Aerorozvidka is a team that promotes creating and implementing netcentric and robotic military capabilities for the Ukrainian security and defense forces. Aerorozvidka exemplifies the direct engagement of civil society in repelling aggression against Ukraine.

How Ukrainian Drones Help to Destroy the Russian Army

The ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia has seen significant drone use on both sides. Ukraine has made extensive use of drones, from the Turkish-made Bayraktar TB-2 to hobbyist drones supporting civil resistance. Although evidence of Russian drone use early in the conflict was limited, Russia appears to have stepped up its efforts, employing systems like the Orlan-10 and the KUB-BLA loitering munition. Drones have been used in a wide variety of roles from carrying out strikes to guiding artillery and recording video that feeds directly into information operations.

Social media, smartphones, and drones have helped create a virtual panopticon in the Ukraine conflict. The Ukrainian military, Ukrainian civilians, and observers around the world have built unprecedented awareness of the day-to-day conflict, capturing stories of horror and heroism. The torrent of information helps in three ways. First, the Ukrainian military monitors Russian troop movements and uses information to guide strikes. Second, there is a morale component, whereby Ukrainian military and civilians may be encouraged about the war effort. Third, the awareness provides unprecedented insight, which no doubt encourages global allies to provide diplomatic, economic, and military support.

The supply of the Turkish unmanned aerial vehicle complex Bayraktar TB2 has significantly expanded the range of strike weapons, reconnaissance and targeting capabilities of the Ukraine Army.

The role drones play within the panopticon is twofold, expanding the range of sight and strengthening propaganda efforts. Even commercial drones can range miles away from the operator, providing a much broader field of view than that of a person alone. Drone also capture live images and video of events on the battlefield, which can help demonstrate the success of the Ukrainian military. The Ukrainian government encouraged this with calls for civilians to donate their drones to the war effort.

How Ukrainian Drones Help to Destroy the Russian Army
Ukraine’s weird hovering drones – What are they? On this channel you will find the latest news and war footage from across all fronts: Kharkiv Front,Izium Front, Seversky Donets Front,Donetsk Front, Zaporizhzhia Front,Kherson Front, Mykolaiv Front, Odesa Front etc.
Cooperation with artillery. Aerorozvidka redirected the artillery to the occupiers’ positions in the Ukrainian village.
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  4. The war in Ukraine is a war of attrition. The Ukrainian army is losing ground, but the Russian army is losing men. The Ukrainian army is losing men, but the Russian army is losing more men.

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  5. who is winning the war in ukraine?

    The Ukrainian government is winning the war in the east of the country. The Russian-backed separatists are losing.

    The separatists have been losing for months. They have been losing for years.

    The separatists have been losing for decades.

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  8. Kinds of these drones?Is it nice to see kind of pictures taken by those kisels as in war movie kind of pictures?Pero from russia, from ukraine or canada as well?I was thinking to have own photo action this summer :), maybe with couple buddies who could share cost a bit, or in my own style teams for cars, how is working for civil public for taking photos without license to own pilot.

    You’re on right thread. The FPV cam I’m running in a new project comes from Mobotics. They have built a nice system that’s compact, easy to operate and super fast!

  9. What kind of drone do they use in ukraine? A friend told me that they use a faraday cage drone, i mean their website says they do. Is that the case? How does that drone work? How can they fly it inside the f araday cage. I thought faraday cages can only protect people not things and drones dont even fly yet. In the fild that is in this photo they are flying two uv drones in f araday cage

    The drones (or maybe they’re just the camera platform) is the pale white rectangle at the bottom center of the frame. But I’m not so familiar with the workings of the technology. I would guess that they

  10. What kind of drone do they use in ukraine? Nice Drone!

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  12. What kind of drone do they use in ukraine? Looks like the wings are completely sealed up, the fins are pressed on on that one, so that means… dno what ukraine drone engineers are working with, but it looks like a homebuilt drone. Might be a ufo nutter or some other kind of a rip off organization.

    But seriously, when you see the distance between this and the “X” plane.. its impossible that the “X” plane could beat the lift of the ufo out there by a longshot.

    I’m thinking something on the lines of what James G Wilson is doing.. Will try to make the measurements up close

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