The total combat losses of the enemy from 24.02 to 25.07 were approximately: Personnel Warehouse / personnel - close / about 39700 (+ 180) persons liquidated / persons were liquidated

Ukraine War ☠ Footage and Updates ⚠ Day 152

#Ukraine: Ukrainian Drone footage of another Russian/LNR T-64BV destroyed during the battles for #Sievierodonetsk weeks ago.
Ukraine War New Drone Footage 2022! Ukrainian drone shows destroyed Russian military trucks
3,984 views Jul 22, 2022 Ukrainian drone shows destroyed Russian military trucks and we see footage of BMPs, including an abandoned tank that appears to be undamaged.

No country thought that Ukraine would defend itself so well, Ukrainian soldiers did not leave their homeland and lands and chose to fight until the end, they showed good resistance against a great country like Russia. Russia did not do the war fairly because they hurt civilians.

In the images, we see that Russian military vehicles were destroyed by Ukraine. I didn’t even know if they left or ran away even though a BMP tank was not damaged.

The war between Russia and Ukraine has caused countless lives and financial losses. While Ukrainian soldiers and civilians lost their lives one by one, the country turned into a ruin. The war that started with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, on the one hand, actually hurt Russia the most. The Russian administration, experiencing great disappointment, was shaken by an unexpected statistic.

We will continue to provide live news from Ukraine, don’t forget to follow us.

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Drone footage of firefight in Ukraine – CTV News › video Military expert Forbes McKenzie walks through a drone video of a firefight in Ukraine, released by Russia. CNN’s Salma Abdelaziz reports.
Ukrainian marines show how air drones spot enemy targets
799,208 views Jul 8, 2022 UKRAINIAN marines show how air drones spot enemy targets and take them out with precision.

Footage reportedly shows Ukrainian Marines showing off how one of their air reconnaissance units uses a drone to pinpoint enemy targets which are then hit with devastating effect.
It is understood that the footage was shot somewhere in southern Ukraine.

The footage was obtained from the 36th Separate Marine Brigade – officially the Rear Admiral Mykhailo Bilynskyi 36th Separate Marine Brigade – the Ukrainian Armed Forces, on Friday, 8th July, along with a statement saying: “As you know, artillery is called the god of war.
WATCH: Footage of the combat work of Orlan-10 drones.. #russia #russoukrainianwar #russiaukraine #ukraine #fyp #fypシ #foryou #foryoupage
Fresh drone footage shows Ukrainian soldier’s tanks getting blastee
55 views Premiered 88 minutes ago When you play a video on our channel. On the screen 📺 you will see ⬇️ (cc) Click on it. Then the subtitle will start popping up in Russia writings, on your screen again locate the 3 dots ↗️ : Click on it. It will popup different options locate (Captions) click on it You will see auto-translate captions Then you can select any language you want it to translate to so you can read and understand ✌️
Destruction of Ukrainian self propelled guns 1
186 views Jul 24, 2022 Like to promote the video so that other people can see this action footage. Ukraine Helmet cam Night vision close combat footage 2022. intense combat ukraine, ukraine drone combat, ukraine combat video, russian war in ukraine severodonetsk azovstal
Ukrainian artillery units destroyed a Russian 120mm 2S9 Nona-S self-propelled mortar near #Novopetrivka (Nikolaev Oblast). #Mykolaiv #UkraineRussianWar #UkraineRussiaWar #UkraineRussiaConflict #UkraineUnderAttaсk #UkraineWar #Ukraine #StopWar #nowar #Peace
FGM-148 Javelin VS Russian BTR. | Ukraine war footage 2022
70 views Jul 25, 2022 russian tank destroyed severodonetsk ukraine soldiers dancing gniezno gniezno poland izyum javelin missile russian pows russian warship ukraine combat ukraine war footage M142 HIMARS American himars July 4 Lisichansk mariupol D20 artillery guns MLRS  Tochka-U Tochka-M Russian frigates kalibr cruise missile attack frontline footage zelensky foreign legion M777 M109 paladin M113  Krab #ukraine #elonmusk #russia #russiaindia #bidenagainstindia #ukrainestrikeback #ukraineconflict #johnnydepp #amberheard #ukrainewar #ukrainewarnews #ukrainewarfootage2022latest

How is Ukraine paying for drones?

Ukraine has launched a crowdfunding appeal to buy 200 military drones.

“As well as large drones like the [Bayraktar] TB2, they are looking for small, fixed-winged reconnaissance drones,”says Dr Watling.

Kalush Orchestra, the Ukrainian winners of the Eurovision Song Contest, sold the trophy for $900,000 (£712,000) which it donated to the drone appeal. It will buy three Ukrainian-made PD-2 drones.

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