Ukraine war: Drone footage shows level of devastation in Mariupol

Ukraine War Drone Footage and Updates Day 144
Ukraine War – Ukrainian drone footage of a precise strike on a Russian main battle tank.
  • 7 civilians have been evacuated from Sviatohirsk Lavra in Donetsk. Among those evacuated include a family with three children and two elderly people, according to Ukraine’s defense ministry intelligence directorate. The youngest evacuee was born just a few days earlier at a monastery.
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  • The armed forces of Ukraine are advancing “confidently” towards Kherson, according to a Ukrainian military spokesperson. Natalia Hemeniuk, “Speaking about what is happening directly in Kherson direction, we are advancing there. Maybe we are not moving as fast as those who present positive news would like, but believe me, these steps are very confident.”
  • All bodies have been identified after the Vinnytsia missile strike, the region’s governor announced. According to Vinnytsia oblast governor Serhii Borzov, 68 people are currently hospitalized, 14 of them are in serious condition.
  • Around 100 to 150 civilians were killed by Russian military strikes in Ukraine over the past two weeks, according to the Pentagon. In a briefing on Friday, a senior US military official said, “And I think all told over the week…we’re looking at between 100, 150, somewhere in there, civilian casualties, civilian deaths, this week in Ukraine as a result of Russian strikes.”
Ammunition depot explosion
Remember all those awesome Ukrainian DIY combat drones? Russians thought they could be like Ukrainians. But it turns out they are still Russian.
A Russian position in southern Ukraine spontaneously decides not to exist anymore
🔥Two Russians BMPs for the price of one artillery shell.
28th Mechanized Brigade destroyed enemy positions. #UkraineRussianWar #Ukrainian
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