Russian Coup Led by Putin's Chef and Wagner Group

⚠ Russian Military Helicopters Battle ☠ Wagner Mercenaries Rolling Toward Moscow

Russian Helicopters Battle Wagner Mercenaries Rolling Toward Moscow | Dawn News English

Sat Jun 24 2023 14:21:00 UTC

In a dramatic turn of events, Russian military helicopters engaged in a firefight with rebel mercenaries advancing toward Moscow.

The convoy, led by Yevgeny Prigozhin’s private Wagner militia, had seized control of Rostov-on-Don and was rapidly moving northward.

President Vladimir Putin likened the mutiny to Russia’s Civil War and vowed to crush it. Increased security measures were observed in Moscow, while Western capitals closely monitored the situation.

Putin’s ability to rally loyal troops is crucial as Russia’s military is heavily deployed in Ukraine. The insurrection also poses risks for the Russian invasion force in Ukraine.

Prigozhin, a former convict and Putin ally, refused to surrender, stating that he fought for his homeland against corruption. The situation remains tense as the conflict unfolds.

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Russian Helicopters Battle Wagner Mercenaries Rolling Toward Moscow

Sat Jun 24 2023 13:15:20 UTC

Subscribe and turn on notifications for updates! — Russian military helicopters opened fire on Saturday [June 24] afternoon on a convoy of rebel mercenaries already more than halfway towards Moscow in a lightning advance after seizing a southern city overnight.

President Vladimir Putin vowed to crush an armed mutiny he compared to Russia’s Civil War a century ago.

Fighters from Yevgeny Prigozhin’s private Wagner militia were in control of Rostov-on-Don, a city of more than a million people close to the border with Ukraine. They were rapidly advancing northwards through western Russia.
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Russia Mutiny News LIVE: Russian helicopters battle rebel Wagner mercenaries rolling towards Moscow

Sat Jun 24 2023 11:59:40 UTC

Wagner chief Yevgeny Prigozhin, leading a mutiny to bring down Moscow’s top brass, said Saturday his fighters captured the army HQ in Russia’s Rostov-on-Don “without firing a single shot” and claimed to have the support of locals. “Why does the country support us? Because we went on a march of justice,” Prigozhin said in his latest Telegram audio message. “We got to Rostov. Without a single shot we captured the building of the (army) HQ.”#RussiaUkraineWar #Wagner #WIONLIVE

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Wagner chief: Mercenary group is leaving Bakhmut, handing control to Russian troops

Thu May 25 2023 21:31:39 UTC

Wagner chief Yevgeny Prigozhin said his fighters have begun their withdrawal from Bakhmut as they hand the eastern city to Russia’s military after capturing it in a months-long battle. CNN’s Fred Pleitgen reports.#CNN #News
Horrible Footage!! Ukrainian close combat kills hundreds of Wagner mercenaries near Bakhmut

Sat Feb 11 2023 20:02:32 UTC

From February 24, 2022 to February 11, 2023, the Ukrainian Defense Forces eliminated an estimated 136,880 Russian troops, and 1,140 people in the last day alone. On the northern outskirts of the town of Bakhmut in the Donbass, Wagner Group troops had moved 2–3 km further west, controlling the countryside near the main M-03 route to the town. To the south, Russian units have advanced around the western edge of the town of Vuhledar, where they will relaunch offensive operations in late January 2023.

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🔴 Ukrainian Forces Fired Missiles And Destroys Russian Wagner Mercenaries Soldiers In Battle Soledar

Sat Jan 14 2023 19:00:03 UTC

Ukrainian Forces Fired Missiles And Destroys Russian Wagner Mercenaries Soldiers In Battle Soledar

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