Demonstration for solidarity and peace in Ukraine 2022-02-27 by Pulse of Europe in Munich

Ukraine War Footage for June 29

  • A display of war-damaged Russian weapons in downtown Warsaw serves as a reminder of the horrors of the war in Ukraine but also that Russia’s aggression can be defeated, officials said Monday.
  • The death toll climbed to at least 20 after Monday’s missile attack on a crowded mall in the central Ukrainian city of Kremenchuk, which leaders at a Group of Seven meeting called a “war crime.” On Tuesday, emergency responders ended a rescue search for survivors. Russia’s government denied hitting the shopping center, claiming it caught fire after Russia struck a nearby weapons depot. But Ukraine’s president said it was a “calculated” strike against the mall.
As of the evening of June 28, the total number of russian missiles that have hit Ukrainian cities are estimated at 2,811. russian missile hits shopping mall in the city of #Kremenchuk
  • Russia’s deputy UN ambassador tells the United Nations Security Council that Moscow’s precision weapons hit hangars in the Kremenchuk road machinery plant, causing a fire that spread to the mall.
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  • A Russian missile attack has killed three people and injured five in the port city of Mykolaiv on Wednesday, local authorities say, following Tuesday’s strikes that killed three people, including a six-year-old girl.
Kremenchuk shopping mall: Drone footage shows extent of destruction as survivors describe attack
17,329 views Jun 28, 2022 A Russian missile destroyed a crowded shopping mall in central Ukraine on Monday, continuing Vladimir Putin’s attacks on civilians living far behind the frontline. The missile strike appears to form part of an aggressive new Russian strategy. Over the past three days, its missiles have hit several civilian sites lying hundreds of miles from Ukraine’s main battlegrounds, including an apartment block in Kyiv.
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Russia launched its first rocket attacks into Ukraine in three weeks, hitting a residential building in Kyiv and a shopping center in Kremenchuck. Meanwhile, G-7 leaders met in Germany and pledged to enact more penalties against Russia. Ramy Inocencio is in Kyiv with the latest. #News #Russia #Ukraine
  • The crowded mall in Kremenchuk, which housed the largest toy store in town, is now the latest shorthand for allegations of war crimes against Russia. As with earlier attacks on a theater, a train station and a hospital elsewhere in Ukraine, authorities in Moscow said the mall was not the target.
  • As NATO’s Madrid summit got underway, Turkey agreed to support Finland and Sweden in joining the alliance. The foreign ministers of Turkey, Finland and Sweden signed a memorandum of understanding “that addresses Turkey’s concerns, including around arms exports and the fight against terrorism,” NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg told reporters. A formal decision to invite Finland and Sweden to join is expected Wednesday, to be followed by NATO’s ratification process.
  • Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy told the United Nations Security Council that Russia is acting like a “terrorist” state, going on a “killing spree” across Ukraine. Speaking via video, he read out names of Ukrainian victims of recent Russian attacks, saying the country has struck schools, a shopping mall and many other civilian targets. He said Russia has no right to remain in the powerful U.N. body.
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  • Prominent Russian opposition politician Ilya Yashin was detained in Moscow and sentenced to 15 days in prison on charges of disobeying police orders. As many Russian opposition leaders have fled the country, Yashin stayed and openly opposed the war in Ukraine. His circumstances now parallel the April arrest of a vocal Kremlin critic, Vladimir Kara-Murza, whose 15-day detention has been extended for months.
  • The U.S. imposed new sanctions to punish Russia for its war in Ukraine. The sanctions include restrictions on 70 Russian defense-related businesses, including Rostec, a state-owned corporation “considered to be the cornerstone of Russia’s defense, industrial, technology, and manufacturing sectors,” the State Department said. The U.S., along with G-7 countries, is also banning the import of Russian gold.
Fire damage was inflicted and several Russian trucks were destroyed by Ukraine artillery work.
318 views Jun 28, 2022 Fire damage was inflicted and several Russian trucks were destroyed by Ukraine artillery work. #war #russiaukrainewar #ukrainewar #ukraine #russia
#Ukraine: At least one Russian supply/ammunition vehicle was taken out by Ukrainian indirect fire in the East.
Ukrainians have become experts at destroying the pests that climb and climb to feast on crops from our fertile fields.
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As of the evening of June 28, the total number of russian missiles that have hit Ukrainian cities are estimated at 2,811. russian missile hits shopping mall in the city of #Kremenchuk
Jun 28, 2022 Ukrainian artillery destroyed ammunition depot of the Russian Armed Forces in the village of Grakovo. Russia’s ammunition depot in Zymohirya, Luhansk Region exploded. The ammunition depot in Zymohirya in the temporarily occupied Luhansk region sends greetings! The morning is getting better and kinder! Separately, we note that this facility is located approximately 50 km from the positions of the AFU. #war#ukrainewar #russiaukrainewar #russia #ukraine #ukrainerussiawar#ukrainewarfootage #ukrainewarleaks #warzone #stoprussia #stoprussianaggression

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  1. “[The Russian soldiers] would walk by and harass us,” he says. “They were always kicking us, they were always harassing us.”

    When asked if he could describe what conditions were like in the camp, he responded: “It was dirty. The facilities there were kind of awful.”

    He says there was no food, and no opportunity for bathing or washing, and was also held there in the cold for much of the time.
    The first facility was a tent camp in Glushkovo, Russia. The second was a jail in Kursk, 250 miles from the Ukrainian border.

    He says the Russians arrested him on March 7, after he had been helping the Ukrainian army, including by driving a Russian prisoner of war to a checkpoint in his taxi. The Russians held him captive for 35 days. He doesn’t want his last name used because he fears further retaliation

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