USMC M777 howitzers awaiting loading at March Air Reserve Base for transport to Ukraine

Ukraine War Footage for July 1

Aerorozvidka has good eyes. The positions of these APCs and BMDs were recorded and transmitted, even though the enemies tried to appear invisible. #aerorozvidka #airreconnaissance #drone #war #Ukraine #StandWithUkraine️
UKRAINIAN troops use a drone to drop a bomb on two Russian soldiers sheltering in a trench. Special Operations Forces (SSO) officer and former commander of the Azov Regiment, Maxim Zhorin, said defending soldiers helped the two Russian occupiers “find their way home”. The aerial footage shows two Russian soldiers entering a trench before a missile falls from the drone and apparently blasts their position.
Video of Russian forces using UR-77 MICLICs on Ukrainian positions reportedly in the Horlivka area.
Another video from Ukraine’s SBU showing CCTV footage of the Russian Kh-22 missile strikes on the factory and shopping mall in Kremenchuk.
Oxfam: ‘Food crisis is not morally acceptable’
7,710 views Jun 27, 2022 As world leaders gather at the G7, Oxfam Executive Director Gabriela Bucher tells Al Jazeera that the summit must be followed by concrete action.
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