Graffiti "Stop War" by Eme FreeThinker on Russia's war in Ukraine in the Mauerpark in Berlin, Germany (10.03.2022).

Ukraine War Footage for June 30

Watch NBC News’ Richard Engel interview Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, as part of the Aspen Ideas festival. NBCUniversal News group is the media partner of Aspen Ideas.
Drone footage of Ukrainian 🇺🇦 Artillery units strikes on 🇷🇺 positions and equipment
456 views Jun 30, 2022 Latest updates on Ukraine Russia war Drone footage of Ukrainian artillery units targeting Russian positions and equipment
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The moment Russian tanks appeared to open fire on a cyclist in the town of Bucha was captured on video by a drone, in potentially more damning evidence of war crimes carried out by Vladimir Putin’s forces in Ukraine. Footage of the attack in the Kyiv Oblast town shows a person walking his bicycle up a street, apparently unaware that several Russian tanks lay in wait around the corner. Another video purportedly showed the aftermath of the attack after Bucha was reclaimed from Moscow’s clutches in recent days. In it, a person believed to be the same person can be seen dead on the side of the road next to his bicycle. In the first video, captured on March 5, the drone appears to be watching the Russian tank column, but the footage also tracks the person as he is walking up the road that runs through a neighbourhood of destroyed or damaged buildings. The operator of the drone repeatedly pans upwards, showing a long queue of military vehicles – including tanks, armoured personnel carriers and trucks – positioned between buildings, on the next street over from the person.
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Video from Ukraine’s 40th Artillery Brigade of artillery strikes on Russian positions, including a tank and MT-LB.
So… Ukraine says the last Russian units have probably been evacuated from the Snake Island following a series of heavy strikes overnight. If confirmed, it’s a serious victory in the Black Sea.
The enemy’s equipment is hidden everywhere, in particular between houses, near kindergartens, and schools. But R18 bombers will find it everywhere. Music: Yehezkel Raz – Ballerina #аеророзвідка #aerorozvidka #airreconnaissance #drone #дрон #Ukraine #war #StandWithUkraine️
Mateusz Sobieraj

🔥Ukraine soldier destroys an orc tank with an RPG #Ukraine #poland #russia #breakingnews #breaking #war #ukrainewar #polska #ukraina
This is how our fields are de-mined so that farmers can harvest crops. #UkraineWar #UkraineUnderAttack
Russian media released more footage of Ka-52 activity over eastern Ukraine, note the use of unguided S-8 rockets fired in a ballistic arc
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  1. Today, we see European governments and other countries trying to come to the aid of Ukraine. So what exactly are they looking to gain from this? A hope that somehow Ukraine will be included in the European Union, in a deal that would see it become a medium power with European nations providing the necessary resources, and European and American troops being stationed there to police the region? And what do they expect from this? What exactly would this offer for them? Perhaps a way to get around sanctions placed on them by Russia? Or to get some sort of deal where Russia has to pull their troops back from the border of Ukraine?

  2. Europe had much to gain in this conflict. There is oil and gas. There is land, and a chance to gain and settle colonies. There are resources that have been held for the West for decades. There is, of course, the chance to establish protection against terrorists on the other side of the world. But who has this to gain? Russia is fighting a foreign enemy. But no one else is going to stand by their side.

  3. How can they send these supplies to this fighting? Are they simply buying weapons in Europe and bringing them to the front? There’s no point in the Russian army continuing to supply them if they have already won the war. Even with some 2 million soldiers in the ranks of the Duma, why are they continuing to commit a foreign army to this, and to a fight in the south which is going against them?

    There is no point to any of this. This is a conflict in which any nation is involved in purely in order to establish what they will get out of it. This is a war of trenches and money. The likes of France, Poland and the rest of Europe may be just onlookers, providing resources for this conflict. We see that already now, as various missions have been handed to Poland

  4. Since the May 2017 withdrawal of the Russian military, over 1,500 Ingush people have fled to Kazakhstan, according to United Nations data.

    All About Chechnya • Russia • Ingushetia • NATO Military Operations in the Balkans • Georgia

  5. The problems started with Russians in Chechnya. Their methods are not only about aggression and fighting, they also try to intimidate. My friend was constantly intimidated by Russian border guards and they used to come for my friend every week,” Anatoly told RFE/RL.
    A few years back, with support from NATO, more than 50 mostly Russian and Chechen armed groups began moving toward Ingushetia. Chechen and Dagestan forces operate from inside Ingushetia, but a Chechen leader in Ingushetia, Abubakarov, has accused Moscow of invading his country. Like in “ukraine konflikt aktuell” but more like stoltenberg said NATO about the russia ukraine war, even before lavrov and pysanka or Zabielski before russland was even on the map.

  6. five Ukrainian civilians who had been detained by Russian soldiers, transported across the Russian border and held in the same two facilities for several weeks in March, April and/or May

    The first facility was a tent camp in Glushkovo, Russia. The second was a jail in Kursk, 250 miles from the Ukrainian border.

    He says the Russians arrested him on March 7, after he had been helping the Ukrainian army, including by driving a Russian prisoner of war to a checkpoint in his taxi. The Russians held him captive for 35 days. He doesn’t want his last name used because he fears further retaliation.

    Russian soldiers regularly used force to detain his friend as well, who was a former border guard and separatist. His friend is in hiding and fears for his life. He said, “The police don’t even look at a video to find out if there is any truth to it. It’s a very easy way to have money taken off you.”

    Another local says Russian soldiers rounded up two young men. They are now back in Ukraine, but they are afraid to tell their story, because of the danger.

    They said, “They have all the power. Even though the government says it’s not about money, I’m sure they’re going to make money off of it.”

    One woman, her face blackened with bruises, spoke at length about the abuse she suffered in the second camp, which the Russian army set up in the area to keep its soldiers from being drafted into the Ukrainian army. She did not want to give her last name. She said, “It was hell. I couldn’t get any food.”

    She was forced to stay outside in a small tent without blankets, sleeping bags or a pillow. She said, “There were more soldiers than beds. One of the men in the tent, who had been imprisoned

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