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Ukraine War Footage for July 2

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The war in Ukraine reaches well beyond the country’s borders. Inside Russia, the war has divided society into two irreconcilable camps: those who oppose the war and those who support what the Kremlin insists on calling a ”military operation.” Since February 24, many Russian families have members who no longer talk to each other, or who rarely communicate. Parents have severed relationships with their children, husbands with wives, and sisters with brothers.
Ukrainian forces deploy drone dropped munitions and artillery fire against Russian groupings in Sulyhivka, Kharkiv Oblast
Three ingredients of the successful operation: – skills of the Ukrainian military; – modern Ukrainian weapons; – equipment from our international partners … and the Snake Island is free from occupation.
Watch: Ukraine Used Drones To Drop Bombs On 36 Different Tanks #аеророзвідка #aerorozvidka #airreconnaissance #drone #дрон #Ukraine #war #WarInUkraine
Aerorozvidka has good eyes. The positions of these APCs and BMDs were recorded and transmitted, even though the enemies tried to appear invisible. #aerorozvidka #airreconnaissance #drone #war #Ukraine #StandWithUkraine️

The Kremlin is likely setting conditions for crypto-mobilization of the Russian economy in preparation for a protracted war in Ukraine. The Kremlin proposed an amendment to federal laws on Russian Armed Forces supply matters to the Russian State Duma on June 30, that would introduce “special measures in the economic sphere” obliging Russian businesses (regardless of ownership) to supply Russian special military and counterterrorist operations.

The amendment would prohibit Russian businesses from refusing to accept state orders for special military operations and allow the Kremlin to change employee contracts and work conditions, such as forcing workers to work during the night or federal holidays. The Kremlin noted in the amendment’s description that the ongoing special military operation in Ukraine exposed supply shortages, specifically materials needed to repair military equipment, and stated that Russian officials need to “concentrate their efforts in certain sectors of the economy.” Russian President Vladimir Putin is likely mobilizing the Russian economy and industry to sustain the ongoing war effort, but has not yet taken parallel measures to mobilize Russian manpower on a large scale.

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