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Ukraine War ☠ Drone Footage and Updates ⚠ Day 178

Ukraine War News from August 20

Ukrainian Special Forces Drone Grenade Attacks on Russian Troops in The Region of Kharkiv
419,725 views Premiered Aug 18, 2022
#Drone Attacks on Russian Targets Continued by #Ukrainian Special Forces There was discovered never-before-seen debris from a #Russian Su-30SM multirole fighter with the tail number RF-81771. The remains most likely come from the plane that was shot down by the Ukrainian army in March near Izium, #Kharkiv Oblast. Drone Grenade Attack wrecked a Russian BTR-82A armoured personnel carrier, which thereafter underwent quick, impromptu dismantling. A Swedish Pvpj 1110 90mm recoilless anti-tank gun was observed in Ukraine for the first time; the Russian army captured this model in Donetsk Oblast. Although of Swedish descent, we think Estonia donated them to Ukraine, where they are still in use.
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503rd separate battalion of the marines destroys enemy positions. #UkraineRussiaWar
@bbcnews Ukrainian soldiers come under fire, while using drones to help them locate Russian targets. #Ukraine #Russia #Drones #BBCNews ♬ original sound – BBC News
Ukrainian tank blows Russian cannon to smithereens with precision
537,201 views Aug 19, 2022
MOMENT Ukrainian tank blows Russian cannon to smithereens with precision shot. It fires a well-aimed shot and obliterates the Russian war machine. It then fires a second shot that destroys a nearby building. The ruined building immediately catches fire, with drone images then showing that there was a Russian armoured vehicle hidden inside the building. A white ‘Z’ can be seen on the destroyed vehicle. The ‘Z’ is one of the symbols, as well as the letters ‘V’ and ‘O’ that can be seen painted on Russian military vehicles taking part in the invasion of Ukraine.
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@thequeenofdrones #drones #drone #ukraine #ukrainerussia #ukrainewar #ukrainefootage #russia #usa #zelensky #biden #putin #ukraineupdate #peace #war #military #toktokforyoupage #fyp #tiktokfyp ♬ original sound – The Queen of Drones
Ukrainian troops obliterate two Russian tanks with guided missiles
124,046 views Aug 19, 2022
EXPLOSIVE moment Ukrainian troops obliterate two Russian tanks with guided missiles. The footage was obtained from the 30th Mechanized Brigade – 30th Mechanized Brigade named after Prince Konstantyn Ostrogski – on Thursday, 18th August, along with a statement saying: “The 30th Mechanized Brigade operators of the ‘Stugna-P’ ATGM targeted and destroyed two tanks of the Russian occupiers along with their crews.” The Sun newspaper brings you the latest breaking news videos and explainers from the UK and around the world
Ukrainian soldiers released drone footage of strikes on Russian tank
239 views Aug 19, 2022 We’ve got enough videos to make your day!
Some more Ukrainian drone drops.Ukraine war footage live 2022
488 views Aug 19, 2022 Some more Ukrainian drone drops.#russia, #russia vs ukraine war update, #ukraine russia news, #ukraine vs russia live war, #russia ukraine, #ukraine russia news hindi’ #russia and ukraine latest news hindi,
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