Ukraine Military Drone Promo

Ukraine War Footage and Updates Day 145
Ukraine Drone Attack footage of Russian airbase Today
🇺🇦 #Ukrainian defenders put our flag on one the lighthouses by the seashore near Odesa. With the ongoing war, we’ve almost forgotten it’s summer now. Remember this stunning view to experience it again after our victory! 🎥 Odesa Border Squad #StandWithUkraine️ #StopRussianWar
On the 8th anniversary of the downing of #MH17, we remember the 298 victims, including the 38 people who called Australia home.

Australia is steadfast in our pursuit of truth, justice and accountability.

Photo: Wreath-laying ceremony at the Parliament House Garden
The total combat losses of Russia from 24.02 to 18.07
The total combat losses of the enemy from 24.02 to 18.07 were approximately:
Personnel Warehouse / personnel – about 38450 (+ 150) persons were liquidated / persons were liquidated,
tanks / tanks – 1687 (+3) od,
Combat Armored Machines / APV нь 3886 (+7) od,
artillery systems – 849 (+3) od,
RSZV / MLRS – 248 (+0) from,
Anti-aircraft warfare systems – 113 (+3) from,
planes / aircraft-220 (+0) od,
Helicopterív / helicopters-188 (+0) od,
UAV operational-tactical level – 690 (+2),
winged missiles / cruise missiles – 166 (+0),
ships / boats / warships / boats – 15 (+0) from,
Automobile equipment and autocistern / vehicles and fuel tanks-2753 (+7) od,
special equipment – 70 (+2).
The opponent suffered the biggest losses in the Bakhmutsʹkomu direction. / Russian enemy suffered the greatest losses (of the past day) at the Bakhmut direction.
Data are being updated
Punch the Occupier! Together we will win! Our power is in the truth!
Strike the occupier! Let’s win together! Our strength is in the truth!
Jul 17, 2022 Footage recorded by residents in a nearby village shows the moment a Ukrainian cargo plane tore through the night sky in a ball of fire and came crashing to the ground.  Subscribe to Guardian News on YouTube Serbian defence ministry said the plane took off from Serbia carrying 11.5 tonnes of munitions and explosive material bound for Bangladesh. The crew of eight Ukrainian men all reportedly died in the crash Drone to search wreckage after aircraft carrying ‘dangerous’ cargo crashes in Greece…
Russia is setting Ukrainian wheat fields on fire, putting a strain on the country’s grain exports. CNN’s Ivan Watson reports from a farm in southern Ukraine where farmers are racing to save their crops from Russian strikes. #cnn #News
Drone footage | Rocket attack on Vinnitsa, Ukraine #vinnitsa #ukraine #war #news
Ukraine’s Aerorozvidka “aerial reconnaissance” R18 Forces drone-drop bombs on Russian armor

Ukraine’s Aerorozvidka “aerial reconnaissance” R18 Forces drone-drop bombs on a Russian battle tank + KamAZ military truck
Video of artillery or mortar strikes by Ukraine’s 28th Mechanized Brigade on Russian positions. #UkraineRussiaWar
#Breaking:Russian tank, possibly T-80, hit by Ukrainian forces near Dementievka, #Kharkiv Oblast. Video reportedly recorded last week – Military Land
#Ukraine: A Russian T-72B series tank was hit by precise Ukrainian fire.
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