Vinnytsia missile strike, 2022.07.14

Ukraine War Drone Footage and Updates Day 142

  • Russians launched missile attacks on civilian infrastructure in the city of Kharkiv overnight on July 15. At around 3.00 a.m., two Russian missiles hit not far from an educational institution in the Kholodnohirskyi district. The blast caused damage to the facade of the institution building, shattered windows, and destroyed tram tracks opposite the educational building
  • Rescue teams with sniffer dogs combed through debris in a central Ukrainian city on Friday looking for people still missing after a Russian missile strike a day earlier that killed at least 23 people
  • The cruise missile strikes on Vinnytsia launched by a Russian submarine on Thursday were the latest incidents to take civilian lives and fan international outrage since President Vladimir Putin launched the invasion on February 24
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  • There is currently no official figure for how many people in Ukraine have undergone surgery to remove limbs because of injuries sustained from the war but Dr. Stetsenko estimates that around 500 people have had limbs amputated since the end of February with the majority of those cases being soldiers and around a fifth being civilians
  • A court in Russia’s far east on Friday handed a rare acquittal to a feminist artist who was charged with disseminating pornography after she shared artwork online depicting female bodies
  • “My fiancée and sick mother need me abroad so that I can work and help them. Now I can’t even help myself, I am left alone with strangers [and] without a home and cannot leave the country,” he said. “My friends and I have no experience and we do not want to hold weapons and cannot physically fight. I live in fear they will send me to war without proper training. My friends were trained for five days and sent to Donetsk. I’m worried about the men in this country, many others are worse off than me.”
Ukrainian aerial reconnaissance: how specialists test the R18 octocopter — the features of the new drone

And while our fighters are destroying enemy drones at the front, Ukrainian aerial reconnaissance is testing national development and showing it to the general public. In addition to the well-known Bayraktars and Switchblades, there are lesser-known, but no less powerful drones that destroy enemies on the front lines. Ksenia Pavlyshyn saw the new Ukrainian octocopter R18 being tested.
Ukrainian 93rd Mechanized Brigade shells a Russian position, setting a KamAZ-5350 alight
Video of mortar strikes by Ukrainian SSO’s 73rd Naval Special Purpose Center on Russian positions.
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