Ukraine War Drone Footage and Updates Day 185

Ukraine Drone Grenade Drop

Drone Footage from the last 24 hours

Ukrainian Anti-Tank Missile System Destroyed In DPR Drone Strike
648 views Aug 25, 2022 This footage purports to show camouflaged Ukrainian positions being taken out in a series of blasts as DPR drones spot them from the air and drop bombs on them. Newsflash obtained the footage from the People’s Militia of the DPR (Donetsk People’s Republic) on 24th August. The DPR is a pro-Russia breakaway state that occupies much of and claims the entirety of Donetsk Oblast in eastern Ukraine. The People’s Militia of the DPR said in a statement: “The Sparta Battalion burns the Nazis from the air. “Fighters of the Sparta Battalion destroy the weapons and personnel of the enemy with the help of attack unmanned aerial vehicles.
Drone Footage Ukraine War! Ukrainian soldiers under artillery fire in the Ugledar Region
181 views Aug 26, 2022 Hello Everyone, Welcome to WNT News. Today, we received a video of Ukrainian soldiers under artillery fire in the direction of Donetsk Ugledar. Russia first detects location with drones and then starts intense bombardment. If you watch our news video until the end, Ukrainian soldiers, who are under intense fire, are forced to hide among the trees, and some of them die. After the successive bombings of Russia, Ukrainian soldiers suffer heavy losses. While the war between Russia and Ukraine continues, casualties continue to be experienced between the two countries. Most recently, Russia bombed a Ukrainian train station and civilians were harmed. We and the whole world do not find it right that civilians are harmed, because they are not guilty at all. Everyone in the world is reacting to this situation, but Russia continues to harm civilians. The war continues without slowing down, we will continue to give you instant news, don’t forget to follow us. Let us know what you think about this topic in the comments section.
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Ukrainian tanks wipe out Russian infantry vehicles with precision
300,895 views Aug 26, 2022 DRAMATIC footage shows Ukrainian tanks wipe out Russian infantry vehicles with precision. The images were obtained from the 22nd Motorized Infantry Battalion of the Ukrainian Ground Forces, on Friday, 26th August, along with a statement saying: “Detect and destroy: in the Kharkiv region, servicemen of the 22nd Motorized Infantry Battalion track enemy vehicles in the fields and give them a good beating. “This is how they worked against the enemy, namely, they disabled the MT-LB of the orcs, which apparently lost its ‘marketable appearance’. Therefore, every strike of our soldiers must be accurate. Each damaged peace of equipment of the occupiers adds strength and confidence to our fighters.”
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Ukrainian Kamikaze Drone Destroyed Trench of Russian Army! Pinpoint Operation from Ukraine!
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