FPV Drones in Ukraine-Russia Conflict: Revolutionizing Warfare Tactics and Technologies


Welcome to our curated collection of the latest and most impactful drone videos from the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. As the battlefield evolves, so does the technology employed by both sides, with drones playing a pivotal role in shaping the dynamics of warfare. Our selection of videos showcases the innovative use of First-Person View (FPV) drones, highlighting their effectiveness in disrupting enemy operations and providing critical reconnaissance. Dive into this compilation to witness firsthand the strategic importance of drones in modern warfare and explore the evolving tactics that are reshaping the landscape of conflict.

Key Takeaways from Highlighted Videos

Trends Analysis and Future Expectations

The analysis of recent drone videos underscores several key trends in the use of drones in the Ukraine conflict:

Looking ahead, the coming weeks are likely to see further innovations in drone technology and tactics, with both sides seeking to gain an upper hand through technological advancements and strategic adaptations. The role of drones in the Ukraine conflict is set to evolve, potentially leading to new standards in military drone operations and influencing future conflicts around the globe.



The integration of drones into the Ukraine conflict represents a significant milestone in the evolution of warfare, showcasing the transformative potential of emerging technologies. As we continue to monitor the developments on the ground, it becomes evident that the future of military engagements lies in the skies, with drones playing a crucial role in shaping the outcomes of battles and campaigns. Stay tuned as we bring you the latest insights and analyses from the drone front lines.

Editor’s Note:

We invite you to scroll down and explore the highlighted videos that encapsulate the dynamic nature of drone warfare in Ukraine. Each clip offers a unique perspective on the strategic importance of drones and the innovative ways in which they are being employed to influence the course of the conflict.

Drone Footage from the last 24 hours

This is how Ukrainian troops FPV drone blew up Russian soldier newly arrived in battle north Kharkiv US Military Rifle
396 views | 26 | June 27 2024 23:15:02 (2 comments)[ Read more … ] This is how Ukrainian troops FPV drone blew up Russian soldier newly arrived in battle north Kharkiv

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Off-the-shelf drone swarms and deliveries of long-awaited NATO-standard ammunition, have given Kyiv’s troops firepower parity with Russian forces, at least in one sector. Assaulting Ukrainian infantry teams backed by swarms of domestically manufactured drones are retaking ground from Russian forces in the northern Kharkiv sector. Both sides are reporting that Kyiv’s fighting men have established a marked artillery firepower advantage over Moscow’s troops, for the first time in months.

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Horrible attack! Ukrainian FPV drone blow up dozens Russian mercenaries newly arrived battlefield Journal Pedia
3,845 views | 79 | June 27 2024 17:46:12 (2 comments)[ Read more … ] Horrible attack! Ukrainian FPV drone blpw up dozens Russian mercenaries newly arrived battlefield,

as Ukrainian fighters continue to skillfully use drones to thwart the advance of Russian troops. More than 70 of the approximately 100 strikes on Russian vehicles involved the $500 drones, which Ukrainians deploy at a rate of 100,000 or more a month.


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Horrifying Moments! Ukrainian FPV drone brutally Destroy Russian infantry who tried to fight US Military Actual
335 views | 22 | June 27 2024 12:34:31 (2 comments)[ Read more … ] Horrifying Moments! Ukrainian FPV drone brutally Destroy Russian infantry who tried to fight

In a gripping video, a Russian soldier tries to take down a drone with his rifle, but unfortunately, he misses his target. Drone footage, taken by a Ukrainian Rubac unit of the 77th Separate Airmobile Brigade, showed Chinese-donated cross-desert vehicles transporting Russian troops toward Ukrainian positions near the Kupan District.

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Horrifying Footage How Ukrainian Military Destroyed Russian Tank, BTR, Drone and Truck Defence Update
6,969 views | 165 | June 27 2024 12:00:32 (4 comments)[ Read more … ] Footage of the 24th Mechanized Brigade in action, maps showing the operational area, and images of destroyed enemy equipment. The 24th Mechanized Brigade has been at the forefront of Ukraine’s defense, conducting continuous operations to disrupt and destroy enemy forces. In a recent video released by the Defense of Ukraine, the brigade showcased their latest successful missions, which resulted in the destruction of several key enemy assets. These included a T-72 tank, a BTR-82 APC, light vehicles, and trucks. “Destroying high-value targets like the T-72 tank and the BTR-82 APC significantly weakens the enemy’s operational capabilities. Each successful strike not only reduces their immediate combat effectiveness but also hampers their ability to sustain prolonged operations.” Detailed images and videos of the destroyed T-72 tank, BTR-82 APC, light vehicles, and trucks. Let’s take a closer look at each of these successful strikes by the 24th Mechanized Brigade. First, the destruction of the T-72 tank, a mainstay of the Russian armored forces. The T-72’s loss represents a critical blow to the enemy’s armored units.

Watch more :

1. Aircraft Carrier and Battleship sails through Huge Waves During Massive Storm at high speed (https://youtu.be/DRMM2qlOrEA)

2. US vs. China & Russia Together Who Wins – You Can’t Imagine World War 3 (https://youtu.be/q8VZo3o-WMc ——————-THUMBNAIL/VIDEO: JUST ILLUSTRATION —————— #MilitaryUpdate​#USDefense​#DefenseNews#MilitaryNews​
How New Anti-Drone ‘Frankenstein’ Tanks Could Help Ukraine Crush Putin | The War Zone TalkTV
40,806 views | 391 | June 26 2024 16:15:00 (142 comments)[ Read more … ] The world is on a knife edge with over 100 armed conflicts currently taking place right across the globe. Some of these are new. Others have been going on for decades, but each episode will break down. Everything you need to know to understand the battles shaping the world today. Welcome to the war zone.

More than 850 days later, Russia and Ukraine are still locked in a war, a war that sees Russia continually and aggressively push its way into Ukraine, aiming to occupy the country as the Ukrainian army defends itself with all they have.

Perhaps Ukraine may soon get the upper hand with the emergence of not just military aid from the United States, but a particular tank from Germany. Joining Maddie Hale to discuss this is former British Colonel Hamish de Bretton-Gordon.

Hamish will also be speaking at the Chalke History Festival: https://www.chalkefestival.com/

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If you need any help visit: https://talk.tv/helplines

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Finally Revealed: Trump’s ‘Peace Plan’ To End Ukraine War; Russia Reacts, Will Zelensky Agree? Hindustan Times
56,468 views | 536 | June 26 2024 11:45:00 (523 comments)[ Read more … ] The Republican presidential hopeful and former US president Donald Trump has a plan to end the Russia-Ukraine war if he comes back to power. Two key advisers to Trump have presented him with a plan that includes telling Ukraine it will only get more US weapons if it enters peace talks with Russia. Watch this video to know more.


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