking, inertial stabilization, new generation interface, )
Integrated Auto-Aiming Antenna System – 2-axis intelligent servo system, 360 degrees infinite orientation, video receiver and encoder, radio modem
User-friendly interface – fast function keys, 3-axis joystick for semi-autonomous flight and camera control, durable computer system, touchscreen, raster, vector, DTED, dynamic map with address support
Route availability and line-of-sight analysis
GPS and GLONASS supported navigation are included
Moment Ukrainian Spec Ops Drone Drops Bomb Into Russian Tank’s Open Hatch With Pinpoint Precision
43 views Aug 18, 2022 This is the moment a Ukrainian special forces drone drops a bomb straight into a Russian T-72B3 tank’s open hatch with pinpoint precision. The footage shows a stationary Russian tank on a dirt track between a field and some trees. Shot from above by the drone, the images show the UAV dropping a bomb straight into the tank’s open hatch. The bomb explodes, causing a puff of smoke to emanate from the hatch before a secondary detonation takes place, with flames suddenly erupting from inside the military vehicle. The images, believed to have been filmed somewhere on the frontlines, then show a second tank a little further up the dirt track also being targeted. This tank appears to be next to another military vehicle. The drone drops a couple of bombs on it before the footage ends. The footage was obtained from the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Thursday, 18th August, along with a statement saying that the drone had dropped its bomb “exactly in the T-72B3’s hatch”. The images were also relayed by the Office of Strategic Communications (StratCom) of the Armed Forces of Ukraine along with a statement saying: “Sniper hit. Soldiers of the SSO [the Special Operations Forces] of the Armed Forces of Ukraine continue to reduce the population of orks and their enemy equipment in Ukraine. The earth will burn under the feet of the occupiers.” Ukrainian troops often refer to the invading Russian forces as “orcs”. Russia invaded Ukraine on 24th February in what the Kremlin is still calling a “special military operation”. Today marks the 176th day of the war. The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported that between 24th February and 18th August, Russia had lost about 44,300 personnel, 1,889 tanks, 4,179 armoured combat vehicles, 1,010 artillery units, 265 multiple launch rocket systems, 136 air defence systems, 234 warplanes, 197 helicopters, 793 drones, 190 cruise missiles, 15 warships, 3,061 motor vehicles and fuel tankers, and 93 units of special equipment.
Ukrainian navy artillery guns down multiple Russian vehicles
10,411 views Aug 18, 2022 UKRAINIAN navy artillery gunners rained down hell on a group of Russian military vehicles hiding among trees, killing at least six enemy soldiers. The images were shot somewhere on the front lines between Kherson and Donetsk in southern Ukraine, on Tuesday, 16th August, according to the Ukrainian Navy. The images, which appear to have been shot from a drone, reportedly show a number of Russian military vehicles hiding among some trees before a massive explosion appears to target them. The footage was obtained from the Navy of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Wednesday, 17th August
#Breaking: A video footage shows the use of Turkish Bayraktar Mini reconnaissance UAV by Ukrainian forces to observe Russian troops and correct artillery fire. 24 of these drones were received from Turkey completely for free in the early stages of the invasion. #UkraineCrisis
⚡️ #Russian attack was repelled near Kamianka of #Donetsk region. #UkraineUnderAttack
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