UNHCR workers documented over 200 cases of disappearances of civilians. Mainly the perpetrators are Russian military or other armed groups

Ukraine War Footage for June 25

  • Ukraine says Russia pushing to block Sievierodonetsk twin city — live updates
  • Ukraine said it came under  “massive bombardment” Saturday from neighboring Belarus, a Russian ally not officially involved in the conflict, the day after announcing a retreat from the strategic city of Severodonetsk
  • Ukraine has lost 39 manned aircraft that independent analysts can confirm; Russia has lost 81. It’s unclear how many aviators have died, but it’s likely most of the shoot-downs and crashes involved at least one fatality
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  • Russian artillery and air strikes pounded the twin cities of Sievierodonetsk and Lysychansk in the eastern Luhansk region on Friday, smashing into a chemical plant where hundreds of civilians were trapped, a Ukrainian official said on Saturday
  • United Nations human rights workers documented over 200 cases of enforced disappearances of civilians between February, when the Russians launched their invasion, and late May. Mainly the perpetrators are Russian military or affiliated armed groups
“You wanted this land, so now mix with it,” Stasik knows what she is singing about. Enemy BMPs cannot travel to Ukraine for long. There is always something wrong with them.
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Aerial view of a Russian Tigr armoured vehicle after being destroyed as a result of Ukrainian artillery fire in Kherson Oblast.
What looks like a Russian R-149MA1 command and staff vehicle destroyed by Ukraine’s 14th Mechanized Brigade.
Russian drone films the Ukrainian command post getting hit by artillery…
Stugna-P ATGM strikes by Ukraine’s 10th Mountain Assault Brigade on five Russian vehicles. Not sure if all of the footage is new.
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Drone Footage Intense Battle in Ukraine #military
  • Ukraine Drone Combat Footage on Youtube
  • Ukraine Drone Combat Footage on TikTok
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  • Ukraine Drone Combat Footage on Twitter

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