Ukraine War Footage and Updates Day 146

Russian Msta-S 152mm self-propelled howitzer completely destroyed by artillery

Ukraine War News Summary for July 19, 2020

Precise hit on a Russian IFV by the Ukrainian 14th Separate Mechanized Brigade. #Russia #Ukraine

More Ukraine War News

A Ukrainian drone drops improvised 40mm munitions onto a Russian armored position, damaging a T-62, excavator, and BTR-82A.
EOS C-VTOL drones bought by Lithuanians and named Magylas – at work.

18 Russian combat vehicles spotted, coordinates sent to Ukrainian artillery units.

Results – Russian tanks destroyed, Magylas safely landed.

Glory to Ukraine. Best investment ever
Ukrainian UAV dropping a munition on a Russian position.
Ukrainian 14th Mechanized brigade hits a Russian tank
Ukrainian airborne forces track down, shell, and destroy two Russian MSTA-C SPGs. #UkraineRussianWar #RussiaUkraineWar
From the surveillance cameras of a shop we see what happens on June 14 after the arrival of the Russian missiles in #Vinnytsia. The windows flew out even at a distance of 500m from the epicenter of the explosion.

This is what #Vinnytsia (a town in central #Ucraina) looks like now after the Russian missile attack on July 14th. (Video by @radiosvoboda) #WarCrimes #UkraineRussianWar #UkraineRussiaWar #UkraineRussiaConflict #UkraineUnderAttaсk #UkraineWar #Ukraine #StopWar #nowar #Peace
On July 14, russian missiles killed 24 civilians in #Vinnytsia It was among the worst 🇷🇺 terrorist attacks in 🇺🇦 Iryna Volkova was one of the 100+ injured there – she is now in hospital with 28% burns. We remember. Terrorists will be punished. Video by
The work of the #Kraken assault group of #Azov launching an attack on the Russian occupied village of #Bilohorivka (#Luhansk Oblast). The video shows a preparatory artillery bombardment, after which the Ukrainian troops –> #UkraineRussianWar #UkraineWar #Ukraine
#Ukraine: A Russian Msta-S 152mm self-propelled howitzer was completely destroyed by artillery of the Ukrainian Air Assault Forces. #UkraineRussianWar #RussiaWarCrimes
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